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How to weaken a vice
How to weaken a vice

From an esoteric point of view,  a strong negative force beyond your control is an impurity. An impurity is a vice. A vice is therefore that living thing within your subconsciousness which you fail to control.The vices inherit the natural instinct of self defense and of reproduction like any other being in the lower worlds. The vice is psychic living creature in your soul subtle bodies. In the same way a germ is a living thing in your physical body. For example: Jalousie is a creature in your astral body (feelings), vanity is a creature in your mental body(thoughts). All those vices within you, like Jalousie, anger, vanity feed and protects themselves. Once a creature is alive, it fights for its survival and only dies with it has lost the fight, when it has lost all its energies. If you want to control the negative forces, these are  few things to know.

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Where do vices come from?
A vice is just a negative force which got stronger in the subconsciousness. So vices exist in our own subconsciousness. And they begin by being mostly reactive than active. They react to what you come in contact with, they react to what you see, hear, smell, touch. When you hear a persons call you names, one of your subconscious forces (the most developed) will react. If anger is the most developed (the most fed in you), anger will be the one to react towards the person who call you names. So understand that when you get angry against someone, it is actually a creature inside your subconsciousness which reacts, but not you as the higher self. All human being subconscious contains the same things. We all have the same subconscious creatures. But all those creatures in each of us are not equally alive, because some of us feed different creatures more than others. Mr X may be feeding more the subconscious creature “alcoholic” and Mr Y may be feeding more a different creature “Vanity”. Our soul is become a playground of all sorts of creatures feeding one after the other in turn.The stronger they get, the more difficult it becomes to weaken them.
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How vices are fed ?
Initially, what we call a vice is a tiny weak negative force sleeping in the subconsciousness. In an advanced spiritual  person, all negative forces (the impurities) are so asleep that they can’t react to anything. At the stage when they are sleeping, they are thin, they have no weight, so your soul is light, your soul has no weight for earth to attract. You are free to flight in the spiritual worlds. Nothing you can think or feel is negative. And none of your physical actions are inspired by negatively. This is called “a pure soul”. You are psychically and physically pure. You are visited by spiritual beings and the positive spirits of nature. Your soul is so beautiful that all positive beings want to come by your side to protect that beauty. You are supported in all fields of life. Your words are gold, for invisible beings will rush to make your wish come true.

If you want to keep things beautiful that way, you must let sleeping dogs lie.
Do not awake those dogs. Don’t awake those subconscious creatures within you. But unfortunately it is very easy to awake them. We normally don’t awake them all at once, but one after the other. And some of those creatures when awake tend to awake other similar creatures. And so on. I’m giving you this advice assuming you are still a beginner. But later when you have gain some spiritual strength when you have more control. I will advise you to go and willingly wake hell and face it to get stronger than ever. That time should come sooner or later depending how fast you go on this.
A sleeping force of your subconsciousness is really like that fare asleep dog lying on the floor, sleeping because it is so hungry. When it hears some noise, it opens its eyes, rises his head, but because it is so tired, and without energy. In the same way Vanity for example is that sleeping hungry creature in your subconsciousness When this creature hears people’s stupidity, it shortly produces a thought of vanity “I’m better than that” or “I have more than that” Or “I can do better than that” or “I know more than that”. That’s all. That only single thought came from your subconscious creature. Now if you willingly take that single thought and comment on it mentally, if you elaborate on it in your mind, you are making a big mistake, because that’s how you are energizing that subconscious creature. That’s how the vice fed, and that’s how you fed it.

How to weaken the negative forces?
To fed itself, the subconscious creature will wait for an opportunity to react to a stimuli that could be something you see, you hear, you smell or touch. This is what the religious person called “Temptation”. That force will only react with a single instinctive thought or feeling. That reactive thought/feeling of the creature is a trap. If you eat it, if you chew it, the creature feeds. If you don’t eat it the creature gets weak or weaker. A subconscious force is not yet a vice until you fed it repetitively. Vices in the astral body feed with feelings/desires. Vices in the mental body feed with thoughts. Eg: Jalousie is fed by entertaining and repeating feelings of jalousie, vanity is fed by entertaining and repeating such thoughts like you are better than anyone else.

Your best defense for not waking up subconscious negative forces is to become very mindful throughout the day and during your meditation sessions. That means stay alert, be aware of each and every thought which enters your mind, be aware of each emotions and desires you happen to have. Thoughts and feelings happens all the time when you come in contact with anything in the world, when you meet someone, when you are talking with people, when you are driving, when you are eating… Stay away, observe within yourself to check which are the automatic thoughts or feelings rising. When you notice a feeling/emotions or thought which has nothing to do with your current task, just ignore it. Don’t comment on it. It will faint away (refer previous lessons:: Afternoon Mindfulness) That is how you will avoid waking up negative forces of your subconsciousness.
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How to weaken the strong vices?
The more you are not feeding your subconscious negative forces manifesting through your thoughts and feelings, the more they are going to sleep, meaning the more they are getting weak. And the weaker they get, the less they manifest in you. However, be aware that among all your vices, they are some which are so strong that it will time to weaken them. There are some negative forces in your subconsciousness which you’ve fed a lot in the past, and today they have become so fat, so alive, so strong that they can’t easily get weakened. Among those strong vices are what we call addictions. To deal with these vices, the first thing is to know which are the strongest vices in you. Which negative forces have become huge, unmanageable. List them on a paper and you are going to use all the tools of the esoteric science to weaken them, to control them, so you may set yourself free to move on further in your spiritual life.

