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Hi all
Hi everyone,

I am searching for a deeper connection to the supreme presence of the universe. I often get the feeling that it is searching for me as well. Or is that redundant? 

I am happy to meet everyone in this community! I look forward to participating and sharing with you from my home in the Seattle, WA area (USA). 50 years into my spiritual journey, reaching out to others for discussion, learning and sharing is a new adventure for me.

I am a writer. I write poetry, song lyrics, and have a book on the way. I hope my posts are worthy.
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Welcome Norm, 
I have spent most of my life in the US as well, in texas. Im glad to see you have joined us. 

I am looking forward to your posts we have had some other artistic members join us recently as well. Please feel free to share or post whenever!

May light be with you, jesse
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Welcome home Norm
Looks like you have a lot to bring to the table :Smile I like that :Smile
Please share with us what you've learned in your spiritual journey. Sharing is how we help each other here.
Don't under estimate the little you know, because it always helps someone in the world. 

Thanks for joining us.
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Welcome Norm Smile
Greetings Norm.. welcome to Forum and to site.  Hoping you find here what your looking for Smile

If you want, please share some of your spiritual journeys and interests you have traveled down in those last 50 years on your Path.  What have been some of your main spiritual interests?

I live in mid-upstate New York and have also have been on the spiritual Path for last 50 or so years.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.  Don’t go back to sleep ...  People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open.   Don’t go back to sleep ... Rumi

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This is an online spiritual group which seeks to gather all genuine truth seekers from anywhere in the world irrespective of their cultural, intellectual or spiritual backgrounds, in order to share and learn from each others.