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ABOUT CHRISTMAS - Santa, Saturn, and the Polar Bear
ABOUT CHRISTMAS - Santa, Saturn, and the Polar Bear

Does Santa exist?

If you ask parents about the existence of santa, the answer you get is “He doesn’t exist”. Ask children about it, they will say “He does exist and he is coming to give me gift on Christmas day” Smile . Most parents are doing a great job to keep that belief of Santa existence in their children head, as it seems like it gives the child reasons to behave wisely in order to receive the Christmas gift in December. And if you ask an esoteric person, you might get a similar answer to the child’s one; similar but not exactly, as the esoteric person is likely going to say “Well, I rather believe in the symbolism of Christmas”. Same thing we would say about the historical Jesus, but the symbolic aspect of all those ancient mythic stories hide great secrets for the esotoric person. The truth is that Santa is mythical person. And just so much we can learn about it.

Christmas, and the birth of Christ

[Image: xd8feu.jpg]
Haven't you heard, that Santa was an idea which COCA COLA come up with Smile. Maybe, maybe not. I just don't care. All I know is that this idea already existed way before this modern civilization. The myth made of Santa is so full of meaning, from its image of an old white beard person, its dress, to the animals which carries him. Especially the colors of his dress.

In astrology, Santa is the force of planet Saturn, this is because Saturn represents the experience, the wisdom, the one who's lived long and knows much; the one who shares his knowledge with those who most need it. I mean to the children. The children are those who need knowledge the most. And here again the children image in the santa myth is also symbolic. See , an old man and a child are connected, the old man represent what is full of knowledge and the child is what is empty of it. So the old man and the child represent respectively Full and empty, knowledge and ignorance. Those are things connected to complete each other. This is why in the mythic santa is giving gifts to the children. Which basically mean that the oldest gives knowledge to the youngest. Ok fine! to the parents too, but let's say parents who are like children within.

The gifts which Santa gives represents the answers, the messages, the knowledge, the blessing which the truth seeker has been looking for. Those gifts are given to all intelligent souls. To all those who are ready, who deserves them. In art, Saturn is usually shown bearded, carrying a sickle. Now have a close look at Saturn art image below. You should see the similarity it has with father Christmas image (for example, the dragon as the reindeer of santa) . There's more to that image we can maybe describe in a future.

[Image: dmzpjm.jpg]

Religious image of the birth of Jesus

Christmas also is known as the birth of Jesus christ. Years ago, in my childhood, during Christmas, I use to see in some Catholic church the status of baby Jesus surrounded by animals, of his parents and of plenty of gifts.

[Image: 2q84ytc.jpg]

Whether Jesus historically existed or not is none of my business, as the answer wouldn't change a thing in my development. However I know that there exists one most powerful important principle in the universe which holds the characteristics of the known Jesus. Which makes most esoteric confirm that the known Jesus in today images is a symbolic image/story to explain about the powerful cosmic principle. It was common in the past to made images, statues and stories to summarize and hide secrets of the universe. Ancient Egypt and Greece had thousands of those symbols which only the few could unveil the secrets.

Let's have a look at that famous christian image of baby jesus used during Christmas. It shows 2 important animals which are close to baby Jesus: the bull and the ass. The ass is an aspect of the north pole because the symbolic meaning of the ass is the same as the one of the polar bear (an animal of the north pole). Both the ass and the bear share the forces of planet Saturn, the bear being a weakness of Saturn : Pride, and especially the vice of not share knowledge). As for the bull, it is symbol of the sexual force. In the ancient Egypt, strong bulls, especially the api bulls were worshiped as gods, because they were seen as the manifestation of a Pharaoh. The pharaoh with a snake on his forehead. This snake was symbol of awaken and purified sexual force. Very much respected back then. And so the bull was symbol of the fertility and strength. If you want to look at this truth from the human body point of view, the bull is the sex area and the ass is the solar plexus. In the world of colors, the bull is the red color ( The red of the root chackra) and the ass is the yellow color. Color of the solar plexus chakra (but also the white color). Note that on that religious image of baby jesus above, the baby is placed in between both animals because, that middle position represents exactly the sacral chakra on our full body where Christ is born for the first time is us.

