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The purpose of this post is not meant to cause fear or panic to anybody but simply to raise awareness about a stealth phenomenon that is growing in scope and is becoming a major cause for concern to an increasing number of people. The mysterious abductions of people by entities clearly identified as non-humans, and who appear to possess vast technologies is a phenomenon that was reported by many people around the world since a long time in history and was usually painted in many superstitious colors. Currently, it is becoming a subject that is very much researched and documented due to the increasing frequency of its occurrences and because of the increasing understanding humans currently have about science and technology. For the past sixty years of the world’s history, this abduction problem has reached an alarming proportion, therefore attracting the attention of many serious investigators who began inquiring about the mysterious nature of this growing phenomenon as independently reported by different contactees and abductees themselves.

This abduction phenomenon is an issue that should be taken very seriously in terms of a profoundly negative impact it can potentially have on the future of mankind as a whole. The most common entities featuring in the vast majority of these reports are those little humaoid alien entities known as the Greys for their grey skins (also called the Zetas because they are said to originate from the Zeta Reticuli star systems which is in the Orion constellation), although they are surely not the only ones involved in this nefarious activity. Nonetheless, Greys (sometimes also seen in company with the human-looking ETs races called Nordics) are at the top of those aliens who are heavily involved in forcefully kidnapping large numbers of humans and subjecting them to intense medical probings as well as other invasive acts before releasing those people back and erasing all memories of the trauma they may have inflicted upon them. In the United States alone (where Greys are said to have many deep underground bases), it is estimated that more than 25 million people have already been abducted and live with various etheric or electronic implants in their bodies. Thus they constitute a real dormant army awaiting order to march!

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Let us now try to look at some of the aspects of this hideous phenomenon, how it is carried out, who are behind it, and for what purpose they engage in such intrusive acts.

How an abduction is carried out?

An alien abduction is a mysterious process which spans several levels, from the physical, the etheric, the astral to the soul level. In fact, some advanced groups of these alien entities even have the dimensional capabilities to hack the dream world of certain individuals with whom they can lock in frequency, and thus they can be able to insert many deceptive thoughts (like the pseudo “divine revelations”) in the minds of such individuals in order to use them to disseminate false philosophies in the world promoting their agendas. As far as the physical abduction of humans is concerned, it involves temporarily extracting a person from the physical (or 3D) dimension to another (4D) dimension where the alien researchers have much more mobility to conduct their experiments on the person and obtain many critical data from the abductee’s mind and genetic profile. Usually before an abduction takes place, the abductee is first paralyzed and induced into a delta state so he/she can be easily controlled and cannot physically resist his/her capturers, and this is the reason why most abductions do occur late at night when the targeted individual is most likely asleep already. But an abduction can also take place during the day, in which case the abductee will receive a strong telepathic command to go to an isolated area and then he will be induced into a delta state even while he is still awake, thus he will be resembling a walking sleeper, seeing things without really understanding them.

For strategic reasons, most first contact with an abductee do begin when the person is still a child, usually by the age of five and this will continue until the person reaches about the age of twenty or twenty five. By then the abductee’s body and mind would have been sufficiently worked upon to determine his or her potential usability and whether he/she can be a suitable candidate for the alien agenda or not. Many parents feel or suspect that their children are being regularly abducted, but they feel despondent about it, not knowing what to do in order to protect themselves or their families against such unsollicited intrusions. Depending on the skill and the resources of the abductors as well as the type of abduction, the general scenario of a physical abduction involves the abductors suddenly appearing in their victim’s bedroom or any other place of extraction, and their craft that hovering high above that place will emit a directional electromagnetic wave which will propagate around the visual perimeter of that place of extraction, and which will be encoded with a subliminal mental command to divert away any attention of potential eye witnesses who may be near the place of abduction. Often, the emission of these powerful EM waves interact with electrical grids and can cause widespread power outages around the area they are emitted. After this initial process, the alien craft above the abductee will release a vortical tractor beam to target the individual, levitate him, and pull him out of his location even through concrete walls.

