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Celtic legends and beliefs
Hi everyone, I'm not home yet but have some other quick comments for those of you who may be interested.
I see that some of you have been reading David Spangler, he has written some really good stuff, but he works differently to those of us following a particular ancient path. He comes from a 'New Age' base and was connected with Findhorn in the early 70's. In those days it was a good spiritual centre, but after he left it became a bit of a 'cash cow'.
I am basically a Pagan, but look to all religions for similarities, and it's amazing how many there are. I follow the Celtic path. I am of Celtic origin, I live in a Celtic country, and have my roots deep in the land. I have studied many things, including the Kabbala. I get most of my inspiration from the spirit world, and that is why I'm online tonight.
Let's look at the Celts. The Celts were a race that once inhabited all of Northern Europe, they were tribal, and fierce warriors, even their women were warriors! Many of them ended up in the Roman army as mercenaries. they were pushed Northwards by the invading Romans, until the only strongholds left were Britany in France, Cornwall in England and of course Wales. Offa built a dyke to stop the Celts invading Roman England, and Hadrian built the wall to keep the Picts at bay. Although Ireland and Scotland share an old Gaelic language it is not a Celtic tongue. Welsh is the oldest language still spoken and actually pre-dates Latin. Welsh is 'P' Celtic, while Latin and obviously Italian, Spanish and French are 'Q' Celtic.
The Celts had no written language, everything written about them was written by others, mainly the Romans whose view was somewhat biased. The Celts had instead a verbal tradition, everything was passed on by word of mouth, a tradition still supported today in the Welsh Eisteddfod.
To understand the Celtic culture it is necessary to understand their beliefs, how the chieftain, king or queen was spiritually bound and as such was part of the land. It is necessary to understand the hierarchy, not just in this world, but also in the other world and the next world. the Gods and Goddesses, most of the Goddesses are triune goddesses, then of course there are the Faeries, a lot of the Faeries are also triune, the number three is important in Celtic myth and legend, and of course the best way to learn about a people is to become familiar with their myths and legends, that way it is possible to contact the folk soul of the people and the land.
Just to clear up other points; there are no Angels in the Celtic way, just Gods, Angels are only in the Hebrew based religions. The Fae play just as big a part as the Gods and Goddesses in Celtic ways. Do not upset the Fae!! the Celts believed in the continuation and cycle of life, birth, death, re-birth and life in the otherworld.  
I have walked hand in hand with a 16 year old guardian who was sacrificed at the beginning of the Iron Age. She showed me her village, her family, and the peat bog (which is now a lake) in which she was sacrificed. I have talked with Barinthus and Merlin. I sometimes walk between the worlds, am a sometimes a seer and a mystic, but I am always a seeker!
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(02-22-2018, 02:29 AM)johngefnir Wrote: (...)

Thank you very much for your answers.
Im looking forward the day you get home and share with us your many sources. 

I believe I have plenty of studies to do if I wish to understand the hidden treasures behind the Celtic beliefs, myth and legends.

I learn a lot more, and better, when reading thru a handbook. 
So Im waiting to collect enough sources so I can decide on which to order, buy and start my passionate researches on the subject. 

You've mentioned ; "to become familiar with their myths and legends, that way it is possible to contact the folk soul of the people and the land"

How to do so? Calling upon their guidance? It might be more complex than that.. 

Well ill just start with patiently reading about it and Im sure with time, and the help of my intuitions, I will have a better understanding. 

and about Stones as a use for divination, and druids, if you have any sources or anything to share about it, im more than curious to learn about it. 