1) List all your strongest vices on a paper.
2) Note down when do they manifest? how often? what triggers them? In which circumstances do they react?
3) Now choose 1 of your strongest vices to work on for a minim period of 3 months before you move on the next vice on your list. Choose the one which manifest the most. The one which even causes damages around you in the outside world. Eg: has your anger cost your marriage? Has your jalousie been the cause of someone’s being hurt. Has your lies destroyed someone’s life? …
4) Get yourself a book in which you are going to note your progress. Your success is when you reduce the number of the vice manifestation. So reducing the frequency of the force is you measurement.

Because all of your vices, bad habits, impurities are gathered in your subconsciousness, the secret to weaken them is to know how to play with your subconsciousness. The subconsciousness is a part of you, so it is a “I”, whatever you say about yourself, or whatever you fee, or do, the subconsciousness registers and does it again. So like a computer program, it will start automatically repeating what you just did.

But everything you willingly stop doing, all the things you don’t willingly do anymore will also start to faint in the subconsciousness. For example, if everyday you are used to hurt someone with your words, it is because you did it once, so your subconsciousness helps you repeat the same similar acts every day. And the more you encourage the habit, the more the subconsciousness part of you will increase the number of repeat. So you will end up doing that bad habit not only once a day, but many times a day. Let’s see how to effectively weaken your strongest negative forces. Now remember this. Your subconsciousness only understands and registers actions, feelings ,thoughts or words you repeat in at the present moment.The key to command the subconsciousness is repetition, and saying the command in the present tense.

Here are the 3 different method available in the esoteric science.

The first method is to talk directly to your root of all your vice. I mean the subconsciousness. This is the auto-suggestion. Also called the self- suggestion. This is the most effective of all methods. In this method you are going to make commands to your subconscious force to deactivate. In order words you are going to tell your vice to go back to sleep.

Do it just before you sleep. When you are already lying in bed and sleepy. And as soon as you open your eyes in the morning, when you are still in bed with open eyes maybe a bit sleep too. Those are the moments when your subconsciousness active the most, the subconsciousness is available to listen and execute your commands. So take advantage of those moment to re-program your subconsciousness. You may miss the morning auto-suggestion, but try and do your best to not miss the evening one for 3 months minimum. Write down a command which you are going to say and repeat 40 times. You don’t need to shout it, just say it at a low voice.
For example, if punctuality is a negative force for you.

If you are always late to work, here is how you can say your command.
“I always get to work on time” (40 times).
If spending money all the time is beyond your control.
“I’m very good at saving money” (40 times)
You can get yourself a counter to help yourself with mantras and auto-suggestions:
[Image: 302MmbARQK04MqV4eIzS]

The Use of fire
Light a candle. Write down your vice, your bad habit in a piece of paper. And burn the piece of paper in the candle fire. Stay conscious of the fact that you are burning your vice as the paper is disappearing. You can do this any time of the day.

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The use of moon magic
The moon is another version of your subconsciousness. It is in fact the subconsciousness of the solar system. But it is linked to your personal subconsciousness and it does influence your inner forces. Take advantage of the decreasing phase of the moon to weaken your vice. Check the calendar for when the moon will start to decrease. It should last about 14 days for the moon to completely vanish. Each night of that moon phase, look at the moon, focus on the moon for few seconds, be conscious of the fact that it is decreasing, then say:
As the moon is decreasing, so is my vice …..” replace the …. by your current vice. Repeat the sentence 3 times.
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The use of will
The will is the force of the atmic body. We all have a little of it available in our consciousness. Make use of it to weaken your vice. As you know by now, your vices a creatures which feed. If you don’t feed them enough, they will get thin, and eventually go to a permanent asleep one day. With your will, you can reduce the number of time you feed them. I’m saying REDUCE not STOP. If you try to stop your bad habits by force, you are declaring a war with the negative force. And you should know it by now, Fighting with Evil is not wise, Because it will always win as long as it is strong. And even if you manage to stop it, it will not be long before it comes back with more power again. Wisdom advise that you opt for the “Reduce” method. First accept that you have the negative vice in you, you have fed in the past and now it is big and fat. Now all you are trying to do is to make it so hungry that it looses weight and that it loses strength. How? Well, first you must study your vice to know when and how often it manifests. Then you wait for those moment. When the time comes, you will willingly delay its manifestation.

For example. Say you have a bad habit of telling lies every single day of the week. Use your will to reduce the number of time you do it. First try and lie for only 5 days a week. Then try and go down to 3 days a week. As it gets easier, go down to only once a week. Then Once every 2 week. Then forget about it.

When you prevent yourself from doing the bad habit, it should not be felt like you were blocking/stopping the vice, but it should rather feel like you were postponing the vice. So when that moment comes, speak to your vice in a low voice and say “I know you want to eat, I know you want to do this, I’m not refusing you food, but I want you to wait for tomorrow please”. Do this in real situation to see how this make sense and how effective it can be.

Love and light to you
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Krya, I can't thank you enough for this post. Not only is it extremely informative, it's very easy to understand. A common issue I've come across in my studies is finding information pertaining to my queries, but not being able to fully understand or comprehend their content.

I've had this issue throughout my life because I tend to be a very literal and hands on learner. For example if a lesson directed me to close my eyes and write a word, I would literally do just that. Even if it ended up being that I was meant to close my eyes for a moment, open them, and then write, etc.

So I truly thank you for providing me with this easily understandable method of dealing with our vices.  Heart

Although just a babe on this journey; I will always strive for knowledge, strive for learning, strive for understanding. Most of all, I will always strive to be the best version of myself that I can be. 

Love & Light,

Ahadi Soul
(A soul with much promise)
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