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I'm too bitter
My local group has been...less than I expected.
I've been here for a long time & have met lots of people. Some do not know their boundaries. Some don't know appropriate from inappropriate. The most recent experience I've had has torn me in two. This old woman (who has been a part of this group for a long time) became ill. She needed help. Her group? No one knew. No one helped out. It was a matter of "no one knew therefore it isn't anyone's fault" are they still accountable for the old woman? At the same time, I was getting to know another woman (younger) who decided to be underhanded and used me to get her own way. She is severely mentally ill. I think if i try to tell her how wrong her actions were she'll throw a tantrum(mentality of a 15 yr old) or panic so much she'll fall to the ground/or cry. These or deny to know what I'm talking about.

With these experiences it seems like God is trying to tell me to put some distance between them and me(even though they've been my group for so long). What should I do?

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