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MiSC the Appendix reENdited 01-29/08-12 2019-01-27 Pre

A Moral #Code#, is the set of UnderstandiNg past prior to ones $Own existence. That comes into Play in the, deliberate Knowledge of - Extension to the Cause Of one's Own Destined Deliberate, (In the Doing and in The HandliNg where-there-There-About).
If true Knowledge Is GAM'E; Then the only $true$ Value that_iS, Should Be lEFt behind: Is the mean's of knowing ones true Self,- and Thereby$ One's Very OwN MORAL ComPASS.

#A Compass is to Navigate you-Guide inTo The RIGHt Directions The Depth_by which_One-is Measured out in the Worlds, - Is 2Find themselves in the relevant of existence which is by virtue the knowledge in the heart by The soul That Concludes the Understanding of one's very own Being, in-the Feel Of harvesting one's soul to THEtest the times amend for the Eternal of ones heart n'Soul in BEING.

Indecency: is StRUck by morTal code- by the utmost termS...of... . Right that do It Right. Should ITbe a difFicult Sight AND TASK, TO DO or to DO what is right ..

Today Speak about the Matter in which we all DO know KeeP AliVE!.

Duty Of Which $WE kNoW Everything must be doNe The Right, and If %We do_not See the-call; It's a Burden To eveRYbody and overAll come t-O place Against the fall, We see-: Others In theReEN Burden unless We Make thAt CALL, in Going tO where We Must, WE sEE, -In LiFE, about life, the pursuit of happiness and liberty For.., We must make the cAlL, In helping other's Like OurSelves in The Against th-e Fall, SEEiNG others being Treated Unfair and NOT taunting to-help-them FARE', into sET saIL place they can call There home-ThEre,  If ever you weRe in there Shoes, you would Wish the same to be DONE, So I hope, This little piece of mind, Come`s To You right: In that INDECENCY is struck by Sight, -by them that %Do the calL% Of-making moral codex YOUR[x]overall.

[Rendition of, Moral Codex] Signed 08-12-2019 Minart Youn

Validation Comes By HOpe  .

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