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Initiation as expansion of consciousness
Initiation as expansion of consciousness 

When initiates speak of initiation, they mean a path during which we expand our consciousness to the point where we start to become aware of most spiritual and divine realities. And this expansion of consciousness is meant to happen while we are still here on earth. Many live their spiritual life like all they want is go to heaven the day they die. That may be a motivation in a way even though fighting for heaven proves a lack of understanding of what actually heaven is. 

After death the criminals go through difficult invisible regions before they reach higher spiritual regions, but they do end up in heaven ( spiritual worlds) before they  come back on earth ( reincarnates) to pay their criminal debts. When someone understands that, he/she cannot fight for heaven like they seem to be doing. The evolved person moves quicker towards the spiritual world after death and may spend more time in those spiritual worlds before being born in the physical world again. Until one is has done with his debts, until one is not done with his initiation on earth, he/she may not stay forever in the spiritual worlds, but returned here in the physical world to fix his errors and evolve. 

So  It's here on earth we need to work on ourselves. It's here that initiation must be done. It's from here that our consciousness must get expanded to reflect the spiritual world. This expansion of consciousness  is very hard and long process which we many of us don't accomplish before many life times. Between the ordinary consciousness and the initiated consciousness are many degrees of consciousness expansion. And that's the work of an initiate to actually progress some degrees for each life time, to make their consciousness more and more wide, clear and clean,  so clean that it could be compared to a huge clean mirror on which more spiritual impressions reflects on . 

[Image: Expansion-Of-Consciousness-300x225.jpg]

Each life time we have an opportunity to make one little more step ahead, each life time we may progress some degrees. Let humans stop with a narrow consciousness, let them rather know and love more than just their own family and friends, let them love more and more beings of nature ( animals, plants, minerals, spiritual beings...), let them include the whole universe in their lives. With this expansion of consciousness comes knowledge, wisdom, love, happiness. 

Love and light
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