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The fact that the abductee can be made to pass through concrete walls does not mean that he dematerialize into energy particle; instead, it is the vibrational frequency of his body that is temporarily raised by the alien technology to make him subtle enough to slip through solid matters and other nonferrous barriers. His body will re-solidify upon arrival at the destination place where it will be worked upon. Time will also be manipulated to allow the abductors to finish all their experiment and return the abductee without raising any unwanted suspicions, so that what may appear to be a missing 30 or 60 minutes in our 3D dimension could be several hours in the abductors’ dimension (where time is non-linear because it can be stretched or compressed at will). At the end of the abduction, some type of etheric or electronic implant will almost always be inserted into the body of the abductee (often in the brain or the spine) to serve as a tracking device so that the individual can be easily followed and retrieved at some future time should another abduction be necessary (in the case the implanted device has malfunctioned) or if more genetic samples from the abductee are needed for further studies. The implant can also be used to monitor the daily brainwaves of the abductee and to remotely control his or her mind by sending telepathic commands to his psyche.

What happens to the abductees during their detention?

Nearly every interrogated abductee has stated that before they are taken by the Zetas (or other negative alien entities for that matter), they were first physically paralyzed and they became mentally disorientated. It has been reported that the Greys (i.e. the Zetas) use a kind of ultrasonic beam to magnify their mental field around their abductees in order to paralyze and maintain control over them. This beam is focused through their eyes and can create a mental block on the abductee so that he or she cannot be able to move or make any audible sound. If the Greys are momentarily distracted by something and they look away (which can happen sometimes), then the beam would naturally become less focused and the effect of the paralysis will consequently diminish on the abductee, who can then be able to regain some level of control over his faculties to be able to physically resist or make a loud noise, thus interrupting an abduction session. Because we do not have a similar existential realm with the Grey entities (especially their Reptilian supervisors), their bio-physical fields greatly differs from ours and this is why it is extremely difficult to have a conscious interaction with them. Although exceptional cases have been reported in which the abductee was able to consciously and tangibly interact with them, in most cases ordinary humans react to that field differential by emitting an intense emotion of fear and panic, therefore making any conscious and tangible interaction with them impossible. It seems that Greys are annoyed with (or cannot handle) the strong emotional waves emitted by a fully conscious human, and this is why before attempting any abduction, they prefer to first use their technology to induce their targeted abductee in an altered state of consciousness so the person can easily be handled and manipulated.

Once an abductee is securely detained and taken from his home to a destination place where the experimentation will take place (which can be a mother ship on earth’s orbit or a very deep underground or undersea facility), he is usually placed on a table equipped with high tech equipments, then he will be thoroughly scanned by some very sensitive mental probes which retrieves all personal data from his mind (data such as name, address, age, profession, personality profile, etc) to be stored in the data bank of the alien abductors for future use. Then many investigative medical procedures will be conducted on the abductee and which can be extremely painful and traumatizing to the person, but which doesn't bother those inflicting it. These beings (the Greys and their Reptilian controllers) are involved in barbarous genetic researches on humans and which would make the Nazis experiments on Jews pale in comparison. And despite the extremely torturous experiments they perform on humans, they seem to display a total indifference to the pain and distress they inflict on their victims. But as far as the Greys are concerned, abductees do not report perceiving a sense of cruelty or sadistic pleasure from them for the pain they inflict, but only their total lack of concern. Their attitude is almost similar to what some scientists conducting a lab experiments on animals have, and which is without any concern of possible pain the animal might feel. Sometimes Grey may intellectually (not emotionally) notice the discomfort displayed by an abductee during their medical experiments on him (especially if that bothers their work), and they will heavily sedate the person in order to calm him. Greys are a logic-based race who exhibit a strictly cold and clinical attitude toward human beings, and they seem to lack any comprehension of the notion of pain that some of us do experience. This would makes sense if we consider the fact that despite the fact that Greys have very acute intellects (with IQs said to be averaging 500%), they lack any emotional capacity and thus they are robotic-like beings by their very nature. This is why it would be inadequate to describe them as violent entities, for the attribute of violence only applies to those beings who can feel (which is something Greys cannot).

