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Do you know the youngest mom of all time?
I just felt like sharing this intriguing story about a certain unusual birth occurrence. I always believed the medical scientists’ version that a woman only becomes capable of conceiving after crossing the age of thirteen or fourteen. But I recently learned about a defying case which happened in 1939 when a little girl by the name of Lina Medina (born 27th September 1933) gave birth to a child (through caesarean) when she herself was only about five years old! Big Grin Up to now she still holds the record title of being the confirmed youngest mother in history.

[Image: 2gy50d4.jpg]

Her 2.7 kg baby boy (born on the 16th of July 1939) was well and healthy, and grew up normally. It is said that he was raised believing that Lina was his sister, and was only told that she was his mother when he reached the age of 10. He later died at the age of 40 (in 1979), and was outlived by his mother Lina who is still alive up to now. She currently lives in Lima (Peru) with her husband , with whom she had a second son (born in 1972) who currently lives in Mexico. Lina has always refused media interviews. The latest attempt by reporters to interview her was in 2002, and it was also turned down.

The documented medical reports about her case said that she was suffering from a hormone disorder condition caused by precocious puberty. I have never heard of that term before, but apparently it happens when the sexual organs of a person become fully developed while the person is still a child. Lina was said to have had regular periods since she was only about two years old, and also her breast rapidly developed by the age of four, when she became pregnant. The father of her baby was never determined, and Lina herself never gave any answers to doctors on how she became impregnated.

The following video shows a few more pics of Lina Medina and her "miracle birth":

I don't know about you, but personally I tend to think that this case of Lina would have been a more convincing claim of immaculate conception than even the one we are told in the Bible which allegedly occurred to Mary! Smile Whether Lina's pregnancy was immaculate conception or not, one thing I know is that it is still very fascinating to me. I couldn’t possibly imagine before that a baby can also give birth to another baby! Big Grin Could it be that the girl (Lina) got tired of playing with her fake toys and so she decided to get the real thing for herself to play with? LOL...I’m joking!

And recently, there has been another reported case of a nine years old girl in Mexico who has given birth on the 17th January this year (2013), and her alleged 17 years old “boyfriend” is still on the run since when he learned about her being pregnant. Her picture is this:

[Image: dcwl81.jpg]

Don't you find this to be weird? Huh
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
LOL... very weird indeed. I couldn't believe babies getting pregnant. What happened to this world? Smile
(09-13-2013, 08:38 PM)shou Wrote: What happened to this world?
Wonder never end! Smile
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
OMG Big Grin . Why so in hurry to get pregnant? Big Grin
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Wonder how old a male can father a baby?


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