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How can we pay our Karma?
How can we pay our Karma?

This is an open thread, so you are welcome to give your opinion about the question.
Below is what I think.

There are always things we wish we shouldn't have done in the past. and for which grief follows us in the present.
But let me ask you this, do you know how many crimes you've done in the past lives? Guess what? Surely a million crimes. Because this is not our very first incarnation. We've been back on earth many many times before this current life. And we may have even done worse, than what done in this current life. The universal intelligence has arranged tings in such a way, that we forget our past lives experiences so we can start fresh, with a smile Smile. That way, we can focus on the present moment, to form a Darma for ourselves. If you focus on doing good today, you are already paying for your wrong doing of the past. But how can one pay for his past wrong doings.

There are 2 sorts of mistakes (wrong doings) we all have done in the past. First the wrong doing towards ourselves, second, the wrong doing towards others. Sometimes we do more good than bad, some other times we do more bad than good. If you've done more bad than good, that means, you could expect a more difficult life filled with less good, because people will have to return to you the bad you did to them. But if you've done more good to others, you can expect an easier life. Also note that the rewards of the good (Darma) we have done doesn't always come to us during the current life time. It sometimes takes many lives before we can see the fruit (rewards) of our good doings. The same goes with punishments (Karma). Some criminals will start paying for what they have done in remote future lives. This delay of things is so that everyone gets a chance to correct things, to fix, to amend.

But do you believe that there will ever be a life time in which people won't make a single mistake? I doubt it. The common ordinary will always be pushed to do some good and some bad as long as they have a lower self fully alive. There is it! our problem. The lower self has always been our problem all along. It is the thing wish does the wrong doings. If we manage to stop it, to control it, to overcome it, we won't be able to do any more harm to anything.

While we are practicing (meditating, praying, chanting, breathing...), we should also think about paying your karmic dept. Pay for your past crimes. Otherwise you will always be haunted for the rest of your life and future lives. And how can we pay? We can pay with love. Yes if you didn't know, Love is the spiritual money which can buy you freedom from karma. Here are my suggestions on how one can go about it:

1) Through smile or even laugh
Learn to give some love to people. Look for opportunities to make them smile or even laugh, especially when they are unhappy. You can if you want for few months, make it a mission to give some love to at least one person a week. Smiles and laughter are manifestations of love in the body. Love is a feeling, a desire and beautiful force of attraction. Learn to provoke people's feeling of love. If you can make someone smile or laugh you are a white magician. Yes because you can transform a bad feeling into a happy feeling. It is just as if you could transform a stone into gold. Use the power of words to turn people's bad emotions into good emotions. For example, if you truly like someone, say "I like (love) you" and see how the person's face lightens. That is true magic. If you take that habit. Soon you become a source of love. People will feel okay when they are around you. Smile at someone for example, if you can make him/her smile back, it is a win.

If you know the people who you harmed in the past, it is a fast karma clean, to simply go see them and pay them back. But we don't always know who, where and how we did wrong in the past. Fortunately you can still pay them, by paying any other people around you. Because the law are such that, the good or bad you do to one person, is also done to all souls. Because in reality we are all connected.

2) Give material things.
If you can help with money, then give some to those you think need it the most. But be careful here. Not everybody deserve to be giving money. Some people are better off without money, otherwise they will destroy themselves. Some people in the street will buy dangerous drugs with the money you give them, and they will do harm to themselves. In the end, you have to pay for having contributed to that. So make sure who you are giving money to. Let your intuition help. A good clue for you will be to do an imagination check, if the person you are about to give money will be very thankful and so happy, as if he/she has just been saved from death. That is the person to give to.

And it is not just money you can give away. It is preferable to give someone something like a book or music CDs he/she will love, or tell someone a wise story he can appreciate. Give someone a gift he/she really likes. Help a friend to do something. Anything which can make a change in their feelings. But remember, you are doing this to give them some love, so you can pay off some of your karmic depts. Therefore don't just go around town trying to please anyone and everyone. Be wise! If people notice you are giving away, they will see kindness in you, and they will take advantage of you. Don't show your virtues to anyone. It is wise to not expose your spiritual gifts to everybody.