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In more in-depth forms of abduction, the abductee’s physical body will be shocked with a static electric charge in order to separate his subtler bodies to be manipulated at will. Any manipulation performed on the subtler bodies (like the etheric or astral bodies) will have a tremendous impact on the physical body of the person. After all examinations have been done and the alien abductors are satisfied with all the data collected, the abductee can then be returned to the initial place of extraction (although sometimes he may accidentally be dropped to some other place and he will be shocked to find himself waking up at a location he never went). The most insidious aspect of abduction is the fact that all memories of the abduction are usually wiped clean from the conscious minds of the abductees so he cannot recall anything that happened to him! Before returning the abductee back to his home, these aliens induce him in a light sleep state in which they insert hypnotic commands into his subconscious mind to erase all traumatic memories of the abduction, so that he can wake up in the morning and not remember anything from what occurred to him at all! Sometimes, false screen memories will be inserted into the mind of an abductee in order to cover up anything that could not be entirely erased from recollection, so that even if the individual accidentally remembers having been abducted, he or she will wrongly recall a pleasurable (even a spiritual) feeling about the experience even though in actual fact he/she was treated roughly by his abductors and was badly hurt. However, it is possible to retrieve some (or all) of these abduction memories through the use of regressive hypnosis, in which case the hypnotist guide the abductee to search deep inside his subconscious mind where all copies of past memories are stored, and bring those memories up into his conscious mind. This is how many abductees have come to the conscious recollection of all the traumatic experience they have been subjected to by their alien abductors all along without their knowledge. But regressive hypnosis is not a practice that should be taken lightly because it can be emotionally very damaging (especially not to children!) by causing chronic depressions and other psychic malfunctions to the individual.

Who else are involved in the abduction of humans?

As previously mentioned, Greys entities are the ones who are most pointed for their involvments in the abduction of millions of humans, but they are surely not the only ones doing this dirty work. There exist a few other numbers of negative ET factions and interest groups who have different agendas and sub-agendas, and they execute them concurrently. Sometimes that may include abducting some humans and using them to advance their respective agendas. In fact, it is not only aliens who are involved in the abduction and implantation of humans because even some infamous human agencies (such as the NSA, the CIA, or MOSAD) run by elites groups of this world (also called Power That Be or PTB in short) use their paramilitary units to carry out abductions of other humans who they consider to be threatening to the stability and continuity of their power and privileges. They have at their disposal many unconventional technologies which they have been able to obtain from various treaties with occult sources (mostly from their unholy deals with Grey aliens but also from their reconstruction of the crashed alien crafts that they have collected in secrecy). Those abductions conducted by paramilitary units usually involve the use of mysterious black helicopters (which have been noticed by many people across America and other parts of Industrialized countries) in order to extract abductees from their places and take them in secret underground military bases strategically located across the united States and other areas around the world. The abductees taken by the scientist paramilitaries are usually subjected to mind programming sessions involving many drugs and physical tortures, or are simply implanted with electronic chips in their bodies and then released. Their daily movements will be tracked and remotely reported back by the implant to the mainframe super-computers in the bases for examination. If necessary, competent secret agents will be dispatched to spy on the daily activities of such people.

Among the list of potential targets for the military abductions include all independent scientists working on sensitive fields such free energy and attempting to make that knowledge available in the public domain (thus threatening the petrodollar industry filling the pockets of the power elites), private contractors who are granted high security clearances to highly secret military bases, suspected spy agents of rival countries, very famous musicians or other people with social or political influence. Thus, virtually anyone whose line of work or outspoken opinion poses a serious threat (or could be a potential asset) to the agenda of the PTB can be abducted and implanted, so that their private lives will be closely monitored and thoroughly scrutinized to alert for any red flag. According to the level of threat posed by such people, appropriate actions (such as public discredit, blackmail, death threats, or possible assassination) can be taken against them or their loved ones. Nonetheless, despite the disturbing nature of the military abductions, it must be said that their involvement in this abduction phenomenon is still limited in numbers, insignificant in scope, and less sophisticated in its implementation. It is the abductions carried out by alien entities (the Greys and their Reptilians overlords in particular) that are far more sophisticated and sinister because they include many extra-dimensional elements which we have no (or very little) understanding about.

