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A Life After Death - ReEdition
Once Spoke We on the matter of the Human Body, as u s being the body and were in need of taking care OF It, properly our thoughts and our speech (www). I like hereby to elaborate more on that Quote, Statement that i made some time ago, since there seem to have been some misunderstandings perhaps via opposition of remarks.

I think When we die, with certainty; the body falls to the ground and becomes a testimony of ashes to the materialistic earth, and our soul enters into a different realm thereby consumed by the attempts of the heart trying to be white-washed by the spirit that rendered through it to compilate out of it ..our being, which will be neither soul nor spirit, but an essence of Light that has found itself in the spectrum of colors to which we compose itself by the makers wish _to what we were; and what we ought to become in the succession of the Life of Light.

These are the beings that will further the Universe by the makers Wish, into its existence till all time has consumed and the universe is rendered back into its former back;.. the Big Bang ReVersed, This is where NirVBanna Resides, time before Time, Where the Unnameable God Is (the) essence of all things and all is in the realm where there neither is beginning nor end. Whereas Life is the Journey of Us Finding The SOUL IN OUR Heart, and Commune with the Spirit to formulate a noble cause to the soul pending in our Souls. We Ourselves have but one vessel in the bodily Realm, Till Reincarnation occurs and gives us another time of exception to come back to this planet earth to form and formulate a new heart in the value of mankind, due the lifetime and succession. 

The Further along in its Ascension one is IN the higher realm, the further Will the travel in the galaxy and the stellar stars come to, to  accommodate the Lesson in the Lifetime Granted by Karma in Existence this-World. This is Where Destiny was For-written and all through there travels come to witness its testimony through astrology and fortunetelling of the mind heart and soul. Through the via Physical Output of the body, permitting our formation of Physical Appearance to be, Called Beauty and Grace.

All Therefor are made out of, and therefor So travel back into other stars to make up That what they are alike in there own composition. And bring therefor about earth, A New ruling of understanding through the essences that we learn to gather in thereN time. Every time a Soul comes to dies in meaning of the earthly Body; A Soul Paints a color of Light throughout the Galaxy and Universes to Align the Stars to the Final End of the Earths being Made into a Universal Home MORE for all Who Still Travel throughout time in Space, For AS your Ascension into the stars has been made when death of the Physical occurs, the Same, the Soul thereby the spark of soul/essence will have to find its way back into Our Galaxy and Universe of Solar System to be made Part of the Earths Atmospheric once Again, which is to say: Reborn, back to Life. Reincarnation in its deliberate

There is a High change that this travel permits people to differ in appearance by Birth though stars formation of Light, composition and elements. This is why we perchance have face's that differ and face's that simulate someone once already Having been here on earth Once Before. This all Could be construed as The DNA being come into play, which is As DNA comes into matter towards the body constructs itself as of it tho, as of the essence that it Draws lenience with. And DNA is no different Then A code Made For the Universe As to everything else in this Multiverse.

This is also where my post on Space travel comes into play (www. Past Thread Concerning the Journey to Space Travel - CapsWrite-PleaseBe Advised) to rephrase, once humanity has come to a place in totality to learn that human and moral codes are what is important, the world will look into new regions of exploration which will be the stars in itself, as for now it is partially just a endeavour that has no purpose but to further along into new high, yet the further messengers and prophets come reborn anewed into this world, to proclaim the succession and explicit necessary of solid heart, the world will find itself more in the battle of heaven and hell on earth, as all misdemeanor done on earth throughout time's past have been recorder in the physical world Through Blood sheed and Ash, and in the destined state of that of by the Stars. Every act is recorded and has build of what we know hell to be on Earth in Every way; most felt When the world is At chaos for the elements of the world;.. Couldn't be controlled by the Existing Rulers, as messengers and prophets in form of modern timed ages came to be formally called as such, known as Politician with a deeper message and Activist With a Permanent Cause.

So after Death of the human composition of body, the soul beams to travel through what essence of the Soul, the spirit Had in take of the fuel density of the heart. Its no wonder, all know Not to do wrong, and some who do are walking the wrong Line/Path, but as destiny is full of mercy, constructed by mankind; We and most are lead alright to find what life needs to mean. Such is the declaration of the United States and Other Countries as well.

#Yet some Countries around the world, seek The Path of Enlightenment and Self-Cultivation with profoundness to deal with teachings of tHe heavenly lights to bring about unity, harmony, and oneness of mind. This is my Personal observation from birth which i speak freely. I think the Western states have great lofty dealings of wise words undertaking, But lack the Value of the heart essence in all Sincerity and Mind, So many who do are regarded great due to there past lifetime walk, yet but unless there comes another President who Values Those Choices More, the world in the Western Union Especially the United States, will REMAIN in Dark, and become but a Capitalistic State, Which does fine for Its Own Doing, But not for the other that is in-pending about the soul's of Mankind. Regions can be found that are more spiritual in There nature, that cleanse the world of there faults (past misdemeanor). And these are the Lightworkers and LightSeekers in the world. Unless These are helped, by means of a step up a notch, The world may Experience another Dark age or such alike as have in past anewed revisited.
Whether helped with by wealth which does good to the body, (ie feeding the poor) or giving life lessons of the Liberated kind for the Soul to be Freed;.. All should be a matter for the heart to be content in for as such is the true value of life

еxcept a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abideth alone: but if it dies, it brings forth much fruit. He that IS IN "love" ... John 12:24 Quote from Poem Rendition www. © 2018 MInart Youn

I think We All Can get carried Away With The Loftiness of Life has And Has To offer, WheTHer With Wealth, or A Good Time to Spend, And We All Should Enjoy Our Intake of heAven as We Get, But I Also Realize We can Make Changes in Our Lifes And Every Once in A While Feed Someone As the Al-Furqan tells US to do

(The righteous are those) who feed the poor, the orphan and the captive for the love of God, saying: ‘We feed you for the sake of God Alone; we seek from you neither reward nor thanks.” –  Quran, 76:8-9

AS Well as the Collection of Books, the bible

Pure That we can call religion: undefiled, before God and the The Gather is this, To visit the fatherless and the widows in their affliction, and to keep THE true-self unspotted from the world's Premise. - James 1:27

We know we may feed them in the verbally, the physically or the extra ordinary.
Remember, WHatever You Give, You Get In Return, By The Very Measure of Trouble You Have Measured, By The Same It WiLL Find [You], If Done So RIgHTLy In RetUrn.
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .

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