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Hey i am new to the forms, but i have read alot of ur post ,great stuff so far. Anywho i have just awakened my kudalini a couple weeks ago and have been going through alot of ups and downs. I am just looking for other people who are going through this as well or have already done so
Hello James 33493 and welcome to the forum. Its good you have checked us out by reading some of the posts, there is so much info in them.
I am intrigued by how you describe your experience of awakening your kundalini energy. I have been 'into' psychism and spirituality for over a couple of decades and although I have heard the phrase and come across it in print, I have neither gone through the experience, nor have I met anyone who has used phrases like yours.
So, like you, I am waiting with interest, for the comments from some of the great teachers we are fortunate to have within the Group.
Let Love and Light Be.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
Glad to hear from u moonbearspeaks. there is so much i want to talk about but i just dont know where to begin. If u have any qustion to help clear things up , do askSmile
Looking forward to reading more posts by you.
Me too. Looking forward to reading more from you Smile
I like reading kundalini stuff Smile
I know one member here krya has gone through some kundalini experiences in the past, even if he is never too loud about it on this site. Or he just doesn't talk about himself. Smile, Sorry Krya for letting it out there man Smile Just trying to push you to speak out Smile. Maybe he will be kind enough to share with you.

Anyone else here with a kundalini awaking to share with James33493 ????
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Hello James,

Could you please share your experiences? What made you think that you have awakened your Kundilini? Are you on some meditation practices? As I can read that you are finding it difficult where to begin so let me ask you some questions.
Do you feel any cold and hot sensation in your body? If yes, then which part?
Surge and ebb of energy anywhere? Any physical, mental or/and emotional turbulence or uneasiness? Involuntary body movements, twitching,jerks? Strange visions or vision of future?

Awareness is very very important when dealing with energies esp. primordial energies.
So like i said it all started a few weeks ago but no i didnt try and make it come up. I was only meditating every other day or so. Nothing to extreme. A hour or two hear and there, i work out every day just about. I love the gym lol.anyway a week or so b4 "k" shakti started her dance my brother watnted to go out and party. Long story short i took something that almost killed me. I spent the next 10 hours useing deep breathing to try and slow my heart down. Its kida hard to explain in detail but about a dozen times that night my heart stoped beating.then the next few days i started cleansing my body. Alot of medtation , apple cider viniger and bakeing soda. Any and all kida of antioxidants.the hole 9 yards."i do use binaural beats when i meditate."while cleansing my body i remeber fealing gulity of not treating my body like a temple. I preyed for forgiveness and i got real wraped up in my heart chakra.bc it just didnt feal wright."hard to explain".but a few more days of meditation and i remeber one night this incredible heart chakra was flooded with energy. I was overwelmed with happiness. It was like a free fall of joy, and there was this energy i could feel going up and down my spine. In the deepest parts of that meditation i remember seeing and feeling alot of light and this feeling of jesus.the next day or so i stayed biss. Love feeled every aspect of my life. Sooo much energy for love was given that day. Then a couple of days whent by with some odd things poped up here and there but mostly just lil things.alot of what happens next is kida whats been going on. "Shadow work"all my memories of old, deep guilts , shallow guilts. It all just starts to surface up. Then i deal with it. There has been plenty of "body jerks" lol. When i am meditateing deeply is when it happens the most. Its kida funny when it happens bc its just like a spaz, kida like when ur sleeping and u twitch but i feel it deeper now....I have been doing alot more yoga that i have ever done b4. i need to stretch alot now, bc of this urge to want to. Hard to explain but there are alot of urges lately. Like yesterday i just wanted to be naked in the sun with my feet deep in the earth. So i did. Lol.i feel more empathy than i ever have.i have this urge to let go of ego, and this one is tricky, but i am getting there diet is odd i guess, i dont want meats, milk , dairy in genral. I have just been eating fruits honey, cacao, oats, nuts and peanutbutter. Lol....if i shift my awareness to my spine i can normaly feel where the energy is, sometimes.. I am more sensative to energy now. Its alot easier to feel vibrations . my third eye glows brighter when i foucus on it... And yea when i meditate it can be like an inferno. I do feel surges of energy alot now. Like when i feel an "ebb" run through my back or any where it makes me want to flex that area out.
There is alot of stuff lol. I am open to questions any time u guys want to talk.
After reading your post I can make out that you were already aware of Kundalini and its awakening symptoms. And sensing your excitement and curiosity, I am sure you must be researching on it. It is good to know and understand the energies but it is very important to be aware of their pros and cons.

It is good that you are on the exploration. This energy is present in all animals (always remember that humans are also animals basically). Most humans are not aware of Kundalini at all in spite of possessing extra psychic powers. The awakening is easier, but its management and control is very tough and here the awareness plays its role. Because, if you overdo with it , it can turn you into a beast instead of making you a saint.

A word of caution: You may read about it on internet or in any book,etc, but PLEASE do not try to walk on others path or follow someone's trail. Do not live in the thoughts,beliefs or explanation of others. This is where most errors become horrendous. On this path, experiences of the seekers can be similar but they will never be the same. This is because, the base of this energy is your body and the body composition for every being is different. So learn to trust yourself and try to achieve the truth by clearing and cleaning your mind and body.

