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Entities/Spirit intrusions... a most avoided topic.

I’d like to explain something – which comes with 26 years of personal experience in dealing with entities or milder terms can be used, negative energies or spirit intrusions. These entities are sometimes referred to as ghosts, however, they might not necessarily be the spirit of a deceased person, but because of the differences within dimensions, some entities can be of an extraterrestrial origin or even a created thought form. And yes, entities can and do have an effect on people in this physical reality; by drawing upon our physical energy, which leaves us feeling lethargic. Their physical health conditions they had prior to and after their death can have an adverse effect on our health.

An entity (deceased person) that has died of a disease, each disease has its own energy vibration and is carried with the entity after death. As we are all made up of energy and we are surrounded daily with multitudinous forms of energy, some we are aware of and other forms we are unaware of. Radio waves, electrical, electronic, micro waves and many more systems of energy vibrations running are different levels of frequency; all invisible but detectable. Living close to high voltage power lines isn’t the best idea one can have. Because of our imprinted logic, ideas and the misleading s from those in authority, who have us believe this is acceptable; we are also lead to believe there isn’t an existence after death. Conformity controls the masses and is used within every institution, family and organization; it works.

An entity is still vibrating with the same frequency/energy of their death. Those vibrations do not leave the spirit until it passes into the Light, where s/he has an opportunity to re-examine their life experiences and is able to release what's necessary, to return the entities vibration to a peaceful state.

If a person had an entity or several with them (for whatever reason) all with similar or different conditions they had prior to their death, depression/anger/frustration/fear. How do you think a large number of conditions would affect someone in the living and not know these feel things aren’t theirs? The person picking up random thoughts, feelings, and emotions of a negative energy, spirit intrusions and inadvertently takes ownership of them, not knowing where they came from may become party to the same fate as the one/s that just joined them. The entity may not be that of a negative form of energy but that of a loving kind soul, a family member, perhaps grandmother, father, or a friend whom you would assume would be looking out for your best interests. Many of those loving souls may not have realized their intentions were less than being helpful and supportive as they are also brought with them their judgments, criticisms and health conditions and these attitudes and health conditions may not be perceived by the people they were trying to help but in actuality were hurting them in one way or the other.

With the imprinting and controlling measures used it isn’t difficult to justify why there isn’t anything wrong with having someone like a loving friend, family member to help guide or protect us. Maybe the ostrich while he had his head buried in the sand, thought the old saying what we don’t know/see can’t hurt us; had some merit. If we think about it for a moment, if an entity brings with them after their death, all their beliefs, fears, phobias, physical and emotional conditions; not to mention any entity or entities who decide to come along, how would you think this would affect a non suspecting person?

Some of these entities attach themselves when we least expect it or at an early age when we aren't even old enough to understand. A hurting child that is or feels abandoned (for whatever reason,) calls out for help and the only immediate help within the vicinity of the cry is a close by spirit, hearing those cries and wants to comfort and be of help, in whatever way they can. The child may not be aware on a physical level of this entity presence and perceives the unseen loving energies, eventually believing its their own; from then on can have an influencing aspect to their host’s life.

It might not be a cry for help that a person living makes but simply lowers his/her energy level in various ways which allows spirit intrusions to get into their space. Lowering of our energy can be done over a period of time, through gradually being negative, fatigue, stress, anger, substance abuse (this allows the aura to shrink or weaken) and allowing them (entities) an opportunity to do their influencing. Entities simply can be there looking for help or the entities themselves are being guided to a source that will be able to assist them to return to their source. Almost in all of the sessions we have done, many entities haven’t a clue as to how they came to be with us for the session and after the session we have to deal with many others who were drawn to the session from either seeing the light we created for our protection prior to doing the session or they followed the sound of our voice.

