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Another way to communicate our inner treasures
Another way to communicate our inner treasures

You have trained your mind, your disciplined your thoughts. You have gone as far as to touch the spiritual world via your mind, your intuition have increased, you receive intuitive messages which you are 100% sure are not from a noisy mind. Now you want to bring all that beauty down on the physical level, down to the beings of the physical world, so that whoever can use those new forces as ropes, will clam to the summit of mountains (the spiritual worlds)within him/erself too.

When you've been practicing for quite some time, when you've created a strong relationship with the spiritual world, it happens that you get charged with so much beauty within you, but that beauty doesn't always come visible to the beings around you. It's easy for some evolved beings among us to sense that beauty flowing in you. The less evolved beings however, may not sense anything and benefit nothing from it. So how do you do that? how do you bring down the goodness sitting there within you, those great beautiful emotions, feelings and thoughts flowing through you.

In most cases, your presence or your words expressed through the mouth or in writing is enough to let that beauty flow in the physical world. But like I said, you will not always be able to pass the message to all kinds of  people around. Because the way you express the spiritual idea, may contain elements which all do not understand. This is why if a spiritual message passes through a very intellectual minded person, this latter will tend to bring it down to other people by using a very complicated language which the less intellectual doesn't understand well. Minds of the same kind share the same mind space, same network. They use similar elements, similar images and words so they understand each other. Yes there are mind networks, much like cellphone networks. That is what explains why intellectual people understand each other well, and stupid people understand each other better. Smile

The spiritual messages leave the spiritual mind ( the causal world), down to the intellect and feelings. At this point what the person experiences is only mostly known by nobody but him/herself. Then with time, the vibrations of those energies will affect the etheric and physical body. The First changes are on the body order , the fluids of the body, the skin and eyes, then the rest of the organs down to muscles and bones. Each part of the body translates the new energy in its own language. The etheric body, the source of our phyical energies, surrounding our entire body, usually reacts to strong energies of the astral world. When it senses the presence of a strong energy it will boost in size, it grows few centimeters bigger, causing a cold thrill sensation on the skin. What we see as thicken skin when we get afraid is also caused by this change in the etheric body.  

See, although the energy is felt as a feeling in your inner heart, it is translated into a specific body temperature when it gets to the etheric body. The eyes are another example, they translate incoming information or energies in their own way. The feeling energy of excitement or love in the astral body (our body of emotions) is translated by the pupils of the eyes. This latter will dilate wider, just like it does when exposed to external light. It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. This is not false. It does reflect the inner soul, but of course not the whole eye tell about the soul, a part of it tells about the human soul and few other parts of it tell about the higher soul ( the spirit). The purple and the iris are respectively related to the emotions and thoughts. The brighter the emotions and thoughts, the wider the purple and iris may get, because they can sense not only the external light, but also the inner light. Other parts of the eyes, like the lens is connected to the casual body, the choroid connected to the boudic body and the Vitreous connected to the atmic body. So each parts of our being has its own language to explain the same spiritual message.

Because of different levels of minds, we do not perceive the truth the same way. The truth which comes from the external world is like a fruit, and the truth which comes from within is like the  core or the seed of a fruit. Meaning when an information comes from a person other than ourselves, the truth (the seed) is covered with some extra elements, while when it comes from within, it is first received as a simple seed without any meat or fat around it. Then our subconsciousness starts adding elements, adds fats to it so it can be assimilated by our own lower mind.  

I picture the inner world, this world of thoughts and feelings of ours as a real living world, filled with beings, plants, rivers, atmosphere, animals, humans, sky, clouds, planets. Everything is there, If we had the time, we could tell what each of those things looks like within us. But here in this thread, I'll be more interested about the relationship between the inner elements and the elements of the external world (physical world). The inner air are our thoughts, the inner waters are the feelings, the  the inner fire are the desires and will. When the truth hits these elements, the truth is perceived differently as explained far above the thread. And just like the inner elements, The external elements may receive and translate information in their own language, a simple and more universal language. The earth elements (The stones, the minerals), the water (rivers and oceans) and air (the atmosphere), and fire can therefore receive the information and transmit those info to whoever get in touch with them. So we may use the elements of nature to communicate messages to all kinds of beings, as they will be understood, if not consciously then subconsciously.

