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A earth quake in Alaska this afternoon -

around 3pm Central time - had a .7 quake.
I also learned that they have earthquakes there regularly, - from news Chanel -.

I did not know this. My question for anyone interested - did you know that earthquakes are normal in some parts of the world?
Yes Skytiger, in my understanding both earthquakes and volcanoes are symptomatic of the ongoing evolution of planets and other astronomical bodies. Just as the human physical body undergoes changes with the passing years, so too do the physical bodies of planets, stars etc. but with the passing millennia and multi-millennia. Seems to make sense but, each human life being so (comparatively) brief, maybe we don't easily visualise the comparison. 

Incidentally, even here in Wales, UK, where I have lived for forty-five years, I and others have experienced the disconcerting feeling of the earth moving under our feet. In a minor way, of course. Exclamation
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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