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Hi all,

I thought I could share with all our website history.

What is known today as Myspiritualgroup AKA "MSG" Forum used to be a secret meeting held in the forests and mountains from time to time in few countries of Africa in 2002. A group of 5 (five) young men who each came from a different esoteric schools ( Freemason, Rosicrucian, Arcane School, Universal white brotherhood, Gnostic school, , who gathered to practice together for a  personal spiritual development purpose. They named their group "Personal spiritual growth and development".

[Image: msgfounder.jpg]
Picture taken in 2002 -The very first group of MSG in Africa.

One of those members known in this website as krya had to travel in few counties to join spiritual communities for more experience, then found home in south Africa in 2005.

And so It all really started in 2007 in a publish garden of cape town (south Africa) called "The company gardens", with one of our admin members "Krya" who used to invite truth seekers to join him at the garden every Sunday for spiritual topics and discreet meditations.

[Image: msggarden.jpg] 
MSG meeting area in the garden

[Image: msggarden3.jpg]
I was one among those who took part to the Sunday meetings in the garden. I really got interested in the topics, I saw great value in what we were sharing and practising in that small group, and I had this inner voice to help those meetings grow into something bigger. I suggested Krya and his closest spiritual friends to bring those meetings online. So with the help of a brother called "Hans" known as "Thegroup" in this forum, we made the first version of the forum online. The first version of the forum was called "The personal spiritual growth and development". Meetings were finally held online. More people got to know about the group. Those who had no time for Sunday physical meeting joined us online in the forum.

The first version of the website came online in 2010. and was a ready made forum hosted a free domain and free hosting in 2010. We had no access to the source code therefore it was impossible to make any change to its look. The forum was advertised mainly in south Africa where it received about 10 regular members.

From 2012, the online forum "Personal spiritual growth and development" reached regular 50 members and very interesting members like "John_ly" who later became admin of the forum until today. 

Later in the same year (2012), we managed to bring the website at a global level. The name was changed to "Myspiritualgroup" as a word everyone would easily remember and search for on the internet. From then on, we rented a paid hosting where we finally hosted our forum source code. Today the website receives about 100 members a month (members from all over the world), for our website is easily found on search engines thanks  to the thousands interesting threads and posts posted along the years by all you awesome members. We of course delete all inactive accounts (spam) each end of the year, this is to help us get a fair count of true members.

To satisfy newbies curiosity, here is an overview of our website transformation over the few years.

November 2012
[Image: msg2012.png]

Jun 2013
[Image: msg2013.png]
[Image: msg2013_2.png]

December 2014
[Image: msg2014.png]

September 2015
[Image: msg2015.png]

November 2017
[Image: msg2017.png]

I'm happy to be back and to have shared some history of our wonderful website. Like many of you I enjoy myself here. Like a second home online. :Smile

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Thank you Admin, you have filled in the early gaps for me. 
I now visit the site everyday. Each morning I get my MSG 'fix' before even checking my emails!
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(06-30-2018, 09:17 PM)MOONBEARSPEAKS Wrote: Thank you Admin, you have filled in the early gaps for me. 
I now visit the site everyday. Each morning I get my MSG 'fix' before even checking my emails!

You're welcome MoonBearSpeaks. 
A spiritual morning fix for sure  BIGsmile .
Myself I've been visiting MSG for 8 years, and never got tired of it up till today. There is something about it, maybe its content, or is it its members, or maybe the variety of members nationality? Or a mix of all, but it feels good.
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Awesome Admin
Admin.. thank you for post on the history of site :Smile

When I read your line "Myself I've been visiting MSG for 8 years, and never got tired of it up till today."  I first thought you were saying you were tired of site,, :Smile but as I read further I realized that was not what you meant.

thank you and all again for site.
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Thank you

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