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Is the world really controlled by the Illuminati Conspiracy?
Is the world really controlled by the Illuminati Conspiracy?

Illuminati, also taken for new world seems like a conspiracy theory, it is said to believe.
Is it real? is there really a sort of world government controlling the world with the use of evil powers.
Or what is that exactly?

Love and light.
"You mess with me, I lighten you"
Awesome Admin
IMO, I think it is first important to define the term illuminati itself before even attempting to understand who those claiming themselves to be its members really are so that there will be fewer confusions left. If, as the word seems to suggest, the name illuminati means anything remotely related with light (spiritual or otherwise) or illumination, then it stands to reason that the people claiming this name are either committing an usurpation of identity or they are deliberately trying to co-opt a name and tarnish the image of those it truly represents. There is nothing connected with light from the reported deeds, agendas and ambitions of those people who call themselves the illuminati (i.e. the "illuminated" ones), Maybe another name such as the "endarkenatis" would be more appropriate for them.

As for wether the world is currently being controlled by certain cabales of psychopathic folks who frantically pursue their self-serving ambitions at all cost and without regards for the amount of pain and suffering they cause to the lives of many other people, this should be obvious by now to anyone paying even half of attention about the real stories behind the events we are witnessing or experiencing in this world. Yes, there exists at a certain number of elite families and powerful interests groups in this world who pull the strings of events behind the scenes. Although we may never get the chance to see most of them on cameras or in the news of our TV screens (for these people works in the shaddows), there are now enough stories about them and their activities out there to the point where at this time this cannot even be considered as a matter of conspiracy theory but simply of conspiracy reality. Anyone who truly wishes to know about these dark groups only has to dig a little deeper than just relying from the local newspapers to get this kind of information.

In fact, we can go as far as declaring that since the introduction of civilization in this world, all influential nations of this world have always been controlled by groups of individuals belonging to various dark secrets societies. These people have ruled through brutality and ruthlessness in order to achieve their questionable agendas at the expense of the public best interrest. But despite the impressive powers and wealths of these secret groups, their control of the world has only been limited to the macro or collective level and has never been able to extend itself to the micro or individual level (and it is this latter purpose that they are desperately trying to achieve now). And given the limited time window now available in the cosmic calendar of the planet, this explain why these dark forces of enslavement appear more and more desperate to achieve their agendas at all cost, and why they increasingly become overt in their methods so that more and more people are gaining knowledge about them. These dark groups are not united and they keep fighting each others in order to determine who gets what with regard to their conflicted agendas.

This is a very important subject which request a thorough elaboration.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
Very well said
I see this item was posted 13.11.2014 and wonder why it has not
attracted more response. It is, undoubtedly a very important subject,
deserving, as you say, much more attention.

Yes, the competing factions are out there, making their presence felt,
but rarely seen. As you have said, they are, collectively and individually,
having to make their statements, through their actions as much as by their
words; progressively more boldly and blatantly.

Limited time window. Cosmic calendar of the Planet. Two seriously relevant
phrases in the post.

At the same time, there are those of us who work ‘in mysterious ways’
to combat their efforts and to maintain a state of equilibrium in world

Respond to this post for more information.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
Who are those working to maintain the equilibrium. Maybe those good guys should also make presence known so we may also join some hand to help out where we possibly can.

Looks to me like evil is doing more and winning way too much.
When is Good going to step up in strongly way Smile
"You mess with me, I lighten you"
Awesome Admin
Yea the good guys need to show out, but then again the real good ppl don't boast about there good deeds they just do it. Which may be better in some situations because of the increase in what I would call just general evilness in the world. I do believe there is a negative energy that will select targets.

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I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience

An interesting channeled message from Matthew Ward may shed some light on the topic of the Illuminati; it was given several years ago...
"People may forget what you said and they may forget what you did, but they'll never forget how you made them feel."
In my opinion, the Illuminati is very real and one doesn't have to travel very far to find the signs of their activity. My mind has always wondered more about the faceless 'members' or branches of the Illuminati that aren't as well-known as the Rockefeller's & Rothschilds'. For example, I often wonder about the Walton family, the powerhouse behind Walmart. Throughout history there have been telling signs and tales about powerful people behind the scenes, pulling strings and pushing forth their agenda.

I believe it's yet another reason why the world is in the state its in. While I wholeheartedly believe that good will conquer all in the end, I also believe that the Illuminati will be around for some time and in many ways may be one of the hardest institutions, if you will, to overcome.

In an age where it's easier to turn the other way and even harder to have a voice, the Illuminati remains formidable because they encounter very little resistance. Of course I say this in terms of those that are not awakened. This is why I believe it's more important than ever that we continue to band together, to grow, and to continue spreading as much love and light as we possibly can.

I've always been a firm believer that there is sadly far more evil in this world than good, but I also believe in the greater power of goodness! Maybe I should try to look up ways to counteract their influence. Surely there is something to be had.

Although just a babe on this journey; I will always strive for knowledge, strive for learning, strive for understanding. Most of all, I will always strive to be the best version of myself that I can be. 

Love & Light,

Ahadi Soul
(A soul with much promise)
(01-08-2018, 09:53 AM)muyyMaL Wrote: I've always been a firm believer that there is sadly far more evil in this world than good, but I also believe in the greater power of goodness! Maybe I should try to look up ways to counteract their influence. Surely there is something to be had.


Dear Maali,
Welcome to MSG ! 
I am not very expressive in words these days, but the last two lines of your reply made me to write something for you because I think it would benefit you alot in your quest. 
As I am moving ahead in my journey, I am witnessing the fall of many beliefs and rise of the Truth which is actually making me fearless, peaceful and hopeful day by day. 
Based on my experiences, I would like to suggest that please remove every "firm belief" from your life and try to inculcate   the Trust in the "greater power of goodness and creation"  and some peace in your mind ,then you will be able to see a complete different picture...may be the Ultimate truth. 
I agree that WE are not ALONE in this cosmos but I would also like to highlight that "We are also the Creators" who contains the Genes of Earth and Space. Most of us  are  familiar with the term "Genetic Engineering"  and some are also aware of its origin, role and power in creation. There is one more term called "Vibration Engineering at metaphysical level"  which is not very popular presently as the knowledge/experiments are  more dependent on gadgets and machines which have their own shortcomings. But, I feel that it is still being practiced somewhere on the levels that is beyond  matter. 
The entire cosmos runs on cause and effect principle. It is made up  of  vibrations that can merge  or can be made to merge to  take any form (visible and invisible) and are very much dependent on each other.  Our mind(which is also made of vibrations)  works like a projector, whatever you feed into it ,you would get to see it in real though nothing is real because every matter is nothing but a Force. That's why many mystics say that the entire visible/physical world is unreal. So please be aware of what you feed into your mind  because the mind (esp. of a woman) is an extremely powerful creator! You would come to know this once  every  petal of your potentials starts unfolding.
Go as deep as you can because the deeper you go, the higher you reach. All the best.

Pranaam  _/\_
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