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How free are we??

[Image: What_Would_You_Do_With_Your_Freedom.jpg]

Have you ever noticed carefully the flowing clouds in the clear sky? It always moves in the direction in which wind blows. Thus being inanimate it is always carried away by external factors, it has got no independence, no choice, no decision of itself. However human beings, forgetting about its true potential, too behave live the inanimate cloud, constantly being driven by external factors around us. Are we really free to live independently, to take decisions, make judgements, choose our own path and never get moved by any external material and emotional factors??

We are so much identified with ourselves that we constantly live under the shackles of various identities that we possess right now. Our actions are driven by such egoistic identities that results in our suffering pain and agony most of the time. We are forced to do actions by our ego, which we don’t want to do. It feels as if we do not have any choice and experience a sense of helplessness at our heart.
Only and only if we could become conscious of the illusion of the ego that creates all false identities, we can actually achieve true freedom. Once you achieve this freedom you have already taken your first step towards liberation and your spiritual journey begins from here.
I wish everyone of us reach this freedom and enjoy our life and at the same time celebrate our existence as a human being- the only living organism capable of achieving spiritual freedom.
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Yes, indeed, Sudipta.

As has been discussed in earlier threads and posts, we have the option to control our ego - for some of us, perhaps all, the first step on the road to ultimate enlightenment. We are privileged to spend our incarnations learning, on The Only Planet of Choice. 

May we all share that journey in Love and Light.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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We are limited by doubt alone.

With belief comes freedom from one's own concieved bindings; whatever they might be.

Without belief there is no potential or power or energy.

How can one exude what they do not have?

We are only bound by self.

peace MBS

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