The north pole and south pole
In that mythology of santa, it’s said that father Christmas lives in the north pole. As for the father spanker (the opposite, evil father Christmas), there’s not much said about him; ok then I have reasons to believe that the home of father spanker is in the south pole. The north pole and south pole are, as we all know, the coldest place on earth. Now because I like looking and visiting those areas within a human being, let’s then see what those areas represent in us.

The official modern Science says that the north pole is situated in the middle of the arctic ocean, in other words it’s a region of the sea. Inside of us, the sea is where our feelings are located, and the north pole is where our feelings are the coldest. There are 2 kinds of cold. A good and a bad one. The cold that represents sadness, sorrow, laziness, restless, worries, disappointments; and the cold that represents patience, stability, confidence, calmness, silence. The bad cold of worries represents the cold found in the south pole, and the cold of silence is the one found in the north pole. The mythical santa is the expression of a wisdom that comes from the coldness of our inner north pole; and the father spanker is that stupidity which comes from our inner south pole.

In the north pole, the cold and dry winds take part in the creation of ices and icebergs; in a human soul, a thought is that cold dry wind that blows on water (the feeling); the ice and iceberg represent faith, believes and desires; Those later are energies coagulated in the heart because of certain repetitive thoughts. And if you are curious, check how those icebergs are of different colors and shapes; The shape of icebergs and their colors can reveal the quality of it, meaning the quality of the faiths, believes and desires of our human soul. For example, we know that those transparent ices reflect about 80% the sunlight, and that light seems to brighten the inside of the ice, giving it a beautiful pure look; Those transparent ices and icebergs are expressions of our pure feelings. Some ices are affected by impurity of the air so they become green, and some others become blue; all these are showing what our heart (sea) can turn into when associated with a tough mind ( strong weather).

Life within and the polar bear.

[Image: 9gkcg5.jpg]

The difference between the south pole and the north pole is the degree or quality of the cold. The north pole is hotter than the south pole. The north pole weather is the spiritual coldness, and the south pole the evil coldness. The north pole is the acceptable coldness certain animals and humans can live with. And Inside of us, the cold of the south is a bad cold, it’s the cold of unprepared people who go far into exploring the most evil thoughts and evil ideas. Notice that some animals and trees you will find in the north pole are absent in the south pole. And humans do not deal well with that weather neither. Animals like the polar bears are missing in the south pole because some other animals which were supposed to be food for them are also missing in the south pole. Scientists predict that the number of polar bears will go down in the north pool in the next hundred years to come, because of the climate warming in that pole; ices are melting and soon those bears will find it hard to survive. That scientific fact will also be visible in a human soul; The inner polar bear will start to manifest less in humans; In fact that future state of the north pole is something that has already happened in the heart of great spiritual people and of greatest masters . Yes we do have animals inside of us too, just in an other form, in the form of bad behaviors or weaknesses. The polar bear is in us the expression of the biggest vices in our soul, among which Vanity and pride are the strongest; a pride linked to avarice, I mean, having the impression of knowing so much and not sharing any of that knowledge with others;

See, certain vices or weaknesses do not leave us during our journey back to God. Some vices die, and some others are strong enough to bear the positive changes we made in our life. Just like animals, our inner weaknesses are found in different regions. There are types of animals in the forest, in the city, in the desert, in the see, in the poles of earth, and they could behave very differently from one place to another, or simply not exist in other regions. In an other topic, I talked about the 7 levels of vibrations of the astral body, well, the vices you find in each of those levels are not the same, and as you go up, certain vices disappears. The north pole is the higher region of the astral body which is very close to the mind body (from its vibrations point of view), so that region is very much influenced by the thoughts (coldness) of it.