Have we ever wondered why all of a sudden we feel, angry, depressed when only moments ago we were fine... being aware of phantom pains which only seem to occur once in a while... and with the thought, where did they come from; not knowing or reaching a reasonable conclusion, we dismiss them. Because we are all empathic to a certain extent, some more than others, an entity’s physical symptoms can be perceived. If we 'feel' physical sensations within our own body we need to understand what they are and we become concerned, inadvertently in begin to think something indeed it wrong with us, which in turn, we start to form a belief system. This newly formed belief may lead us to seek medical attention and we start to manifest the conditions as our belief in the condition intensifies and what we focus upon becomes our reality. In other words, we create our reality with our beliefs, thoughts and emotions; whether they belong to us or not. Outside of ourselves those energies or spirit intrusions may be a contributing factor as their indirect influencing is being done without us being aware of it.

A few years ago I was talking to someone about the paranormal and subsequently I became aware of a young man approaching me as he overheard the conversation I was having and asked if I knew anything about schizophrenia. In a non direct way of answering his question, in an attempt not to alert whoever was with him; I only suggested that I had a slight understanding of the condition. I explained the only way both of us could have a better understanding, would be through a hypnotherapy session. Not wanting to elaborate because I knew those dis-incarnate entities whom I perceived who were with him would endeavor to keep him from obtaining any help. He told me that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and the only help he received was receiving was through medication.

To my surprise (********) appeared at my office and once the session commenced, the entity with him thought he would have a little fun at my expense and any attempt to have him relax was received with a laughter, to the point of mocking me in several different ways. As he had observer several of the books on my bookshelf, he laughed saying… “So, you think your so smart, with all of this book learning!” I retorted with “None of those books ever taught me how to talk to you directly; it’s been some time since you’ve actually spoke to anyone personally, hasn’t it?” He had a moment of realization and said, “Yes!” I had to respond with "Well, this is the last time you'll be sitting in my chair... I'm here to help you!"

Firmly stated that “I was here to help (********) and him if he wanted me to.” I had to get that entity to change his perception in order for him to want to leave and this was achieved by having him come to terms with its own anger and rage. Finally we began to get somewhere and during the session we found out he joined (********) as a baby... whenever (********) cried, his father wielded a long wooden ruler through the bars of his crib and began slapping and poking him; wanting him to shut up. This behavior caused the child to leave his body (to avoid feeling the pain) and in this leaving his body for prolonged periods of time, the body was vulnerable for entities to jump aboard. I suspected was the cause his current condition and it took an extended period of time to get this entity to realize how he was holding himself by from progressing on; until I asked for his family to come and assist him home, he wasn’t going to go anywhere. Eventually after a lengthy two and half hours he left.

Some entities are attracted to us by our thoughts and emotions, or cries for help while some others want to play games or get their fix through the highs they had when they did drugs or alcohol, they feel the high when their hosts get high. Ever wonder why it is so hard for some people to quit their addiction. When a person goes through a traumatic experience (such as the story above) he momentarily leaves the body to escape the trauma, and may not be aware of doing such a thing makes her/him vulnerable for attachment to his energy field; especially at a young age. Sometimes entities are drawn to us because they only want to be of help or be helped; others may have gone through similar life experiences of rape, physical abuse, accident or a medical conditions. Sometime entities are drawn to us in and learn through an 'osmosis' fashion. There are others (ETs) there for what they say... for observation purposes. The setback to them being close or within the energy field is that they compound the physical, mental, and emotional conditions of their hosts.

Life is a learning process and in becoming aware of this other possible reality of entities/spirit intrusions can give us another avenue of enlightenment to consider when dealing in The Twilight Zone.

"People may forget what you said and they may forget what you did, but they'll never forget how you made them feel."
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I would like to add that sometimes loved ones who have transitioned come back to visit during happy times.
My Daddy who died 4 years before I met and married my husband , was there at our wedding. I could feel him and knew he approved of the man whom I had chosen to spend my life with.

Also after moving back to the ranch, my new husband who knew all about cattle, knew diddly squat about mechanics. However he worked on things in my Daddy's old shop, and got things fixed.
He told me. 'It's the strangest thing, its as if I know what to do. I do it and it fixes what I'm working on.'
I knew Daddy approved and was teaching my hubby from the other side how to be a mechanic. Today my husband can fix most anything, and is a top welder. Daddy was a top welder also, which my husband knew nothing about until he started working in Daddy's shop.

I do think our loved ones come back for great celebrations and to help us ...and new family members.... in our Earth 'life'.

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