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Datta Dharma Sutram 1 …
Reply of Shri Datta Swami on Supreme Court Order on Adultery ..

(On 28.09.2018 the judgement given by Supreme Court came in news papers, which says that the personal relationship between a lady and gent with mutual consent is not wrong since it is linked to mind and emotion. Several devotees phoned and requested Swami to analyze this issue and give a message. Following is the message given by Swami on that issue.)

When marriage-ritual takes place between a male and female, both promise before God that both will confine to each other only without any deviation. Such promise is done on God, who is omniscient, omnipotent and most holy personality. There is no second equal personality to God and not to speak of higher personality than God as said by the Veda (Na tat samaschaabhyadhikashcha...). For any believer in God, there is nothing and none higher than God. Even an ordinary promise without the name of God should not be broken and what about the promise made on God! 99% of humanity has such ultimate and extreme faith in God and we are not concerned with the minority which does not believe in God and live as they like in the name of full freedom. The promise made by both is regarding strict discipline of mind confining to each other in doing justified deeds, financial matters, sexual life and spiritual life (Dharme Arthe Kaame mokshe naaticharaami). This means that in doing justified actions, in spending finance, in having sexual life and in spiritual life both will confine to each other only and will not deviate this promise by selecting some other person (male or female) in these four issues in the latter life after marriage. Hence, all the other parameters have to be overlooked before the holy promise made before the most holy God. There is no higher sin than deviating the promise made in the name of God. All other issues rising in this subject are secondary only and must be adjusted with full discipline to the promise made in the name of God.

The judges giving this judgement need not be blamed since they have to confine to the fundamentals of the human constitution only in any case. We should take the holy-scriptures written by ancient sages through whom God spoke the divine constitution. One may escape the punishment here from the Government in any case based on the judgement given by the human constitution. Today, we are seeing several such cases in which the injustice is benefited and the justice is harmed. The interpretations made by the lawyers are tremendously unimaginable by which in several cases justice is harmed. In olden days, advocate studies the case thoroughly to find justice in the case and then only accept the case for argument. But, today any advocate takes any case for the sake of fees only! In such case, even though the advocate knows that justice is on the other side, he/she argues for the victory of injustice of their side only by twisting the constitution itself. But, ultimately, the divine constitution prevails over our human constitutions and intelligence of the advocates supporting injustice for the sake of money.

he divine administration is the ultimate authority. Even if you win a case with the help of a clever advocate and grab others’ property in the dispute and if it is injustice, you will lose your property ten times more than you have won in the case. The same will happen even in the case of advocate, who earned the fees by arguing for the victory of injustice because the doer and promoter of injustice equally share the punishment. The intensive sins are punished here itself. Our human constitutions are written by human beings and we find several times the amendments of the human constitution done through parliament. This means that the human constitution is not the ultimate word of God. Hence, the free personal relationship as per the emotion of mind can’t be justified in the name of fundamental right of human constitution. Already, God introduced the punishment for free illegal sex in the form of most horrible disease called AIDS. This disease was not heard in ancient days when such free sex did not exist due to perfect ethical discipline. The medical care to prevent this disease fails when God wants to punish the sin of illegal sex and the disease will attack the sinner through some unimaginable way.
Shabarimala – Ayyappa   (Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)
It is not the question of gender in the divine presence, but, the good side is that the male devotees undergo very strict discipline in food etc., for a specific period of time and reach the temple maintaining the discipline followed for sometime, which is attachment to God through detachment from world. In such case, if you allow the other gender also, there is lot of chance for male devotees to slip from the concentration on God. I feel that this good side is not properly presented in the court. It is better to restrict the gender at least for that one month during which the discipline is maintained by the male devotees.
Alternatively, the male devotees can select a separate place (temple) on the same divine hill for the specific gender at least for that limited time. This tradition is towards such point only because old ladies and minor girls are exempted from this tradition. This is certainly a slip without understanding the good background of a tradition.
posted by: surya (disciple of Swamiji)
Universal Spirituality for World Peace
Essence of Ramayanam … (Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)
The Rāmāyaṇam provides guidance in worldly life (pravṛtti) and it internally shows the path of spiritual life (nivṛtti) also because the name of Rāma is recognized as the path of total salvation (tāraka mantra). There are three levels of souls. These levels are linked with the qualities of the souls and not with the form of the physical body. These three levels are:
1)  Duṣpravṛtti: It is the level of total injustice and is found in animals.
2)  Pravṛtti: It is the level of total justice and is found in human beings.
3)  Nivṛtti: It is the level beyond justice and injustice. It is full divine love and is found in divine personalities, called as God-Men.
Hanumān and Nandi are animals, Garuḍa and Haṁsa (the divine Swan of Lord Brahmā) are birds and Ādiśeṣa is a serpent. But all of them belong to the divine level. On the other hand, Duryodhana was in a human body, but he was in the first level of animals, called as duṣpravṛtti.
This is a very important concept because every human being thinks that he or she has already attained the human level looking at his or her own human body. People feel that now they only need to attain the next higher level called as nivṛtti. This is a fundamental mistake. Almost every human being is in the level of animals. Yet they all think that they are already in the human level and that they are meant to put all their efforts to attain the third ultimate divine level of nivṛtti. The human being thinks that he is not in the lowest level of animals, but that he is in the second higher level of human beings already. He feels that that the level is related to the form of the body, which is false. This is because the actions of the human being are not full of justice but instead are full of injustice. Thus, almost every human being is only in the level of animals and not in the next higher human level. The reason is the absence of the quality of justice, which alone decides in which level a soul belongs.
Animals follow no justice in earning their food and in their sexual life. The basic expected nature of the human level is to have justice in earning (artha) and in sex (kāma) as per scholars (Apyarthakāmau tasyāstāṁ dharmāyaiva). In earning, you shall not hurt other living beings. The animal kills other weak animals for food. The present human being does a lot of corruption, causing suffering to others, even though he has sufficient food. Both animals and present human beings are involved in illegal sex. Hence, the present humanity is in the level of animals (duṣpravṛtti), thinking that it is in the human level (pravṛtti) already. It is their misunderstanding that their level is linked with the form of their bodies. Scholars say that such a human being with the qualities of an animal is a two-legged animal (dvipāda pashuḥ).

