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Food for thought, suffering
On many sites you will find the question, ‘If God created us and loves us why is there so much suffering in the world?’
A difficult question, I am using the term ’God’ as it covers Creator, Great Spirit, whatever you like, but everyone understands the concept of a Creator God.
So let’s look at this suffering. Ok, so some is caused by natural phenomena, flood, draught, earthquake, volcano, etc. these are natural patterns. We choose to love on a flood plain, on a cliff, by a river. At some point a disaster will occur.
King Canute tried to hold back the tide and failed!
Most suffering is caused by our own choices, nothing to do with God.
Look about you, ignore for a moment the natural world, everything you see is created by man. Houses, towns, cars, roads, guns, cannons, bombs, missiles. All these things cause suffering, either directly or indirectly.
A hundred years ago Africans were nomadic. They moved with the seasons, and the herds, now they live in towns and villages, but the seasons don’t.
The American Indians lived in their mobile villages, they too moved with the seasons and the animals. They had no need of money, everything they needed was there for them. It could be said supplied by God.
As we became ‘civilised’ we invented money, we invented religion, we invented status, and so conflicts arose.
Some suffering is inevitable, or unavoidable, illness and accident for example, but much is avoidable.
God didn’t invent war, we did. God didn’t invent greed and jealousy, we did. In many cases we cause the suffering then complain and ask God for deliverance.
God will help us all, but maybe not in the way we expect. If we get ourselves into deep shit he will lend us a big shovel to get ourselves out!
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Just think how far we could have come or can go if we unite peacably for the sake of all life and the profit there of.

Good topic friend.

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If we talk or understand things in terms of God, creator, etc. , then we always have something or someone to put the blame on. It is a basic human nature. 

But, if we understand everything in terms of vibrations and frequencies, then we know who the actual creator is. This is the spiritual nature of a human being!

(05-08-2018, 02:52 PM)anushri Wrote: If we talk or understand things in terms of God, creator, etc. , then we always have something or someone to put the blame on. It is a basic human nature. 

But, if we understand everything in terms of vibrations and frequencies, then we know who the actual creator is. This is the spiritual nature of a human being!


Weak people, are always ready to blame someone for their misfortunes, and usually God gets the blame. I used the term 'God' just for the point of discussion. Everything is made of energy, energy is everywhere, even in space. Energies vibrate and oscillate and all energies affect things they touch. Everything vibrates, or dances to the tune of the universe. things with low vibrational frequencies are see as solid objects such as rocks etc. Things with higher frequencies are fluid eg water, oil etc, higher frequencies are invisible, like the air we breathe. We are all energy, our body is energy as is our spirit. Our body has a low vibrational frequency so it is visible. Our spirit on the other hand has a high vibrational frequency and so is invisible. Here is where we are in the image of 'God'. God is pure energy of the highest frequency. He/She/It is not bothered by the day to day troubles of the human race as 99% of all suffering is man made so it is up to us to sort it out. It was St. Augustine who said, 'If God doesn't exist then man will create him!' Perhaps we just created a god so we have someone to blame.
The simple truth is we ourselves make our own Heaven or Hell here on Earth.
We were given free will to decide how we feel about everything and everyone.
We can choose to love one another or hate others, to help each other or not.
Also in order to understand each other, we have to experience everything Mother Earth offers us.
It takes many lifetimes to learn all things here on Earth, as Mother Earth has MANY classrooms for us to experience.
Jesus said 'In my fathers house there are many mansions'.
As you say Skytiger, we have free will and so choose how we live, and it can be heaven or hell. Unfortunately people forget their 'neighbours'. 
Whatever action we take enters into the cycle of 'cause and effect'. It is possible, and is happening now, that one persons created heaven causes anothers hell. How many big bosses and leaders of countries live in an apparent heaven while the workers and vast proportions of a population live in a hellish form of poverty. As you so wisely say it is a matter of choice, we can choose to live together in peace and love, or acrimony and hatred. Our divine spirit would choose love over everything, so why are so many people deaf to their own divinity and the needs of others.
You say many words of truth, we do all have lessons to learn, and many lifetimes behind and infront of us in which to experience and develop.
I am lucky, I live on the side of a mountain surrounded by nature. I talk to the birds and the animals, they live in harmony with each other and me. My choice and their choice, to me it's heaven!
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I also live in Nature, and cherish everything nature has to give and share with us.

Why are people like they are?
Karma, determination, something they incarnated to learn?
I’ve no idea what makes people choose their life path.
I do think we are where we need to be to learn what we came to learn.
Also we’re here to take care of the Garden aka Earth.
IMHO once we put the Earth first, and all living animals, who share Mother Earth with us, instead of ourselves, things will become better for all of us.
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Your words have truth Skytiger. I think we are both singing from the same song book. I hope one day the whole world will discover the same song.
Birds don't sing because they're happy, they sing because they have a song.
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Blaming God makes an easy target since God has nothing to rely back in time, its always way later then its over the huddle of the suffering of pain that people come to repenting of there blame alike games into non existence, Just a simple easy target, Karma HAs its place to say what you have done will come back in the same of return. Mostly like a review and rerun of past memories. But that doesnt describe how or why people suffer,.. Its simply saying all suffering is bad that would condone such foolish thinking, Does a person who suffer alone not come out victoriously, once they do, or do not people who are about to give birth, go through physical suffering. Eitherway, all suffering is not bad if it leads to one to find there inner self in itself again, that which is pure and beautiful. So suffering of the many cant be all to bad, Even if them that are to die and perish. Some are meant just meant to die before there body rots in itself. Whats the trouble with that, non but many see it as such. For unwillingly to let someone go, sticking to ones own attachments, it is there attachments that see the burden to blame the higher power of things for it.. You took them to early, they die in a bad manner, they wanted to live longer. All non sense, they get reborn again into a better family or not, if they have not made the cycle or reincarnation proper and available to them. They get to go to kindergarden once more again. No big deal. Life is full of second chances. Someone Poor might get reborn as someone rich, So they experience poor and rich in a band or rebirth. No difference, Blame Game is Lame Game... One Should simple learn to comply to the forces of life, kArMA is the one of them. The One o.... ..

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