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Dedicated to Emerging Truth Seekers
I dedicate this video to the Emerging/Existing truth seekers, lightworkers or whosoever in the spiritual path struggling to break free from the current, suffocating social norms and the crippling system. As many have said that the power to create/redesign your reality lies within you. So break free and discover the NEW YOU! I can empathise with such beings who are trying hard to bring light to this world but are thwarted by the current social system and its ridiculous rules. 

Here you go, divine souls...break free and let the light shine through...Stay strong!

Though it is animated, the lyrics are powerful!
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Nothing is as it seems, Difficulties arise so that we may learn, If you pass not the first grade, then you must take a different turn, Out of the troubles of this social norm, another way of saying is, Dont hit your head against the pricks if there is no right discern. Of What to do, IF you do it right, it wont bother you. So learn again and go back to school. If it hurts another then it is not to begin with a golden rule. Don't let them in - the Center of your heart, Let not the sun go down on your wrathing reside for a bit on saddened part, But give it place, So You wont be, Everybody who has kicked against the pricks has learn life is not like a bad schooling to teach a -golden-rule -.

You may thing the world is against you, But in truth it forms and shapes you into the buddy that you are supposed to, From Karma all lingers around you, so that you will find stacks of cases that you have fought and done wrong to. Hence the burden of theYOUR soul, If all is done correctly, You Should get no opposition that should bother the soul. So roam around and see it into the four fold, north east west south all is the very right toll. Just have to watch you step not on another ones soul. The foot is bothered so they lash out in return and this is not the goal. To do them right they let you go. To the very same habor you wish to sunset for your soul. You Get what I'm trying to say here right (Sorry for the dramatic, felt like tying) lol

IF you really do no wrong against another, they wont bring measure against you and thereby your soul. You will have to realize tho it says, Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the pharisees, You by In no way will enter the heavenly Fold. And this is where you get opposition from. Even if they are Gentiles, Those Who have no rules in there lives, but still by conscience they have a life they walk by law. So even if you know all things, and have no Charity/ the agape, which sees beyond the flaws of there law, AN&D the system and social norms. You Will by no means enter into the Kingdom of Heaven in itself. For This is the heavenly Social Norms. Nothing is against you but against the flaws of our/YOUr own. So instead of looking to another, we should learn to cultivate ourselves into a better dawn. Our hearts must be set right both to grow and to move on. There is Always a Test so walk and be strong.

This song fits me better then the one Anushri Posted above, not because i don't like it but because the emphasis is placed on somewhere else rather then the troubles apprehended at hand, IT gives place to a more Moral Descent. Makes no difference to some, But if we realize that our lifes greater and bigger world we live around in the pin. The world is bigger then the one your facing. Perhaps Hoping you to see it, might help you & to yours jump out of the troubles you are contemplating..

The Alternative Way of Listening

Enjoy..   :-)
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .

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