posted by: surya (disciple of Swamiji)
Shri P V N M Sharma asked: Swami! Why do you put off the lights and fans as soon as we leave the room?

Shri Datta Swami replied (jokingly):

You know that I am the light of spiritual knowledge and a fan of God Datta. There is always jealousy between similar items since likes repel each other. The light and the fan are My rivals and so I always put them off!


We should use electricity with utmost care only whenever we have a real necessity. People leave the lights and fans on even after they leave the rooms. They try to show off their false generosity and richness; that they can pay the electricity charges even for the electricity that they do not need. Yes, I agree that you are very rich and have the capacity to pay the electricity bill even though it was spent unnecessarily. It is not the question of your capacity to pay the extra electricity charges. Electrical energy is generated only in a limited quantity; not in an unlimited quantity. If it were generated in an unlimited quantity, your wastage of electricity need not be criticized. Everybody is wasting some amount of electricity. If all these small quantities of electricity are conserved and the wastage is reduced to zero, a lot of electricity will be saved. This large amount of electricity saved would be useful for poor farmers who need electricity for pumping water from their borewells and irrigating their fields. This will allow plenty of food to be produced, which in turn would prevent the hunger deaths taking place on the streets. The saved energy could also be used for other real necessities like industries, which give employment to the poor. Unless we are concerned about the wastage of energy which is generated in limited quantities, we are not helping this world function peacefully. The peaceful functioning of the world is the main aim of God.

Similarly, human energy is also very much limited. You may have a lot of food in your home since you are very rich. But can you continuously eat food and continuously generate human energy? Are you like an engine, which can continuously generate energy by continuously consuming fuel? Actually, even an engine, if operated continuously, will lose its efficiency and get spoiled in a very short time. Our digestive system is even more delicate. It does not even allow food to be eaten continuously, not to mention producing human energy continuously. It can only take in a little quantity of food twice or thrice in a day and it can generate a very limited amount of human energy. If we waste our human energy in unnecessary worldly issues, no energy is left for our spiritual efforts. We must control the wastage of human energy in unnecessary worldly vices. A small part of the little amount of available human energy should be used for fulfilling the bare worldly necessities. The rest of the available human energy should be used for our spiritual efforts. Unless we develop the habit of controlling the wastage of external energy, how can we save our external physical energy and use it for useful worldly tasks? Unless we develop the habit of controlling the wastage of our internal human energy, how can we save the internal human energy and use it for the spiritual effort?

Conservation of energy, time and money, without wasting them on unnecessary expenditure is not miserliness. It is real wisdom to conserve them so that they may be used for the right purposes. If one conserves these three and does not use them even for the right purposes, such a person is a real miser. Controlling the unnecessary expenditure of these three is not miserliness at all. You are conserving them by resisting their wastage so that they can be spent in full quantity for the right purpose and that the need is perfectly and effectively met. Generally, we waste energy, time and money thinking that we are spending them in very very small quantities. But thinking like this we waste them in small quantities many many times. If only we could put all these small wasted amounts together and see the full extent of the wastage!

We should withdraw our senses from these worldly vices to save our energy, time and money, remembering that drops of water put together formed the mighty ocean. Such withdrawal of senses from the unnecessary wastage of these three is called as pratyāhāra, which is the fifth step of yoga. This step is the main gate of the real spiritual effort, which is represented by the next three steps called as dhāraṇā, dhyāna and sāmādhi. Unless the leakages in the water-tank are arrested, the pipelines running from the water-tank cannot yield water at a sufficient pressure to fulfill your needs. The first four steps of yoga are: yama, niyama, āsana and prāṇāyāma. They are related to conserving one’s physical health. Physical health is also the basis of mental health. So, these four steps ensure that you attain a sound mind in a sound body. Only after attaining this preliminary requirement, does the actual path of yoga start with the fifth step called as pratyāhāra.

