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Exactly my point Skytiger, we humans like to put things into boxes or 'pidgeon holes, and give things names, for example in various languages a dog is a chein, cwn etc. but whatever the language it's still a dog, it doesn't matter what 'name' you give to your God or Creator, it's still the same God, or Creator Spirit.
You obviously agreed with part of my post, as religion is a method of controlling a population, however in it's purest form it is mans attempt to explain, or understand life, death, creation and all things which are out of our control, and it is also mans search for God/Creator and to define the relationship. Unfortunately each religion believes it is the only true one,and everyone else is wrong.
I am not a fan of religion, I am not a follower of any particular religions, I think they are all as good or as bad as each other, but I would never criticise someone for their religious beliefs, providing they don't try to impose them on me.
I agree completely with you... post 21....I,am not a fan of religion.
To find Creator simply meditate, listen to the voice within, the voice that speaks of love for everyone equally regardless of belief.

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