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A Sylph experience
It's almost end of the year, my spiritual friends and I are used to running purification ceremonies with fasting for 3 days starting the 21st to the 23th of December. We go through the 4 elements for this purification ( Fire, air, Water and earth). First day was Fire, second day was air, and we finish the third day with water and earth.  For fire we build a very huge fire in a magical circle, and inside that circle we invoke the salamanders, spirits of fire and do many fire related practices. For water, we usually go the rivers and lake or sea depending on the country were we are. And for air, this year we went to the forest in the evening around 11 PM when we had a sylph experience.

It was full moon, so we could see around. As usual we led some candles, put them on some rocks in the middle of our circle. About 30min during the ritual, it started getting a little windy, tree leaves moving a lot and the candles light were all out. Towards the end the ritual it felt chilly. 

Then as we came out of the circle, to sat down on the ground to rest and talk, a group of butterflies with black long and wide wings came to turn around us for about 2 mins and then went in the trees. We had no doubt they were sylphs. And if it was just pure coincidence, then it was one of those most beautiful coincidence where some strange butterflies fly in the middle of the night. 

Have you had a Sylph experience before? Can you please tell.
My heart so meek and full of fright was thus transformed to bravest knight.

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