What happens to missing people?

There is something that should come to the attention of the public by now but which is astonishingly being kept silent. That thing is the link between the alien abduction phenomenon and missing people. For instance, the FBI used to publicly release an annual list of people reported missing across all the United States up until the nineties when it suddenly stopped doing that. Why on earth should such an important agency stop doing that comprehensive work? Huh The reason is simple: it is because the numbers of missing people kept on growing and became staggering! If they continued to reveal those numbers to the public, it was feared that this would alarm the public and would eventually cause many social unrests! The US army itself has registered tens of thousands of missing soldiers during the Vietnam war and up till now no official explanation has ever been given about what could have happened to those servicemen unaccounted for. The situation in India is even worst, with millions of people reported missing each year and only a few percentage of them are eventually found. Of course, it is true that a certain number of those people reported missing have disappeared because of reasons such as suicide, murder from criminals or government agents, or they have simply chosen to move away without telling their relatives of their whereabouts. But the shocking fact is this: the vast majority of permanently missing people have simply disappeared because they have been abducted for good for various purposes! This may sound like some stupid storyline of a zombie movie, but it is actually not. In fact, the issue of missing people and its possible link with alien abduction is taken very seriously by many government agencies of certain countries because it is seen as a potential source of social upheavals which can eventually undermine their power (which by the way is the only thing they care about).

And it is for this reason that there currently exist many secret teams of private and state sponsored investigators set up in many countries to investigate and document the possible whereabouts of people reported missing, and of course, all disturbing findings are always kept confidential. Actually, the fate of those millions of abductees missing each year globally differs according to their potential usability to their abductors. Should an abductee be judged too much of an asset for the alien agenda (like a rutless soldier with a killer instinct in a battlefield), he can be permanently abducted and retained in their bases to become one of their low ranking personnel. His mind will be thoroughly programmed and his soul energy will be significantly drained, which is why those humans seen by abductees working together with the Greys in their bases have appeared to be lifeless and emotionless. Others abductees are trained to become psychic assassins (i.e. witches?) or sleeper agents and after many years of training and of mind programming, they can be reinserted back into society with a completely different look and identities. Some occult agencies such as the NSA are staffed by many of these emotionless and mind programmed humans who no longer have any sense of empathy or compassion that normal humans have. Other abductees have receive specialized military trainings whose memories are hidden in their subconscious to be triggered latter. If things turn sours and an armed confrontation with the human military become the only viable option for the aliens, these mind controlled abductees walking among us would be telepathically called on duty and their training memories will be activated so they can be used as drone foot soldiers to wage lethal wars against their fellow humans, under the command of their alien controllers. This is why some abductees who have been hypnotically regressed have recalled having been trained by aliens entities how to fly their crafts and operate some of their complex military technologies.

Mass abduction of humans

The mysterious abduction of humans does not only occur individually, because there have been many incidents in which large numbers of people were collectively abducted and then returned or taken for good. In fact, the cases of strange and mysterious disappearance of large numbers of people has increased over the past fifty years of history, and this is becoming a major cause for concern to those power elites running things in this world, who must now find difficult explanation to offer their worried publics. Sometimes a group of people in a bus, a boat or a plane will simply disappear without leaving any trace about themselves or the vehicle they were in! Many planes have disappeared this way since the fifties, and the latest of such cases is the Malaysian airliner which mysteriously disappeared from the radar in April of this year (2014). Of course, in order not to lose face and appear on top of the situation, our power mongering world governments and their controlled press will always come up with contrived theories or questionable “evidences” to rationalize and explain such strange disappearances so as to calm the gullible public. They have succeeded to condition the collective psyche of the mass by the newly created rhetoric called “terrorism” to help maintain a plausible deniability of their own backfired actions or to explain all strange occurrences which they are incapable or uncomfortable to offer a suitable explanation which can satisfy the public opinion.

