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Hey pops,

     Please do not apologise for being who you are. Feel no shame for what you term ‘shortness and borderline arrogance.’ However, should you discern that these two qualities qualify as faults or shortcomings in your developing spiritual character, then maybe you should find time to devote a little attention in this direction. Even as I write that, it seems as if I am offering a reprimand. Pops, I am not qualified to deliver reprimand – I offer advice deriving from whatever learnings I have come through. As for my being your elder, the only way that applies is through the year I entered this incarnation, 1930; perhaps that may be said to have given me more opportunity to learn a lesson or two in this life. My friend, OUR ONLY PLACE IN TIME AND SPACE IS NOW. Let us share it together.
     My reference to kamaloka was just a short answer. The consequence and potential are only recognised and assessed during kamaloka, the early stage of ‘the afterlife.’ Yes, I do believe in am totally certain there is a conscious ‘afterlife.’ It is part of one’s spiritual evolution, and it is in the secondary stage that one assesses how to deal, in the next and subsequent incarnations, with the potential and consequence arising from the immediate past life. For more detail, I refer you to krya’s thread “What is kamaloka.” Also, the other contributions to that thread. There is also some interesting reading in the thread “The elixir of immortality.”

     “I honestly believe the variables within our belief are simply separate ways to describe the same thing. I do not believe in hell per say, but I do believe we will return home and that the desires of our heart that motivate us to action are synonymous with our source/ origin, or home.”

     The variables arise from the different life experiences through which we, as individuated souls, pass in successive lives and the conclusions we draw therefrom. For each soul, this is a different combination. As we progress we amalgamate and modify and co-ordinate those conclusions until, ultimately, we all arrive at the same understanding; WHICH IS ETERNAL TRUTH. Then, and only then, will we have arrived at and become rehabilitated with “our source/origin, or home.” Only then will we advance into the next ‘chapter’ of our ‘spiritual book of life.’

     “I'm undecided on perpetual reincarnation, and find the inquiry there of a fruitless task or meandering, as though I don't exactly follow the precept; I do try to remember to live for each day.

     My last paragraph leads us to this. I see you as a seeker of independent mind and thinking; however, my suggestion would be to use the Search feature on our Home page, and read anything on Re-incarnation, in conjunction with the Kamaloka thread, including “What proves to you that reincarnation is real fact? Also “Karma, Reincarnation and Past Lives. Draw your own conclusions, as is your right. As I see it, we arrive at “home” when we have reached and understood the ETERNAL TRUTH. As to the next chapter or chapters, GOD, as you term Him, does not let me see the next page, never mind the next chapter – it would be a bit like picking up a book and reading the last page first. Either ask Him yourself or, like the rest of us, wait and see!!!  Rolleyes

     “Again, humbly;

     Humility, brother, becomes us all. But you owe me no humility; we each plough our own, lonely furrow.

     However, since our paths have briefly crossed, like ships that pass in the night, I acknowledge you and wish Peace and Love be with you.

                                  “try to remember to live for each day."
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Authority in Spiritual Concepts

1) To learn philosophy, the world gives the real picture. Books may contain faulty knowledge, but the world contains only the truth. To know whether the concept in the book is right or not you must refer to the world. Any concept in the scripture should be discussed with logic and finally approved only through its experience in the world. So the purest love can be seen in the world. Suppose somebody loves and serves you without aspiring anything in return and his love is pure by all your tests, you imagine how much you are pleased! You will do anything for him. It applies to God also.

If you serve Him without aspiring anything in return from Him and if your pure love passes all His severe tests, He will do anything for your sake. Love is proved only through service. Mere words and feelings are of no use. Service can be associated with words and feelings, like a plate of rice is associated with curry and pickles.

2) An employee does service for the whole month and he does not have to put in a formal request to the government to give his monthly salary. The salary is put into his account automatically. He does not beg for his salary by singing songs and weeping. Similarly, Hanuman participated in the service of Lord Rama in human form and got the fruit of His service, which was the post of the future creator of the Universe. He did not sing bhajans, chant hymns, meditate or shed tears etc., for the fruit. Therefore what is the use of these things without the service? An elephant is fed with sugar cane in a dignified way. The elephant does a lot of work in carrying big logs etc.

A dog does not do any service and it begs for food by wagging its tail, by crying, by falling at the feet of people but it is not given food or at the most it is given leftovers. Therefore the knowledge and devotion should lead to service, which are like the degrees acquired by you. Merely for your degree, no salary will be given. With the help of the degree you have to get a job and do service for which alone you can get the salary. The degrees will only help you to get a job but they cannot give you the salary directly. With the help of knowledge you can recognize the human incarnation. With the help of devotion you will come near Him and become dear to Him so that you can participate in His service. You get the fruit for your service and not for your knowledge and devotion.

Conclusion: It is always great to give God that which you cannot give to anybody. What is the greatness in giving that which you can give to anyone? People easily give words and mind and there is no greatness in sacrificing such things. It is very difficult to sacrifice the fruit of work (money). Therefore the greatness lies in sacrificing work or the fruit of work. The Gita emphasized on Karma Phala Tyaga in view of the nearing Kali Yuga. Soon after the Mahabharata war, Kali entered. Since the Lord knows that in the Kali age, money, which is the fruit of the work, is going to be the topmost item, He emphasized the sacrifice of money (Karma Phala Tyaga) everywhere in the Gita.
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This is a repeat of an earlier post, in the thread  God Opts Destroying Universe If Situation Proceeds Towards Negative Day By Day the relevance of which to the current thread escapes me.

We are all here learning, day by day. We all have access to the many spiritually derived texts but, most of us, would rather share our personal learning from life's experiences.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Dattaswami we got the point on the previous thread.
You don't need to repeat. Move on...
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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