People trust what seem to come from their own mind. This behavior roots from the fact that we know that the true truth doesn't come from outside but from within. However many of the same people are not aware that all information do not always come from their true self, especially when their true self is not yet active in their lives. Thoughts can come from the external world, from the mind of other people around us, same with feelings, and some physical gestures we happen to physically make. I've verified this personally, because I use to exercise the influence of thoughts on people. I would sits in a public place influencing some weak mind to walk faster. To others I would suggest to stop walking and scratch their legs, to others to walk a different direction. It was fun back then before I realized the consequences of such actions. But it was enough to realize that people in general are not always aware that their so called thoughts are not always theirs. Because the information is received like any other thought, the receiver is convinced, believed in it and executes it if the thought suggests an action.

So you can transfer information directly to one of the inner elements of the person, or you can do this indirectly by passing your information to an external element first then let the element pass the message to the inner element of the other person. Now if you've done both, direct mind to mind communication and passing through an external element. You should realize that it is more effective to transfer using the external elements. The elements seem to translate our message in the best format acceptable to the person who will receive it. So passing the message to one of the elements will reach a wide range of all sorts of beings, than the range you would have reached using words or direct thought transfer.

You are filled with love, and you want to pass it around? you may use water to transfer the emotions. You are enlightened, you know how to bring certain different concepts to light, then use the air. You have a will, a strength to transfer, you may use fire (especially its heat). The fire is able to receive, to capture your gestures, your emotions and even your thoughts. This is why it is used in magic ceremonies, rituals, during prayers and even meditations. It is sensible to most vibrations. Earth will capture and transfer to you or others your etheric related messages, here earth elements includes plants and mineral. You may dig a little hole on the ground put your fingers on it to receive or transfer an etheric information. Most trees and precious stones can go as far as to not only communicate etheric information but a bit of emotional infos. Water will more specifically receive and transfer emotional energies. Air will help you receive and transfer your thoughts.

You may transfer your idea, your wish to an element like air. Wish that a specific person does not worry about you, that you are fine wherever you are, wish for example that, that person be in peace, assure him/her that everything is ok with you. You can do this by Exposing yourself to the wind, think about the message or wish to transfer, then speak the wish with your physical voice to the air blowing on you. In your message tell exactly how the message will be received. For example when the receiver steps out of the door in the morning, or when the person will yawn. This is all beautiful things, especially when you get results, until when you get bad results. Everything come with a price when wrongly done. You do not want to use such knowledge to transfer wrong intentions to others. Whatever you send and which is rejected by the receiver will bounce back at you. So make sure you are sending information which can do you good yourself if it bounce back. Why not broadcasting messages of wisdom to the whole world via the air? Why not thanking every being, the plants, the stones, the humans... for whatever goods they have done to you.  

If you have a good and strong mind, then why not pass the message everywhere you go, wherever you go visit, leave a subtle message behind. You are sitting at table, then why not ask the table to hold and transfer the information for when someone touches it. Say for example: "Table, let whoever touches you, receive this love I'm leaving you", visualize a dust of energy on your sit or table where you are while talking to the the objects. You can do this with anything in your home for your visitors to receive the beauty you hold within you ( well, assuming you have that inner beauty Smile ) .

For a start, to see some quick results, since we are usually motivated to only do more where they are quick results Sad . Water is the best elements to start with. Hold a glass of cold water, imagine orange like energies leaving you and entering the water. If you cannot imagine, then put a finger in the water. Hold it there, then speak to the water. Say for example "Water, let whoever drink you, feel peace, let him/her be free from anxieties and worries of the moment", then you can drink it, or let the person in pain drink it. That is how you can use water to help yourself and others. So beware of the cold water . Cold water has the property of keeping information longer than hot water. It is not advised to have a cold water in a middle of bad dispute. Do not let people drink that cold glass of water.  However when it comes to removing bad emotions, and transferring the best emotions, it becomes a magical cure.

Love and light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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