But what usually happens in these mysterious mass disappearances is that a group of people accidentally (or are deliberately led to) enter into some dimensional portals, and upon crossing the portal, they suddenly find themselves in a totally different existential realm, with a totally different space/time continuum to that of the Earth we know. The strange environment those people find themselves in and the sudden and un-prepared change in time/space continuum they experience will profoundly disorient their minds and make them lose all their sanity and sense of identity. Depending on where they land, it might just be a matter of time before some negative entities native of that realm pick them up and secure them as slaves or livestock. This is almost an equivalent situation of an antelope accidentally showing up in a village or town populated by protein craving individuals. I leave it to your imagination to speculate the tragic fate likely awaiting that poor antelope venturing in such a town! Smile As far as the ultimate purpose of mass abductions is concerned, there also exists a grandiose plan by hyperdimensional ET entities to simultaneously abduct and beam up millions of humans globally in their ships, in the possible scenario where many cataclysmic disasters appear on this planet and make it an unlivable environment. Those strategically sellected humans who will be massively abducted will be beamed inside alien crafts and unconsciously transported by alien ships in space or to various other colonized planets to be used as perpetual slaves, with a zero possibility of an eventual rebellion or emancipation looming for them. This is why the luducrous Christian belief about a rapture to “heaven” in what they call "the judgment days", if it was to occur, will actually be a capture by UFOs! Smile

Abductions for food?

There is another sinister aspect of this abduction phenomenon which you may not want to know because those are some of the information which are too bitter to digest. Like I said in the previous point, not all abductees taken by aliens are simply used for mind programming or genetic studies. Many remote viewers and other benevolent ET groups have given the information that Greys and Reptilians are using some of the humans they detain for food! In their native (i.e. ethereal) states, the Reptilians feed on the mass emotions of hate, fear, perverted joy or devotion emitted by humans (like during sport events, wars, religious gatherings, etc) which they harvest in our etheric environment through their technologies. But when these beings wish to manifest themselves physically in our reality in order to personally carry out certain missions, they require physical nourishment for their sustainance in order to stay viable in our environment. Humans are better food to them than animals because they possess higher level of consciousness than animals. Their favorite food is children because they lack nicotine, caffeine, and other environment pollutants in their bodies. Hindu children are particularly preferred for their eating customs and they truly constitute a delicious meal to feast on by aliens! That would makes sence, for who needs to eat a toxin ridden meat of a metropolitan city dweller if one can have an abundant supply of fresh meat from millions of vegetarian Indian kids? (by the way, could it be why so many of them go missing each year? Huh )

When you look at things from this angle, then you may perhaps want to re-question the real intent behind this global campaign against smoking conducted by many government-controlled health agencies. Could it be that those “life saving” campaigns conducted globally are actually meant to make us be good food for our eaters? Think of it this way: the more of a smoker or drug user you are, the more toxins your body accumulates and consequently it becomes more acidic, therefore making you less and less “tasty” to your potential predators! Thus, if you do not have the necessary spiritual muscles or technological capabilities to defend yourself against your predators and keep them at bay, then perhaps your next best option would be to keep your body as less tasty as possible so as to avoid figuring on the top choice of the predators’ menu! Smile Also, I have watched the movie Twilight (which is an extremely popular movie among teenage girls for its seductive storyline) and that movies introduced a very humourous concept, when a group of blood sucking vampires described themselves to be "vegetarians" simply because they restricted their diet on animal blood only! (assuming that those “good” vampires did not go after endangered species, then perhaps they should have been given medals of honor for their “ethical” eating protocol! Tongue )

[Image: 2utlydg.jpg]