3) Give love during meditations sessions.
Yes, you don't always need to give money, or material things to people to make them smile or happy. You can send love directly to their soul. Find some time during your meditation session, at least once a week, to send a colorful energy to all people in the world. It is simple, just imagine for about 5 or 10mns, that everybody in the world are breathing in a mix colorful air, then see them smiling and happy. Then say the following words mentally or verbally from time to time as you imagine. Say "I love you, I love you, I love you".

4) Sacrifice your lower self.
Now this is the most important work which ends up removing all karma you made in the past. There is no greater sacrifice than the one in which we freeze our lower selves. The most important person for the Divine world has always been the one who is willing to sacrifice his own human self. That is how you show love to God. Any sacrifices made down here on earth are no match. Sacrifices of animals or humans are no greater than the sacrifice of the lower self. When someone has sacrificed a great part of his lower self, the Divine world rewards him/her by removing all his karma. This is what we call GRACE.

Love and light to you.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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I walk in the spirit and my gift allows me a window of opportunity which I will share with you.
The earth existed in spirit long before it materialized. God completed the "prototype" first.
This allowed all His children, from the ant to the elephant to start a physical existence in abundance.
The earth materialized in stages, that is why all God's children were created according to the environment
for which they were "designed" and "engineered".
God , The Father, had four incarnations, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus and the last one was Mohammed.
The children in God's image lost their gift because they started walking in the flesh which was a great disappointment
to Him. A school of discipline was instituted to ensure mankind pays for their indiscretions, namely
the 10 commandments, the room of records and thereafter 7 spiritual planes
The scriptures were translated by people who did not have the gift. It was translated by man for man.
Nobody who has the gift will influence mankind to their own detriment, and for financial gain.
Every time you reincarnate, you start afresh and the previous life is closed off.
Trust the above is not too confusing.
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Your karmic account is not known to you. But the karmic account is known to Nature. Nature (the five elements) in a seen way but it is the dynamic integrated consciousness that actually does things in the world. Nature had been there before christ, before krishna, before rama, buddha and all. In the creation started with the minimal infrastructural establishment of five elements and the BREATH management of souls who log into the its infrastructure (world). Nature is the one that shows food to all animals and so does the natural opportunities are shown to man so that he can get rid of his karma. This is how naturally he meets employers, gets opportunities, meets relations, marries, even children are also born as per the karmic account. However, man does not recognize the natural opportunities (shown by nature) and he as per his desires and wishes, he gets after certain things in which he will accumulate the karma instead of losing it . This is how many gets against the nature and lives . This is the reason the man's consciousness along with the Nature's consciousnesses has fallen behind expected rate growth of the man and his consciousness. Due to this many  meditation technologists were introduced by many gurus and religions (sent by Nature) but now time has come with a much advanced meditation technology which is remotely initiated by Nature would speed up this soul advancement (by that meditation happens automatically and naturally without any efforts of man).
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Interesting post Krya!
I wanted to ask about the 4th part which is sacrificing the lower self? Can you give me an example on how this is done?
I dont understand it that well. Please let me know I found this post very helpfull.

Blessings and love

(02-03-2018, 04:38 PM)RealFollowa Wrote: Interesting post Krya!
I wanted to ask about the 4th part which is sacrificing the lower self? Can you give me an example on how this is done?
I dont understand it that well. Please let me know I found this post very helpfull.

Blessings and love


I know you have a Christian background, and you know It's said that Jesus is the savior of mankind sins, right? Well you can also better understand it in an esoteric way: " Christ is the savior of man-kind karma" 
And as you might know, Christ is not a Jesus property, but it is the higher spirit in each and every being. Once you've united with that higher self, there is now hope for grace, for karma clean up. This union with the higher self is possible when the lower self sacrifices itself. And I guess this is the part you are trying to understand. How to sacrifice the lower self. 

To sacrifice the lower self is about stopping to identify oneself (ones consciousness) with your lower self, it's about not encouraging your lower self, it's about weakening your lower self. The stronger the lower self, the lower its vibrations. But if you weaken it (the lower self), it vibrates higher to the level where the higher self is attracted to the lower self, and then finally unites with it. 

