Would knowing about different aspects/incarnations of our soul have any effect on how we might view ourselves now or change any of our beliefs about the possibilities of past-lives? Even to learn through a soul reading that we can/do incarnate into male and female bodies in different incarnations; sometimes experiencing incarnations on different planets. Information that takes us out of our comfort zones isn’t easily accepted and we are left with mainly our intuition to rely on. Trust your intuition as you read this transcript of a soul reading and make your own conclusions.

“There is a great wealth of incarnations relating to this soul. Although there have been incarnations in different aspects of the universe, her main choice of learning has been on the earth plane. There have been several cloistered incarnations as nun, working through the ranks in successive incarnations finally achieving that of Sister Superior. The soul has within her a piety, a humility. A very sensitive and caring individual, and although she has many guardians and teachers surrounding her, at times she feels lost and lonely, wondering what this present incarnation is about.

There are musical inclinations that could be developed. She has enjoyed singing many times in choirs and expressed herself through the voice.

Although at this time the child that is born to her is her main focus, she will at a later stage seek the inner truths, the inner understanding, and when she does, she will find great blessings manifest in her life and she will attract to her someone who is her equal, someone who will follow the path or the inner dictates. This person will be very balanced. There is a slow, unhurried movement about his nature as if he pauses before speaking, weighing words carefully, and by this she will know him. It will be a very strong expression between the two of them, there will be no doubt in her mind.

The son is a delight with great potential and healing abilities; he should be encouraged towards the healing arts as his hands have a very soothing touch. At an early age he should be encouraged. This will assist the mother to become interested in healing work also. The love that she expresses is a special gift that she is able to transfer with a simple look, a simple gesture. As her inner recall begins….”

“She will of course prefer to keep a low profile. For the moment her focus is to provide for the well being of her son. She will be drawn towards the healing arts. She will find that a simple laying-on of hands is a starting point. As she does this she will remember where she had done this before. In countries with very climate as a missionary she won many over with her kindness and her soft and gentle touch. It was through love, not through words of religious teaching that they were reached and she won the loyalty of those who surrounded her.

Q. Her relationship with her friend (Laura) in past incarnations?
A. “Sisters. As children in a European community, and as sisters (nuns) in a convent where there was a vow of silence and speaking was not allowed–yet they had the ability to communicate telepathically.”