Notice that among the different places bears can be found, we will mention the mountain forests. Bears are not found in those mountains by mistake. Nature is very well organized and has put everything according to the cosmic intelligence. In the past, I posted a topic about the mountains and its relationship with the clouds, the cold, the mind. Now you can see them again in other similar symbolic environment; The north pole is pretty much like that mountain forest put in the coldest conditions; Most of trees and animals died but the bears survived and even developed, changed colors to white and became even huge. The same way, inside of us, when we develop, we change regions inside, and we face difference difficulties. If we reach the inner north pole, most weaknesses disappear but pride and vanity linked to avarice can last still a bit longer (just like the polar bear).

At the beginning of a human inner development for perfection, pride and vanity do not really show up, obviously because he/she still sees nothing to boast about. But as he/she develops, he/she realizes that he/she has knowledge and the victories that he/she’s has over various weaknesses start to make him/her proud. It’s said that knowledge is light and enlightens, but then too much of light can also make blind! it’s a natural law of the nature. This is something that happens to many advanced truth seekers. Because they’ve been living too much in the light, some of them could be lead to an illusion to think that the light is coming from them, while in reality it’s coming from the source (their spirit). Thinking that way usually leads to an avarice, so proud of one's knowledge that one keep it for himself. That’s what the image of the white polar bear of the north pole looks like inside within us ( in our human soul).

And if you ask “ But how comes the polar bear is absent in the south pole, does it mean cruel people do not have vanity and pride in their inner pole?”, Vanity and pride found in the very lower world is different from the one found in the normal world (our mountain brown bears) and in the higher world (polar bears). The initiate is proud of his spiritual knowledge, while the cruel person is pound of his earthly knowledge. And since those earthly (nonsense) knowledge are illusions (Maya) and not eternal, the material oriented person has in reality nothing to be proud of! so nothing to offer, nothing interesting to give away. In other words, the polar bear has nothing to feed itself from, reason why it’s not found in the south pole physically. The polar bears will also be disappearing in the north pole, not because of a lack of food, but because of the climate warming melting ices, and ices are their main area of survival.

Our inner baby (Christ) will appear among the coldest and the hottest regions of our soul. From the coldest place comes Santa clause (wisdom), and it's also from where we are the most exposed to pride and vanity; From the hottest place comes the sexual forces. Balancing the hot and cold energies of our soul will assist the baby Christ in us. This whole thing is what happens to the wise truth seeker who starts to notice his inner bears (pride and vanity) and decides to melt some of his inner icebergs with warm (Love: tolerance,humility, disinterest).

Mary Christmas to all
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too Krya from wherever you are now Smile
I would like to take advantage of this thread to ask a question to all.

I'd like to ask everyone, what do you think of Christmas? Is it something which only Christians should celebrate or do you think that the whole world should celebrate it?
"You mess with me, I lighten you"
Awesome Admin
Wonderful stuff, krya.

Your knowledge and use of symbology in so many of your threads amazes and educates me, and for this I humbly thank you.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing at this time, may I wish you joy and await your return in due time, with anticipation. Whatever your birthstone, I give you Tiger Eye.

As for your question, Admin, please excuse me if I leave that until another day.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
Christmas is a happy holiday full of joy, as well as the date many celebrate Jesus's birth.
Everyone should celebrate happiness in any form, giving gifts to loved ones, family gatherings, giving and getting gifts, pure happiness.
Actually it would be wonderful if we could do that everyday.
** Come to think of it; was it not a pagan day of celebration before the Christians pinched it?

So yes, why not a multi-national, multi-faith, multi whatever, day of Peace and Goodwill?

Are you guys out there listening; in the Middle-East especially?

Yes, there are lots of us who really mean it!

Like the proverbial dog. For Life, not just for Christmas.

** C'mon Johngefnir. You can usually help us out with this.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience

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