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Inspiration doesn't come by chance
Inspiration doesn't come by chance

I guess we've all received or tasted inspiration at least once in our lives. Remember when you received the inspiration, it came without warning. That moment when you were looking for words to say during a public speech, and after a while, you found yourself choosing the right words and the right explanations. So nice that you were even surprised of the wonderful things you said. Everything you said felt right and so true, things you didn't even think of before the speech. That's inspiration. Many painters and musicians and writers happen to have inspiration too, and it shows through their masterpiece. 

The inspired people are astonished themselves at each of their   new work of art. That's because they were not exactly the ones themselves who created those arts. Something else expressed itself through their thoughts and hands. And because inspiration comes when we least expect it, it  leaves some of us to believe that it comes by chance. No it doesn't. Nothing in the material universe happens by chance. Everything has a cause and inspiration is not an exception to the rule. 

Inspiration just like many other spiritual phenomena, love, wisdom, truth, justice are not things (realities) of this world. They are from the spiritual world. From an esoteric point of view, we may view the spiritual world as made of 3 levels or 3 different types of vibrations ( eg : the higher mental plane, the buddic plane and the atmic plane). Like love comes from the buddic plane, inspiration comes from the causal plane. So inspiration travels from far to reach us.

 Inspiration is a force which comes from the higher mental plane and which seeks to express itself through our mental body (our thoughts). This force comes suddenly to our consciousness. This force is so beautiful because it brings creativity, new things to the world, the greatest peace of music, the most beautiful statues and poems were the product of intuition. And so people try by all means to call inspiration. They try by all means, from meditation postures to drugs and alcohol. The failures have led to believe that inspiration comes by chance. No there is no chance. They just haven't find the cause of  inspiration. 

Sometimes you've used spiritual music or taken a lotus posture, rolled your eyes up, been the most beautiful and clean places just to try and get inspired. But you must admit that not all the time you were inspired by doing so. Sometimes, it's been in the most difficult conditions that you were able to call inspiration. That's enough proof that inspiration has very little to do with physical conditions and postures.

Inspiration has a cause, and it is the way we  live within. The cause is the purity of our heart and mind. Inner purity creates the best conditions which attracts the forces of the higher planes ( of the causal plane) to come visit us. True creativity, and true creations can not be made by an evil person. Because inspiration doesn't come in foggy, dusty mind. A dusty mind may also attract entity forces which like inspiration will express themselves through our peace of art, but this is diffidently not inspiration as experienced by initiates, for this is not a force coming from a higher order of vibrations but rather from the lower regions, source of illusions and mistakes.

 Once a pure inner life is established, any physical condition or positions ( incense smells, meditation postures, beautiful nature scenery)  may then contribute to an invitation of the inspiration. Inspiration will then come because we've cleaned our inner house. A house of thoughts and feelings. 

Love and light
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