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Life after death
Life and death, here are what we have to deal with in our existence.
we all live and we all die, so we all are concerned about this question of life and death.and because we all have died many times in our existence (past lives), the truth about life after death was then revealed to us.

What is the astral body
So that you can understand me in what is following, it's important to know the structure of a human being, at least what the astral body is. Here's in short what I mean by astral body.
the astral body is the double of the physical body, a clone if you want, the image of the physical body.
the astral body and the physical body look very much the same, the difference is that one is visible (physical body) and the other one invisible ( astral body). they are called bodies because we as consciousnesses use them as vehicle to work in the world those those bodies are, for example, you use the physical body in the physical world, right? then you use the astral body in the astral world.
the physical body contains the astral body and just like the physical body, the astral body also contains other bodies you will use in other higher worlds,
but I won't go any further for now as there's no much to say about the astral body, and that's it in short.

Are we still conscious when we die?
Consciousness doesn't know death, as it's what we inherit from God. consciousness is the eternal presence. if everything is removed from the universe or the universe itself, what will remain is consciousness. when consciousness enters the mental body, you can think, when it enters the astral body, you can now feel, and when it enters the physical body, you can make actions with your physical body.
someone is said to be dead when he has lost consciousness in the physical body, we do not say his consciousness is dead, No. the reality is that his consciousness can no longer work in that damaged body. for consciousness to enter a body, that body needs to have the requirements. those requirements are a healthy brain and a healthy heart. when your physical body do not meet the requirement any more, your consciousness fails to work on the body and leaves, that's what we call the death of the body. but never the death of the consciousness. and because consciousness is what you really are, and because it never dies, then you understand that we never die.

What happens when someone dies?

the moment you die, let's say in your bed, your astral body together with the Etheric body leaves your physical body. while when you sleep, your astral body leaves but not the Etheric body. the Etheric body is our energetic body, it's sort of responsible of our physical body growth, and supplier of energies and above all, participate in the exchange that happens between the astral body and the physical body ( more about it later).

also the "Silver cord " is broken. that cord is our invisible umbilical cord that unites the astral body and the physical body. that silver cord is never broken no matter what during our sleep, although our astral body does get out of our body, but the silver cord stretches when our astral body goes far away from our physical body when we sleep. And no matter how far you go from your physical body, that silver cord is never cut.
the only time it cuts it's when we die "physically". it is said in esoteric tradition that an angels ( angels of Death) comes to cut that cord with his sword. and that nothing else expect that angels have the power to cut that cord.

when that man is out of his physical body, he is now in the astral world, and this is not so different in appearance from the physical world. so the guy might not be sure enough if he is dead or not. because things looks exactly the same, he stills sees people around him, cars, buildings etc... and because he is not aware, his subconsciousness will make him live the reality of his ignorance. that means he might continue doing the activities he is used to doing. it's more like when we are having a dream, we do not question where we are, if we are sleeping or not. so to speak many people die and live like in a dream, until someone wake them up in that world to accept the new reality so he can start taking the matter seriously and move on.
Those who know about this things, or know how to consciously astral travel, do not face the same fate, they know and are fully conscious of where they are.

Going back to the very moment someone pass away, something amazing happens, in a very short time, the astral body of the dead, remembers everything that happened in his life on the physical world. He can see in front of him, like in a big Cinema screen surrendering him, all the events of the life which just ended. to be more precise, this is something that happens the astral mind of the dead.

Where do you go when you die?
Kamaloka is the name given to where we go when we die, this is in fact nothing like hell or paradise as religious people might think. but kamaloka is the level of the astral world where we are going live for some time without a physical body. kamaloka is the name for life after death.
in kamaloka, life goes on. you have a body ( astral body) looking exactly like your old body ( physical body), and most of all you still have your desires, emotions and thoughts. You can then imagine what that life could be: let me give an example:
let's take a man who used to love drinking a lot, eating a lot, enjoyed life to the full. that guy dies and now in kamaloka, what is going to happen, he will obviously suffer! why? because he still has his desires that he can no longer satisfy. kamaloka will be a very very terrible life for him, it's torture. Could be what religion call Hell.
you desire to eat but you do not have the gums nor physical food to eat, you feel the desire to drink, dance so badly but you can't satisfy that. Your astral body has no organs ( at least not like the ones your physical body has).

but that difference is in fact a way for the astral body to burn its impurities, I mean those desires. Time will go by and he torture will finally finish as those bad desires will die eventually. and he will be free from earth attraction. when he has achieved that purity, kamaloka period is ended and he move on to another invisible space level of the astral world called Devachan.( maybe this could be another topic).

You also might also want to know what are our activities in Kamaloka? do we go to work?
what is our purpose there? No we simply live the same exact life as the one we lived in the physical world, but backwards to the day we were born. you live that live again backwards but without any changes of satisfying yourself, so at the moment of your life where you had to satisfy your physical desire for example, you might simply feel pain, as you have no physical organ as a mean to get the satisfaction, you will have to back to those places and people you caused pain but also Joy, and you will live that moment of your life again when you helped people, and enjoyed meditating and praying.

And why must we go through that process of backward life day by day?
the purpose of this process is designed so we can gradually learn to disengage our self with from physical life
But Kamaloka is not a terrible period of everybody. because if you have been less dependent on material pleasures during your lifetime, kamaloka is not be of any torture to you. you can understand that the life of spiritual people in kamaloka is almost painless and enjoyable.

