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Hello to all Gods and Goddesses on forums :)
I have just created my account, but im involved with spiritual development from over 2 years. Smile
Let me introduce myself firstly... I am 18 years old (almost 19) male from Poland and i started awakening when i was 12 years old, however the biggest impact on me was about two years ago (in 2012).
At the age of 12 i started to notice that there is something strange going on with the world... Especially i noticed it with my parents and my environment, but i didn't know what exactly was going on, so i was just thinking about it alone. In the next few years i became interested in UFO/Aliens phenomenas, especially grey aliens and thier vehicles... Then in 2012 I came across quantum physics and became obsessed with it, especially metaphysical interpretations of quantum events at microscale...
In the same year i came across some people such as David Icke, Nassim Haramein, Dan Winter, Bruce Lipton - i deeply resonated with most things they were saying... I just knew it's true somehow...
That is just very short descripion of my spiritual path...
Right now im here writing on this forum, spiritually developing all the time. I have developed extrasensory perception, i feel energy flows within my body and sense energies outside my body aswell. I see auras of humans, animals, plants and physical objects. I see sacred geometry patterns in the nature, products in shops and mainstream commercials/videos. I feel connection with everything at deeper level, i realized that the reality is just God experiencing itself. I realized that concepts of good and evil is just polarity... some kind of dualism... we are all one at deeper level, we just play roles in this earth's game. I ralized it's all needed for our own growth - negative forces (reptilians, "the elite", freemasons etc) are just as needed as positive forces. Just like night and day, light and darkness, male and female...
There's so much things i would love to share with you, but i can't write it all, it's just too much, but i feel it deeply within me and Im sure that you know what i mean. Smile
I hope i will share more info and knowledge with all of you soon. Greetings!
Welcome miki.
I hope to read more about your experiences.

I will be interested to know more about your aura vision. Do you see aura permanently?

Again welcome Smile

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We are not yet there, we are gods and godesses in the makingSmile Wecome to the forum miki11187!
Warm welcome in the forum Miki.
Seems like you have a lot to tell us. And we just love that Smile
feel us with your experiences and opinions.
We want to learn more from each other and you are indeed helping in writing some of whatever you know.

Hope to read more from you again.

Love and light.
"You mess with me, I lighten you"
Awesome Admin
Very nice and descriptive introduction.
Welcome Miki. We are glad to have someone like you in the group Smile
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
Thank you for responses. To be honest i didn't expect that Big Grin
Well, i don't see it permanently. I would say i see it whenever i want, whenever i choose to see it Smile
Nice! How long it took to develop that ability? And I always wished to be able to see the aura. How do I start? Smile

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Hmm.. I would say that it came naturally for me Big Grin
Just keep meditating, you can also try some third eye exercises, and remember to brush your teeth using toothpaste without fluoride Smile

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You will see the aura of the dentist guaranteedSmile
My heart so meek and full of fright was thus transformed to bravest knight.
Hehe, not at all Big Grin
I wash my teeth with herbal toothpaste and i have white healthy teeth Big Grin
IMO, fluoride kills pineal gland which is connected with third eye chakra, there are a lot of proofs sadly :/

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