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Lucky, Cats and Great Pyreenes
We used to have a pet sheep called Lucky. We also had 5 Great Pyrenees dogs who kept coyotes and other varmints out of headquarters, and several cats.
My husband and I are ranchers, headquarters is in the center of the ranch..... thought I should explain.
Back to our pets. When the Pyrenees and cats got bored, they would take turns chasing each other. We would sit on the porch and watch... gets boring in the middle of nowhere where we live.... Lucky by our side. The most unusual thing IMO was the Pyrenees used to take Lucky out in the pasture to graze, then hide in the surrounding bushes waiting for the coyotes to come. They loved to chase coyotes. I think maybe because the coyotes never turned to chase them back like the cats did.
The horses ignored all of this, while we sat on the porch. Takes very little to Entertain us.
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Sounds like paradise to me !!CoolCool
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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