In my understandings the soul or aspects of the soul have chosen to incarnate into this 3rd dimension to experience certain lessons through the physical body, male/female, as twins, or through the gay experience or one of being transgender. There are many other variations of the physical expression and choosing an experience where the body has mental, emotional or physical handicaps, can be a challenging task.

Our meditations aren’t quite the same as what others consider meditation... we’ve come to expect a few interruptions in our supposedly peace and quiet time and this meditation wasn’t any different: Diana soon became aware of physical sensations that brought us to communicating with someone that had very little self-esteem. I felt that the best way communicating was through obtaining permission through their Higher-self to assist this person. This session left us with an understanding and change in perception about life’s lessons and what it experiences the soul chooses to go through in order to learn certain lessons; even several lifetimes.

Di: There is a discomfort across the shoulders, almost like lying on a lump; like a hump.
Dk: That feeling there across the back of the shoulders; can we help you?
Di: I don’t know if anyone can help!
Dk: What happened to you?
Di: I was born this way! It has always been there... sometimes I forgot about it. (extremely soft voice)
Dk: Were you aware that you chose that experience to learn something?
Di: I had heard that when people had this condition; when they pass over, the spin is supposed to straighten on its own accord but it doesn’t feel like it did.

Dk: Do you know why it didn’t straighten? Perhaps you really didn’t believe that it would happen.

Di: No, that’s right, I didn’t! I kept waiting for it to straighten but it didn’t happen.
Dk: When you have such a strong physical deformity, constantly reminding you that it is there; it develops a belief that the condition would ever straighten up on its own accord. Even after death you bring that belief with you. What your beliefs were prior to death; are the same after you cross over.
Di: Yes, exactly, it’s always been there. Is there someone that can help me believe?
Dk: Yes... You can!
Di: I think were in trouble here.

Dk: In your physical life: how did you feel about yourself?
Di: Very small, compared to other people, mind you there were others smaller than me.
Dk: Can you believe that every soul has a guardian watching over them during their earthly experience?
Di: I’ve heard there is but I’ve never seen one.
Dk: I’m going to ask your Higher-self to assist you at this time and let you become aware of a previous life experience in which you really believed in yourself. An inspiration, a knowing will just come over you. Tell me what’s happening?
Di: I’m seeing a ballerina; she’s incredibly supple with a flexible body. Who is that?
Dk: You tell me, who you think it is?
Di: She looks like she could be a sister or something but I don’t have any sisters.

Dk: Ask yourself; who is it?
Di: I get the answer that it’s me but... I feel goosie all over as I view that dancer. Good Heavens!
Dk: There was a reason why you chose that life experience and the life experience that you had with the deformity. I’m going to ask your Higher-self to let you know why you chose those experiences.
Di: I wanted to learn the two opposites of the scale; the ‘grace and beauty’ and the ‘stunted and awkward.’
Dk: How do you feel now that you have become aware of this new understanding?
Di: It’s a rum business; isn’t it? I chose that experience but did I have to do it so much?
Dk: Ask yourself that question!
Di: (laughter) I did, silly me.

Dk: Would you have chosen to do it to any lesser degree?
Di: What the ballerina?
Dk: Both experiences.
Di: Exactly, it had to be, just had to be, that’s it!
Dk: I’m going to call for assistance now, to assist you to carry on and return home and as you step into the light you will find your back straightening.
Di: Like the ballerina?
Dk: Yes.
Di: That would be wonderful.
Di: She just walked into the light, tall and arrogant, like she felt herself grow with each movement. She took on the complete air of the ballerina.