The lower self as you might already know is the combination of your physical actions, emotions and thoughts . So when I say to weaken your lower self I mean to not reinforce your bad habits, your bad emotions/desires and your bad thoughts. Here the word "Bad" is relative. We cannot all define evil the same way because we all are at different level of development. What is bad for me is not necessarily bad for you, but there are general criteria to know what is bad for you or not. 

Evil is any strong force in the lower regions which you don't manage to control, so it hurts you and the people around you. It takes control over your thoughts, emotions and actions, and you are pushed to do things you don't always want to do. for example, if you know intuitively that what you are about to do is going to hurt your surrounding but somehow you are still pushed to do that. You do it anyway because the push is too high, it is stronger than your logic, stronger than your good judgment. That is what "bad" or "evil" is like. When we are spirituality poor, we have almost control over nothing in the lower regions. So everything can become evil. I've visited some spiritual monastery in my life. In one of them, disciples are forbidden to watch any kind of movie, for some disciples the TV was completely removed from their lives. It was forbidden  to make friends with the ordinary people, forbidden to eat this and that... The master of the monastery was kind enough to explain the reason behind that, because he knew I was from a world where people grew up with all the distractions the world can offer. So turns out that was not to give the disciples unnecessary sufferance, it was in fact because their master knows that his disciples are too poor and weak spirituality to bear the forces the lower world.

In the bible it's told that Jesus went for a visit in the house of prostitutes,  "the sinners" as they were called. His disciples were shocked :Smile . But nothing happened to the master. He came out of it intact, clean and the same. It is also said that the same Jesus "Son of God" visited Hell for few days, but hell was unable to hold him there longer than few days. 

At the beginning of a spiritual journey, it is not a good idea to face any evil force, because that force will kill you even more, spiritually speaking. This is what happened to Adam and Eve "The so called first spiritual beings according to the bible". They lived a spiritual life (the eternal life) and never knew evil. Once they touched the lower powerful force, they died spirituality ( mortal life). But one day when we are ready, strong enough, we will be able to eat any astral apple, and even marijuana Smile  without any side effect on our spiritual life, those things will even boost our spiritual life, yes because evil will be used to cure and to boost spirituality. We will dare awake evil in us an face it and there will be wrong be no internal war.  But until then we need to let evil sleep, and make those prematurely awakened evil forces in us go back to sleep. That's what I mean by weakening the lower self. 

In each part of the lower self there are wild forces, microbes are physical example of those forces. In our astral and mental body those forces are in the form of vices. Some of those vices are more alive that others. Your mission is to become aware of those most awakened forces in you and treat them in a way to make them asleep. I may not tell you which vice or bad habit you should weaken in you, because again, we are each at different degrees of development. Some of us have more anger or more Jealousy than others. Then what do you say everybody should do? "People you must get rid of your anger for your spiritual process"? NO. Everyone is not at the same level. Some of us have already worked on some of those vices in the past lives and have some control over them. Some vices are of less concern for each of us. So you should do an introspection and find what your strongest vices are, and then find ways to weaken them. Normally only the strongest vices in you must be kept in check. Otherwise it's going to be a tiring mission to try and keep track of all your vices. But because they are many. Yes those impure subconscious forces are just too many in us. 

There is a way to work on (weaken) all the vices at once. That's by feeding yourself with high emotions and higher thoughts daily. This is why meditations are prescribed in spirituality. Because for few minutes you actually stop feeding, encouraging, strengthening your lower nature. If you want to manage your lower nature, start from the inside ( your emotions/desires and thoughts ) .  At least once a day, pause your lower nature activities. Sit down and build more spiritual emotions and thoughts. The heart of your lower self is your astral body ( which generates your emotions and desires), a pure heart brings about pure actions. Train it to emanate higher emotions, you can help yourself with that by listening to the most lifting spiritual-like music. And entertain the most elevated thoughts in your mind, your astral body will be guided to look for more and more spiritual things. You will finally see yourself attracting more spiritual thoughts and having more spiritual emotions; that is how you can starve your lower nature. That's what I mean by sacrificing your lower self. Let your lower nature "go to sleep ", so your higher self can take over. 

For further details maybe you will find the following thread informative:
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Hi there, you need to do good for others.
Question is not How can we pay our Karma, The Objective Should be; IT MUst Be DoNe... With that Said And Aknowledged, we can get to WoRk.
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