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Biblical Prophet Looking for Spiritually Awakened Individuals
IMHO Creator loves all unconditionally.
Words of love for everyone regardless of religion, found in all divine books comes from Creator.
Their are no 'special people' just different people,.
All we need do is love Creator and everyone unconditionally, as well as self.

Yes, this was primarily an introduction to myself. For me to say my path is the only, or even a better path to joy and purpose, would be wrong. My experiences are my own, I ask for no faith in my words. My goal on this forum is to learn. While I consider myself a prophet, I am not gifted with anything special. I'm just another human searching for purpose.

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I would like to agree with you brother/sister. But there are just a few things that trouble me in your explanations which seem a bit contradictory. Previously you said that you have managed to cast Yahweh or Moloch into the abyss. That seems to me like a tremendous power because these entities have caused and continue to cause a lot of trouble and bloodshed in this world. So for you to say that you are not gifted with anything special clearly seems like a huge understatement. If you really did what you said by getting the world rid of those monstrous divinities, then you actually deserve to be raised to the rank of a great Messiah (More even than the likes of Jesus since they haven't been that much successfull in fully containing the monstriosity of those beasts.)

And by the way, in what way consist your given gift of prophecy? Is it simply in interpreting the "word of God" as it is whispered into your ears by those divinities visiting you, or is it a simple remote viewing experience? If it is the latter then I would say there is nothing special about it because anybody with proper training (myself included) can do it. You don't have to be a "chosen one" to do those kinds of things, because they are not even psychic abilities, let alone a sign of spiritual maturity (and this also applies to things like astral travel, which anybody can do, consciously or not).

Please don't take all these corrections personally or as a rebuke. It is just though love. Sometimes humility must be learned the hard way.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.

Don't worry, I take no offense. In my understanding, I was used as a tool by Yaweh to cast Moloch into the abyss. I am not powerful, I am a vessel. I am not a Messiah, I never will be. I also do not hold to my beliefs, they are my feeble attempt to understand my experiences, nothing more. I may have been adversely ambiguous in how I think of myself. I spoke plainly without proper explanation. I am not a chosen one in any manner greater than anyone else. I was marked, used, manipulated, but I am not some Saviour or "Chosen One". My communication with God is through conversation, as if He is in the room with me. Again, I don't consider myself special. I didn't realize that what I have experienced is not exactly common. I really haven't studied what is a psychic ability or not, I just know that most people in my life do not see what I see, and cannot do, or do not speak of what I do. I hope I did not imply that I thought highly of myself, or that I imagined myself to be greater than anyone else, that was not my intent. Thank you for your response and your corrections.
Hehe, I enjoy
this discussion. Many moons ago I had went through a time where fear took over
in my life, and I experience things that I describe to evil, demons extra, the psychosis
started around when I was 14 years old and continued for many years, at 16 is
was bad, I could not sleep, and if I slept in 2 hours I have 6-7 attacks. I got
badly depressed, hated live, before the age of 23 I attempted suicide, 6 times,
3 time ending in hospital, I shot myself in the hand and was locked up in a mental hospital.

If we
experience something we can’t explain or understand, the easiest explanation is
evil or something spiritual.

psychosis, depression and anxiety is seen as a chemical problem in the brain
where curtain glans malfunction. A very strong fear can appear to have a presence.
Giving us visions extra. But at the end it all just illusions, and in my
opinion a hindering to spiritual growth. I also believe there is a psychological
aspect to this medical conditions and as soon as that get sorted out the
condition can disappear.

I personally
spent 27 years in active addition and on psychotic medication, I am clean over
3 years, no pills, and no drugs no alcohol. I do smoke pipe still with only tobacco
lol. I by grace have deal with a lot of my problems and fear, and are still busy
as my path unfolds.

The road
started for me, with honesty, open mindedness and willingness. The path is not complicated
for me, is just letting go of my vices and strengthen my virtues. The proses is
coming more in line with my higher self or Spirit of God.

I agree mostly
with John­_Ly reply to this post, think he given good insights.

I do feel
for you and where you coming from Setonfire, maybe a suggestion from me, is to
look at a mild anti-depressant, it can calm down the psychosis and give you a chance
to work on yourself. I mention this because it did help me

This is only my opinion
Light, Life and Love
@Gerard Botha

Thank you. Your testimony is powerful. I am on a rather strong mood stabilizer, and I have a PRN med I can take if things get bad.

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Hail, once again, fellow-spiritual-travellers and sincere thanks to those who generously responded to my request. My health is much improved.

During the time when I was ‘off-line’ due to the virus I was not following the development of the posts being exchanged on this thread but I had started drafting some comments on the earlier posts. Today, when I come to review the thread with a view to participating, I realise that I am totally out of my depth. Here I am trying to understand things, almost academically, and I see that you guys ‘out there,’ you know what it is all about; you have been there, experienced things which, in this life for sure, I can scarcely imagine. Remembering when you joined us, Gerhard, I tried to understand and offer words of encouragement, guidance even, but now, I am scarcely even a spectator, never mind participant in your discussions. More than ever, this reinforces the concept of multiple incarnations because, in this one, I have no concept of the experiences you variously describe and the lessons such experiences can teach.
Therefore, I withdraw from the discussions, but not without wishing you love and joy, and success on your respective spiritual journeys.

Let Love and Light Be
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience

I would caution you about being so quick to discredit yourself and your experience. You are living just like the rest of us, and the lessons you've learned are no greater or lesser than anything anyone else has experienced. You have shown understanding, love, and compassion. Those traits are not easily acquired, nor are they to be discredited. You have wisdom to offer that none but you holds, don't forget that.

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Please don't stop adding your input MoonBear. Stay, the best is yet to come.Smile
Thanks for the encouragement, guys. Guess I have been a bit low these last days.
Yes SetOnFire, you follow my own line of thought on this, You are right. How can I know what previous life experiences have brought me to this point?
Acceptance of what is and what will be is the key.
But no wisdom this morning - how about another limerick.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience

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