But as it seems, this notion of vegetarian vampires may not be totally fictional. Greys prefer to use animal blood and organs as their main source of nutrition because to continuous kill and eat large numbers of humans would increasingly become controversial and will eventually warrant some type of reaction against them. But by feeding on animal, it is less controversial because not too many people feel concerned about the mass loss of animals. Their easy targets are farmed animals and this is the reason behind the phenomenon of animal mutilation across America, where many farmers have reported the loss of many animals of their livestock, only to find them dead and surgically removed of all their vital organs and sucked dry of all their bloods, but curiously no flesh is consumed! You can do a research about this animal mutilation phenomenon to learn more about this mysterious occurrence yourself. The Greys feed off human and animal protein and vital fluids (like blood and some enzymes) which they mix with hydrogen peroxide to kill off all potential germs, and then rub the formula on their skins for absorption because they have no stomach but digest their food by absorbing it through their skins or under their tongues. Many abductees and remote viewers have reported that the Greys have in their bases many canisters and vats containing human and animal fluids and organs floating, and they swim in the mixture in order to absorb the nutrients through their skins. When the Greys are hungry, their skins turn green and this is when they can become extremely lethal in their pursuits. Nonetheless, if you are made to choose between the Greys or their Reptilian masters, you will by far choose the formers because the Reptillians are a brutal and nasty race indeed! They (the Reptilian aliens) are the ones who consume live human flesh and organs, the same way we eat chickens or cows meat. Maybe they simply wish to prove to humans that we are not on top of the food chain? Also, before consuming the flesh of their human abductees (children in particular), these aliens inflict unspeakable pains to those victims through horrible physical and mental tortures, so as to extract as much soul energy as possible from them before eating them. This is almost the equivalent of a farmer extracting as much milk as possible from a cow before slaughtering it for meat.

Some signs that you may have been abducted

Because almost all human abductions do occur in mysterious ways and leave not many tangible traces, it is often very difficult for people to consciously know if they (or their loved ones) are being subjected by this phenomenon. But there are certain common and recurrent features that may give you the glimpse that you may be one of the victims of abduction. Some of these features are included in the following list:

- Strange and inexplicable physical scars on your body: this is perhaps one of the surest signs that an abduction has taken place. Any unexplained scar on your skin is very likely caused by a surgical operation performed to insert a probe in your body. This is very likely a case of abduction conducted by the military factions of the PTB or other less advanced alien groups, because advanced aliens use a form of psychic surgery to insert implants in the bodies and this leave no marks afterward.

- Having frequent missing times occurring at specific periods: this may be because of your memory of the abduction have been erased during those blackout periods.

- Frequent sleeplessness or panic attacks: this is probably a sign of a subconscious recalling of the traumatic memories of previous abduction occasionally reaching the surface of your consciousness.

- An inexplicable nosebleeds in the morning: there was probably a probe inserted through your nose during an examination the previous night.

- Waking up in the morning feeling extremely tired as if you were hit by a truck, even though you did not do any hard work the previous day: this may be due to the fact that your life force energy (i.e. soul energy) has been forcefully extracted from you during an abduction session the previous night.

- Waking up in the morning feeling dizzy or drunk even though you did not take any drug or alcohol the previous day: you were probably given a heavy sedation by your abductors to calm your fears and apprehension, or to ease the extreme pain they inflicted upon you with their brutal experimentations.

- Waking up in the morning feeling exhausted and having a sore and bleeding vagina or anus: you may have been brutally raped or sodomized by your abductors the previous night (Most probably the Reptilians who are notorious for such perverse sexual activities they forcefully do on humans to deliberately traumatize their victims (by the way, a brutal sexual violation has been identified as one of the methods used for mind programming).

- When a radiology test reveals an extra vertebrate on your neck or an extra rib: these may be implanted devices camouflaged in the shape of a vertebrate or a rib.

- Regular and unexplained shoulder or knee pains that comes and goes: this may be caused by the frequency transmissions of some inorganic devices located in those areas of your body.

- Beeps or modulated tones in your ears (usually the left ear): this may be caused by the implanted device in your brain broadcasting certain harmful frequencies to your body.

