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Seriourly. It kills pineal gland? How is that? What are the proofs?

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Yeah, according to my knowledge fluoride is in fact very harmful for pineal gland. I am quite surprised that you didn't hear about it yet Smile
In Poland it's well known fact/theory in various environments (even scientific/skeptical). There are a lot of scientific researches and articles about that, you can try to google that. I don't have so much time right now so i will just paste image for you Big Grin
[Image: J0KoeGb.png]
It's only a trace amount of it (0.243%) and you don't swallow it, but wash it out.
[Image: 2nv8ahd.jpg]
I also must confess, I didn't know that Sad . Maybe because I don't use that anymore. Smile
So that product could just terribly damage the pineal grand?
I should now be more careful with that.
Back in time, when I was a boy, I use to swallow a great amount of that substance. Kind of taste nice Smile
Which could explain why I never managed to be clairvoyant Smile
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I also concur with the opinion that fluoride is a very harmful chemical product, and many scientific studies have now confirmed this fact. Althought fluoride may sometimes help to lighten the teeth from the outside, it destroys them from the inside and cause many other damages to the body which we may not be aware of. One wonder why this product is not yet forbidden and replaced by more safer ones despite all these damages. Nonetheless, there currently exists more and more alternative fluoride-free toothpastes on the market which are based on bicarbonate of soda and other herbal product. It is good to know about them and try to see how you can use them for your daily mouthwashing as well as what to do about the fluoride contained in tap waters.

When I first came across this information (some four years ago) I felt very alarmed. Since then I have been using a solution of Food grade Hydrogene Peroxide (H2O2) and distilled water which I mix it with bicarbonate of soda to make a paste which is far more effective at washing teeth and mouth every time. The result has been very encouraging so far and I have nothing to complain about. I have noticed that my teeth now looks a lot more whiter and feel much more stronger than and whiter than before, and I haven't seen any side effect to date. Who knows what other health problems I might have avoided in the process!

Now from a conspiratorial side of thing, Fluoride is said to be one of the chemical agent used by the Power that Be to control the population and keep them placid and compliant. This has been tried and tested since the Nazi regime and that is why most German people (including many who were intellectually sound and morally upright) were so easily dragged into the insanity of someone like Hitler: apart from the pervasive and overwhelming amount of propagandas they were continually fed, those people were also being heavily fluoridated from their tap waters and toothpaste!

And things havent changed much since then, because even now many of the Countries whose leaders are desperately bent on controlling their population (particularly the United State) use the same and more sinister methods to keep the masses on their knees in worship to the elites. This may explain for instance why the majority of the american population seems so oblivious about what is going on in the world and can't care less about why their elected officials may engage in reprehensible actions without any accountability, but rather the people appear to be much more obsessed with trivialities such as junk entertainments or celebrity worship. This could be explained by the fact that the people in that country are constantly subjected to every sorts of mind control method ever devised (such as HAARP, fluoride, EM radiations, GM foods, etc.), and which are designed by their occult leaders in order to reduce the public's level of susceptibility to meaninful information and gear their attention toward futile material pursuits, so that most people there are genuinely not able to distinguish what truly serves their long term best interest from what does not (notice that the same phenomenon can also be said about many other country but it is much more pronounced in the USA)

This needs further elaboration to be understood. I just wanted to support the point made by miki11187 with regard to the danger of fluoride, whether the one in tap water or in toothpastes.
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