thank you.
 - S  
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(02-21-2018, 01:16 PM)johngefnir Wrote: Hi. I have been invited by Moonbearspeaks to join this discussion. I have run a Celtic Mystery School and have been described as a walker between worlds. John and Caitlin Mathews have been suggested as good sources of information. I know them both and they have both studied the Celtic way for many years. There are other good source books, when I'm home I can look in my library and post some authors. There is also a lot of rubbish out there so be careful. Remember the Celts had no written language, everything was passed on verbally, hence the Welsh tradition of Eisteddfod. Much of what we know of the Celts as a people was written by the Romans, and their view was somewhat biased. Forget the Celtic Tarot, it's just someones way of getting money out of a gullible public. The Tarot is a modern invention. The Celts had a version of Rune Stones for divination and of course the Druids, who were Shamens, and used trance to contact the other world. I write pathworkings, a type of guided meditation, and run workshops and courses. Before you ask I will not do these things 'on line' there are dangers when working with the archetypes. I contact Merlin and other world contacts through meditation.
I contacted other worldly being during meditation I can't describe what it looks like because the dimensions don't make sense but it was beautiful and sent me so much love and powerful energy. And told be some powerful stuff but I can't translate it in English. My family is roman Catholic Celtic native american Cherokee ha.ha.ha I also drrew this in a trance like state I looked up the symbol and danu came up its odd because I used to talk about playing with faeries all the time. I actually meditated during the eclipse last year and have seen these being that look like shimmering light[Image: a15faf5fee12b9d73123de4c51db4405.jpg]

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Hi Lunabee, I will be home next week sometime, but I am posting the introduction to my Mystery School that I used to run.
Incidently Danu is not mentioned in the Irish Celtic Mythology, but is thought by many to be the Goddess Danann, mother of the Tuatha de Danann. Other scholars have placed Danu as the mysterious Welsh Mother Goddess Don, who features in the Welsh literary work 'The Mabinogion' although here her gender is never mentioned.
However Charles Squire, in his book 'Welsh Myths and Legends states that Danu was probably an earth Goddess, possibly comparable to the Greek Demeter and as such was the mother of all other Gods.

There has been in recent years a great interest in the Celtic Mystery Paths. Some people are unsure of it because of its seemingly Pagan tradition and roots, yet it is a very spiritual path, and there are great spiritual truths hidden in the folk lore and traditions of the Celtic culture. Much of the nature lore and spirit belief existed in Britain before the Celts arrived some 2,500 years ago, and it must be remembered that the Celts had no written language so everything was passed on verbally, in song, story, mythology and the practices of the Druids. For the Celts, while there was different states of existence, there was no separation, or distinction  between the levels, life was life, whether it was human, animal, plant or the earth itself, everything was alive, and though it may sleep the sleep of death it never died. Life continued, in various forms for ever.
Much of the Celtic myth and magik is passed on, in somewhat coded form, in the stories of the Mabinogion, and of Taliesin and Merlin from where the Arthurian and Grail legends have evolved.
Many of the Celtic beliefs and stories have been absorbed into the Christian religion, some kept, Ceredwens  cauldron of re-birth for example could have evolved into the much sought after Holy Grail, and some demonised, the devil for example is popularly portrayed as the Horned God, but however it is viewed the Celtic Path offers a practical and tolerant spirituality which is wholly conscious of the relationship between Mother Nature, Human Nature, the Godhead, mans divine spirit and the spirit of all life.
It seems that there is now an ‘awakening’ moving amongst us, a desire, or longing to find our primal spiritual roots.
This is an invitation for us all to explore this spiritual Celtic path to search for and find the elusive mystical and magical knowledge and so to bring harmony back to all of creation so that there will be hope for this good earth and our childrens’ children who will become another generation of custodians through inheritance.
  Tomorrow I'll post the opening description. It will ,I'm sure whet your appetite!
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You might like our Face Book page. Guardians of the path
I dont have facebook. But i would definitely if I reopen my account Blush 
thank you.
 - S  
Here are a few book titles you may find interesting. I personally know 3 of the authors.

GLAMOURY (the magic of the Celtic Green World)       Steve Blamires.
THE WAY OF MERLIN                                               R. J. Stewart
THE CELTIC TRADITION                                           Caitlin Matthews
ANAM CARA (Spiritual wisdom from the Celtic World)   John O'Donohue
AWEN                                                                     Mike Harris
MYTHOLOGY OF THE CELTIC PEOPLE                        Charles Squire
CELTIC MYTHS AND LEGENDS                                   T. W. Rolleston

I hope you find these interesting. Personally I would go for the myths and legends before delving into the spiritual and magic traditions. We all learn from stories, as children it is how we build and understand our world. As adults we are no different, we just think we are above such things as Fairy Tales. 
thank you very much.
I will like your facebook page, since I randomnly reopened mine yesterday  Blush

thank you all for your help and I will recomment or send a message if I get stuck somewhere!
 - S  

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