- A sudden and drastic behavioral change: this is a clear sign that you were a victim of a direct mind programming to make you a disinformation or misinformation agent in this world in service to the agenda of your programmers. If you were previously an opinionated person, you may suddenly begin undoing everything you previously stood for with your newly contradictive opinions, thus neutering your previous works and discrediting yourself to those of your followers. I will say more about this hideous phenomenon in another post.

- A small child exhibiting abilities far beyond its age: that child’s brain power may have been artificially boosted with unconventional alien technologies to prepare him/her as a future potential agent to be used for specific purposes.

- A sudden healing of your disease or an inexplicable improvement in your previously deteriorated physical condition: you were probably assisted by the medical technology of your abductors. But you should always expect a heavy price to pay for that calculated “help”, because no negative entity can help anyone for free.

- Sudden psychic abilities: negative aliens can also give you psychic gifts such as healing powers, telepathy, telekinetic, clairvoyance and other paranormal abilities as long as you are made to use those abilities in order to further their agendas in this world like in propagating false religious paradigms to your ignorant followers.

- An inexplicable pregnancy which mysteriously disappears after about three months: the woman may have been used as a surrogate mother to a hybrid alien child. I will further elaborate on this in another post.

- Frequent Out of Body Experiences (OBE): Your astral body may be abducted for manipulations while your physical body is left in hibernation.

- A spontaneous reaction of fear and anxiety upon viewing images of alien entities or their technologies: this may be a reaction caused by your subconscious recollection of the unspeakable horrors you may have suffered at the hand of those aliens.

- A clear and conscious remembrance of having an alien contact: this may be a deliberate act of your alien abductors wishing to observe your reaction to the abduction experience (by intentionally not erasing that memory) so they can assess if you can be a viable asset to their agenda.

NB: the observations listed above simply indicate a probability of an abduction, because they can also occur from other natural causes. But the more of these signs a person exhibits, the more likely he or she may be a victim of abduction.

What are possible protection methods against abductions?

If you feel that you may be a victim of abduction, then there are a number of measures you can take in order to stop or change the experience. The most effective defense mechanism is to increase your general awareness, your willpower, your spiritual resiliency, your mental clarity, and your emotional purity, because these are qualities that will reduce your level of susceptibility to the influences of malevolent forces and make you rise into kinship with benevolent forces. It is strongly advised not to give in to fear, paranoia, gullibility, reactivity, passivity, or despondency, because these are attitudes that will only reinforce your feedback loop with those negative entities, and thus increase their tangibility in your life. Sometimes the Zetas may accidentally attempt an abduction on a person who is very positively polarized (spiritually), and that usually result in a fiasco for them, unless they can succeed to depolarize the person in question. But if the person strongly rebuke them by invoking the name of any spiritual archetype which evokes his/her sense of power and protection (like a Buddha archetype, a Jesus archetype, or whatever else), this will wreak a havoc of panic among the Greys’ troupes even back to their bases (because these beings are all linked by one mass mind). The sensation they feel during such a rebuke is as if they were electrocuted by a powerful wave which will throws all of them down and leave them in total confusion and disorientation for a while. In some other cases where the Greys mistakenly make an attempted abduction on a strongly negatively polarized person (such as a black magician, an occultist, or any other person who already has alliances with different groups of negative ET factions), all their maneuvers will be useless and they will even face the possibility of being captured themselves and detained as prisoners!

So you see, this abduction thing is not a simple walk in the park even for them too, because they are facing many risks and challenges as well in doing it. It is for such reasons that the alien abductors prefer to make contact only with weaker minded individuals (and this constitutes the vast majority of humans, perhaps even 90 % of humans or more). Before attempting an abduction on someone, they first spie on the individual for a certain period of time in order to find his/her points ofl weaknesses they can exploit, and they also carefully assess the aura and the polarity state of the individual to determine his/her spiritual resiliency. But despite all those measures, they can still make mistakes in their evaluations and approach a wrong person. Nonetheless, even if you feel that you may be among those billions of potential abductees, there is no reason to give in to despondency. There are still certain steps you can take in order to protect yourself from the abduction or change the experience. You can for instance use the method of tone-interference or other mental techniques to override the standard bio-neurological blocks technologies used by the Zetas to immobilize their victims. Since the Zetas greatly rely on the ability of their technology to paralyze the motor functions of their abductees before taking them, it is very unlikely that they will proceed with an attempted abduction if they are unable to first paralyze and immobilize you. Anyone can produce high pitched tones in his own head which will render inert the frequency-modulated-pulses they target on your body and mind. Just maintain that mental tone during the whole presence of the Greys and you should be able to keep control of your conscious faculties. When the Greys realize their failure of paralyzing and disorienting you, they will very likely leave in frustration. For a purely physical abduction, you could also try using metal shielding, ultraviolet lights fields, and other scrambling methods to annoy the aliens and display to them your determination to resist their abduction attempts.