In this fifth step, you have to withdraw the senses from the false attractions of the world so that you can put in the initial effort with force and enter into the subject of God (spiritual knowledge). After digesting the subject of God, there is no necessity of any effort for the detachment from the unnecessary worldly issues. The attachment to God naturally brings detachment from the world. But before attaining that attachment to God, you have to put in special effort for worldly detachment. This is just an initial starting trouble. For this initial effort, we need the help of this fifth step of yoga. Unless you have a sound body with a sound mind along with the achieved interest in God, you cannot serve God effectively like Hanumān, who has a strong body and a strong mind with a strong attachment to God.
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Planets and Their Presiding Deities ...

Astrology is a part of the subject of God (spiritual philosophy) although it is often misunderstood to be a field unrelated to the subject of God. You must also distinguish between astronomy and astrology. Astronomy deals with the inert planets that we see in the sky. Astrology deals with the subject of the presiding deities of these planets, which control the administration of the world. Your house is like the inert physical planet whereas you, the house-owner having awareness, are like the presiding deity. The planet is made of energy and matter. The presiding deity is an energetic being having an energetic body and a soul (awareness). The deity also possesses the necessary unimaginable powers granted by God for carrying out the administration of the world. The planet is visible to our eyes whereas the presiding deity is invisible to our eyes. The nine planets considered in astrology belong to the category of energy and matter. The respective presiding deities of the planets belong to the category of awareness or soul.

They are divine beings having invisible energetic bodies and souls and they possess some unimaginable powers. Whenever someone refers to the moon, we understand it only in the sense of the inert planet moon (satellite). We laugh when we are told that the moon controls our mind. Here, we are missing the point that the statement refers to the presiding deity of the inert moon called Chandra. In Sanskrit and most Indian languages, the same word Chandra is used to indicate both the inert moon as well as its presiding deity (Moon). When used in the sense of controlling the mind, Chandra (Moon) means the presiding deity and not the inert moon in the sky. The same applies to all the other astrological planets. The names of the inert planets are the same as the names of their presiding deities. Atheistic scientists, mock at the field of astrology since they are not able to distinguish between the inert planet and its presiding deity. Even if they were explained about the difference between the two, it would be of no use since they do not believe in the existence of the presiding deities of the inert planets.

Officers in the Divine Administration ....

The nine planets are the personifications of various unimaginable powers of the unimaginable God. They form the various specialized departments in the administrative office of God and they carry out their respective function in the administration of the world. Being the unimaginable powers of God themselves, the planets are not different from the unimaginable God qualitatively; even though they are different quantitatively. This means that the planet has a part of the unimaginable power of God and is completely controlled by God like an employed officer. Each planet controls a specific aspect of the soul and of the rest of the world. Hence, the planet can be assumed and treated to be a part of God Himself. The system of planets ruling the world under the orders of God can be compared to the secretariat of the chief minister ruling the state under the orders of the chief minister. This secretariat of God has different departments, each dealing with a specific aspect of the world and of the souls residing in the world. The entire administration follows the constitution of God.

The presiding deity of the planet is called a graha in Sanskrit. Graha commonly means the physical inert planet. But the word planet (graha) when used in astrology, means the presiding deity of that planet. Graha, in the sense of its root-word, means ‘that which catches’ (gṛhṇāti iti graha). It actually means the energetic divine being, who is an embodiment of a certain unimaginable power of God and who ‘catches’ the soul. The presiding deity of the planet (graha) ‘catches’ the soul to deliver the rewards of the soul’s good deeds and the punishments of sins at the exact stipulated time. The human soul can never escape from being caught by the presiding deities of the planets, however much the soul may try.

Above these planets exist eight higher divine officers called as the Aṣṭadikpālakās. They are Indra, Agni, Yama, Nirṛti, Varuṇa, Vāyu, Kubera, and Īshāna. Above them exist the Five Principal Authorities called as the Pañcalokapālakās. They are Gaṇapati, Brahmā, Viṣṇu, Śiva and Śakti. All of them are energetic beings associated with unimaginable powers of God and all of them are invisible to human beings.
Planets Deliver the Fruits of the Soul’s Deeds

Astrology helps a person accept the existence of God. It helps souls experience the unimaginable powers of God that control various aspects of the life of any living being. When souls receive the fruits of their deeds, they realize the existence of the unimaginable powers of God. The existence of God’s unimaginable powers ultimately establishes the existence of the unimaginable God, who is the Source and Controller of those powers. This case is similar to the case of miracles establishing the existence of God. Witnessing unimaginable miracles in this world establishes the existence of the unimaginable power of God, which in turn establishes the existence of its Source. This ultimate Source of the unimaginable power is the unimaginable God (Parabrahman). Hence, astrology should not be treated as a field that is independent of spiritual philosophy. Some astrologers, eliminating God, treat the nine planets to be the most supreme powers. They treat them to be the highest authorities like a board of directors. Actually, God is the supreme authority and He controls all the presiding deities of the planets. These only planets work under the orders of their Chief Boss called God.

It is a total misunderstanding that planets give results due to their movements. The planets do not give accidental results by their movements. The results that the planets give to souls are only the fruits of the deeds of the souls.

posted by: surya (disciple of Swamiji)

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