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A leaf in the wind
Greetings Everyone,

One of my greatest longings in life has been finding deep, spiritual connections with others.  While reading spiritual books, listening to spiritual speakers, praying, meditating, taking walks in all good and dandy, going into profoundly deep, spiritual conversations with others is very rare indeed.  I am okay with spending time alone, and quite enjoy it, but...I guess it could be adequately described as spiritual loneliness.  So, that's basically what brought me here.  I thought I'd look around and see how things go.

On the physical side of things, I'm 38 with a wife of almost five years, living in Kentucky.  No kids yet, but would love some.  I enjoy expressing my creativity mostly through my hands, including: writing, drawing, wood crafting, snow sculpting. 

I had a strict Catholic upbringing, and it took a couple decades to become far more open-minded.  I consider myself an open-ended Christian, believing that unconditional Love is the sweet spot, regardless of religion or belief system.    

One of the most influential spiritual teachers, besides my mom whom I miss dearly, would be Dr. Wayne Dyer.  His teachings really helped to recalibrate my spiritual thinking.

I'm looking forward meeting new people and seeing where this new journey will lead.

All the best,

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Welcome Tryne.
I believe you will find a lot of interesting readings on myspiritualgroup.
Everyone is helpful and loving in here.

As they told me when I first joined in; if you have found your way here, it is for a reason Angel

You can also check out the book library, even share your readings with us if you want, im pretty sure youll find something for you.

 - S  
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Welcome Tryne,

I hope to learn and connect with you in future.

I have read a Dr. Wayne Dyer book called "manifest your destiny" He is an amazing spiritual writer.

As Lunabee said people end up here for a reason, I am glad you have found MSG.

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Hi and welcome friend, Smile
I'm also glad you've joined us.
And I agree, it's good to join others to share and learn what others are doing to try and improve their spiritual lives.

So I really believe this is the kind of online spiritual group you will love.

Looking forward reading from you again soon
"You mess with me, I lighten you"
Awesome Admin
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welcome Tryne, nice introduction, hope you will enjoy it here
Light, Life and Love
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Welcome Heart
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