Another possible solution to change the experience of an abduction (if you are already a regular abductee) would be to surprise them by voluntarily consenting to their medical examination requests so that they won’t have to take you by force and treat you brutally like an experimented animal in lab. You can for instance ask them to promise you that they will treat you with dignity if you voluntarily give yourself as a guinea pig for their genetic experiment (in fact, you can even ask them to show you some results of their researches on your genetic profile and they may be excited to give it to you!). Your new attitude will fascinate them and will show them that you have overcome your fears and empowered yourself by taking charge of your life, so they will begin to treat you with some respect and see you as a potential partner with whom an exchange of information can take place. This new attitude will definitely change your experience of abduction because the interaction with them will begin to occur on an equal footing. As far as the implanted devices are concerned, it is strongly advised not to attempt removing them from your body because those devices are designed with sensors to detect any attempted removal, which will trigger them to explode and release a lethal dose of toxins in your blood stream or they can release a powerful electrical shock to instantly kill you. This is why for almost every instance where medical doctors have attempted to surgically remove an identified implant in the body of their patients, this has resulted in the death of the individuals in question. The solution is therefore to focus on nullifying the effects of those implants and rendering them in-operational even though they may still remain in your body. There exist a certain number of technological tools on the market which have magnetic property to block, disengage and neutralize the scalar-frequency transmission of those devices, therefore making them useless. After all, a human body can accommodate many inorganic tissues in it, in places such as the heart, legs, or any other part. The inoperational implant will simply be one of them.


Like previously indicated, the purpose of this post was simply for information sake and nothing else. There are certain number of dark phenomenon occuring behind the awareness of the vast majority of humans, and it would be good to know about them so as to be prepared to any eventuality. Because evil thrive in ignorance, naivety and indifference, this is why it is necessary to put any manifestation of evil (such as this hideous abduction phenomenon) in the spotlight so that all those concerned can be aware of it and take the necessary steps to protect themselves. But beyond that purpose, it must be pointed out that these kinds of information have no or very little contribution as far as spiritual development is concerned. In fact, knowing and obsessively seeking this kind of information may become a major stumbling block to one’s spiritual progress because it will remove one’s attention from the eternal spiritual truths which may actually serve the person and refocus that attention to what is trivial and temporary.

For instance, who really cares nowadays about all the evil things the Nazis did to others in the name of their "divine" patry (exept perhaps from a few historian wanting to sell their books)? The most important thing right now is that they (the Nazis) were convincingly defeated by those they considered subhumans, and their diabolical plans were pushed to the graves with them, so that the force of freedom prevailed eventually. Similarly, in one or ten thousands years from now, it won't matter a bit what the Greys (or any other beings) did to whom. What will matter will be whether love, peace and harmony will still prevail in this world, and for that to happen, it is important that all light workers focus all their energies and attention on creating the necessary conditions for such a bright future without letting themselves succomb to the fears or propagandas of negative forces. Let allow those negative forces (whether humans or aliens) do what they want, for we know full well that sooner or latter the law of cosmic justice will catch up with them and they will have to answer for the consequences of their evil actions on others. This is why it would be good for you to be aware of this phenomenon, and keep the information at the back of your mind just in case you may need it. But in the mean time, proceed with what is most important to you and to your spiritual upliftment.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.

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