You might ask me how long does the period of Kamaloka last?
The timing is not same fortunately as in the physical life, our life in kamaloka is the one-third of the length of our life time in the physical world. that means if you lived 40 years, you will spend 13 years in kamaloka. at the end of that period, the higher part of his astral body moved in another world and his lower part stays behind. this is why medium do not really talk to the real dead person, but to the lower part of what the dead has left in the astral world, then the information you get can not be really the wishes of the real dead person, as the true him might have already moved in another world. what is left behind of the dead, is a the lower part body that could not be transformed to complete purity during the kamaloka period, so it contains all those lower desires of the dead, that body remains in the astral body could be used by any malicious entities to influence people in a bad way, and being the sum of all the dead man bad habits, it still keeps its subconscious so it could show up to medium and tell things that could make some sense.that remaining astral part can survive for a long time, I do not know how long. it could even last for until the dead man reincarnate, and this causes so much troubles as the existence of that body out there in the astral world could influence the incarnated person with the old bad habits.

It is then so important to care about our physical life while we are still alive here, so make things easier for our self when we come back on earth. remember the less lower astral body part you have the better, as that will vanish quickly.

Love and light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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I enjoyed this post. Now considering all this information, isn't that strange the way in our modern vocabulary people say when someone has died that he/she has "lost" her life? It is as if they only identify a human being with his/her body and nothing else!

I might also add by saying that it is a very bad habit to be terrified with the idea of dying because it may get you stack in the astral world when you actually die and leave your astral body vulnerable to every sort of malicious manipulation from the bad guys out there. It is better to face death with serenity and courage by accepting the situation should it come to happen.

Thanks a lot krya for sharing that information with us.
"To love is to be".
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Thank you for this information. My question respectfully is: how do you know all this? Don't get me wrong, it resonates with my soul, as if I knew this all along, but it was somehow hidden or forgotten. How was it given to you? Was it passed down with generations? Did you read it somewhere, or did you personally experienced it? Do the universe withhold it and only reveal it to the worthy? I regard this as vitally important issues. It should be taught from a young age - to every soul...
I recently lost a person due to suicide. I myself was there once. I did not know the purpose of my life, I could not understand the meaning of suffering. The problems on earth seemed to outweigh the solutions. Luckily I was given another chance unlike my friend, who is now dead. I am now so much wiser - I think.... I understand that this life is only temporary, we are just visiting, learning, and then moving on to what is truly important. That is why I feel that it is SO important to groom ourselves and our children for what is to come. I feel that we are fighting a spiritual war against ourselves, but that most of us are so preoccupied with this material life, that we miss the whole point!!
Why is the information about what is really important - hidden from us? Why is it such a mystery? Why cant we remember?
I am a student and I want to succeed in my exams. My University provide me with all the tools necessary to succeed in my exams, I only need to put in the effort. But with this journey in life, it feels like, I do not know what is expected of me in the exam of life? I do not know how to prepare for my transitions to be successful. Until recently I did not even know there were transitions - I was told you get one shot at this life, don't blow it, or you are going to Hell missy!!
I have been knocking, and searching, and the more I know the less I know..
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@ Anzi
How do I know all this?
Well, in my early youth, I studied the basics of metaphysics in hermetic schools, read a lot of books of great spiritual spiritual masters, meditated a lot upon the wisdom of symbols, done lots of spiritual exercises to stimulate the higher self, then slowly I could remember all that, by observing nature ( by observing life in general) to trigger that memory.

I don’t know all this, I remember all this, then of course confirmed with spiritual teachers. Then maybe you want to ask : how do you remember all this? From our atom form to our animal and human form, we've all have the same experiences. And our sub consciousness has recorded all the past experiences. Everything we've done, felt and seen since the beginning of our manifestation in the matter was recorded. And so anyone can retrieve the past memories. Then let me ask this, who has never died in the past before? Considering the reincarnation fact, we all died many times in the past. And so everything we've experienced during death, was recorded in our sub consciousness. So that can be remembered.

There is nothing a person today may know which he hasn't known before in the past. Like the saying goes “There is nothing new under the moon”. And do I remember everything? Certainly not in the way you might think. I don’t remember me as a lion or rose flower Smile, Nothing like that. Same I would assume for most of us. What I remember is the pattern, the signature of things. And that is what I translate into words (written words, or pictures).

To understand this pattern story, let me say how this works in real life. Every time I see or hear something which looks like one of the patterns, I say “I know this” . If some information resonates with the patterns within you, you say “That’s true”. When the patterns of things are available in you, you can validate any information you receive (see, hear, or read) against those patterns in you.

I'm no clairvoyant, and I have no power to willingly go in the remote past to see what actually happened when I last died. But thanks to those patterns I know exactly how it happened. The situation looks like this: If you've lived in your house for many years, you basically know where everything is situated, you know where the chair, TV, bathroom… is . Then let’s say there is a power failure at night in your house and there is absolute darkness to the point that you can’t see anything. Now even if you can’t see anything, you still know how your home is designed, where everything is (that is the pattern of your home). You will walk in the room, touch a wall, or a chair, and automatically remember what is next to that chair even if you can’t see. Same with the pattern memory. You may not remember the faces of people you met or the color of the shirt you wore when you last died, but you can remember that you met people, and that you wore something. But something needs to trigger this pattern memory. I make use of the nature to trigger that memory. Simply by observing how things works in nature, I remember similar things sitting in my sub consciousness. So what theosophy, the occult science, books in general says about life and death contributes in triggering that memory too.

However in order to remember the actual images how things happened, you will have to go look at the akasha chronica as it is called in the esoteric language. This is sometimes referred to as the cosmic library, of all the recorded information which happened and which will possibly happen in the future. This is found in the invisible world, accessible to the pure astral travellers.

Besides, astral projection experience and death are very much similar. And so anyone who can astral project can tell how death and after life is like.

Did I answer your questions Smile
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Yes thank you. You are truly blessed for having so much guidance in your life. Thank you for sharing your knowledge xxx
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