Patience, courage and determination are the keys to get through every test this energy will bring forth you. Initially you will feel a bliss, but this may or may not continue later(as you move higher/lower in orbits or levels), depending on your body structure and composition. First, you have to deal with the discomforts in your body, then with your emotions and feelings , then with your thoughts. To overcome the physical discomforts is easier, Valour is required when you have to overcome your Ego in emotional , mental, psychological states a. nd simultaneously continue with the duties and responsibilities of the physical world. Sometimes you may feel like becoming a recluse esp. during transition phase. During this time, try to share your emotions and thoughts with someone who understand you or atleast not judge you. It will help you alot Smile

Consider yourself as a freshly made clay pot which has taken a beautiful shape but yet is wet and soft. The kundalini is like a violent stream of water. To withstand this stream , the pot has to be strong enough. For this strength, First it needs to be dried in the sun and the air. This means you need to be patient and develop maturity(not in age but in experience) . Learn to understand your body and its signs, the energy flow. Do not overdo. You have to maintain a balance between the physical and the spiritual world.Have proper rest and nutritious diet. Just go with the flow. Focus on calming your brain. Trust you body as it knows its course.
Then the pot is put into the kiln for more strength where it tolerates the extreme heat of the fire. Here you have to go through the pains and discomforts( the heat of kiln or kundalini) in physical, emotional, mental level. You will be put to test. Do not fear. The energy does not have any form, it is very pure. We make it angelic or demonic. Once you are strong enough to hold the powers, then you can decorate yourself with the powers and adorn the surrounding.

There may come a time known as the "darkest night" . We all know that after the darkest second of the night, comes the dawn. Same thing happens when you are about to step into the golden world of Truth. There may come a time when you face the scariest phase of your life, you may feel depressed, anxious, lonely, develop a killing attitude or even curse the moment when you chose this path or all bad things you would never like to dream of. These are the "ill effects of meditation" as viewed by many people and experts. At this phase, most people who are unaware or not well prepared fall prey to this Night hour. Some end up reaching mental asylum, for some it becomes the nightmare, some go on rampage killing and some do not want to return. This is something which every person involved in meditation should be aware of. Meditation is something that deals with your entire body structure within and out. It deals with the entire geometry a person lives in. So it is very powerful and hence must with handled with caution and awareness. So one needs to overcome this darkest hour with patience and valour and then he would be able see the dawn of the knowledge, Sun of the Truth.

It is sad to see that not every so called spiritual teacher is aware of it or make his/her pupils aware of this and this results in destruction of either an individual or a mass. I have also seen many teachers forcing their beliefs, ideas and way of practices on their pupils without actually being aware of the needs and body composition of their pupils. They teach their students based on their experiences which is actually not a good practice. A true teacher knows that he id not the "master" but just a pointer guide to the "Real Master" that is present in every human. He just needs to guide his pupils towards their own energies and help them understand the geometry and its functions. This knowledge is not something to be touted to everyone in the name of mindfulness and peace. It is a great responsibility. I have also seen that some seekers/teachers also become very complex in their words and explanation that the true knowledge goes above the head of the general public and out of awe they begin to revere the person as saint, or godly figure and still stay under superstition and unawareness which is not good for the cosmic development. The truth is very simple and spirituality dwells in simplicity only. The knowledge holder should speak, write or teach in a manner that can be easily conveyed to the beginners so that they can be on the right track.

The kundalini power is not for play and publicity, it is the cosmic power that needs to be utilised for the cosmic welfare. You would never find the real power and the divine knowledge holders in limelight. They would always work secretly. This power is not just confined to the physical body, but it continues to a much wider level.

Do not be in rush with this power. Tame your desires, listen to your energy within and try to reach your positive core. Rest will happen involuntarily.
Wish you success!
In my opinion, much is already been said about kundalini by teachers and masters.
For saying that you have just awakened your kudalini applies that you already know what are the symptoms. And true, those are the symptoms of kundalini arising, at least that's what our elders have written for us.

Although I've had similar symptoms: scrolling heat in my spine in the middle of the night, spontaneous psychic abilities more frequently was the clairaudiance happening almost every hour at work, even worse, laughing for no reason, but really an uncontrollable laugh...: Smile really stupid times Smile , despite what I knew about kundalini in theory, I had to check with some spiritual master to validate my belief. Most of them agreed that it was kundalini awaking but there was also a bad news too, I was also loosing it title by little Sad. Because as they (the teachers) said, I wasn't ready for this, I was impure Smile. I laughed at first, then few months later I had to consider.

Maybe I wasn't that impure, but I definitely became impure as time went by. I thought kundalini was going to make me a "saint" Smile, make me a better person, but I was surprised how things started to turn the opposite way for me. I woke up a lot of my vices, my bad behaviors could be noticed by people around me, I had enough energy psychically and physically to hurt others, I couldn't control myself but attack anyone who tried to mess with me, because I knew I had the means. I was sick almost 2 or 3 times a month, and those where the only moment I felt too weak to attack. This happened about 20 years ago in 1996 for 4 years. It is all over today, but so much had to be done, and begged heaven for years to help, to fix my psychic mess Smile. Then for the good side of kundalini, I wouldn't say anything, and neither should the person who experiences the blessings of kundalini, I think this should remain a secret between you and your higher self.

Sorry if my experience is not as beautiful as it is often written in the spiritual books. But that was my experience. We are here to share experiences, right? well, that's mine. Awful as it may sound. It is what it is!

Now I'm not applying that this is going to be the same for you. We all have each our own experiences. I've made my mistakes which you might not have. So no panic.

In difficult times related to kundalini, follow your higher self, have faith in your inner higher self. This is why it is important to work a lot on the blue color, meaning the throat chakra to allow your higher self intuition to manifest more. Your higher self voice will guide you in the proper way should you happen to face difficult times with kundalini.

Love and light.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
Thank you all for this tread.

i can associate with a lot that is said here, although my Kudalini is not awaken.

trough meditation and pranayama my body vibrate a lot, it feel like i am full of electricity.
1. is this normal?

there was also this nightmare stage in my life, luckily it is over, but is was hard, really

2. Can you transfer this energy to a person with the intention to help them?
Light, Life and Love

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