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More world helpers please
More world helpers please

About a year and half, started in this website forum MSG, a group of world helpers. A protected forum among others where people sharing the same idea to spiritually and physically help the world gather to bring possible solutions. The forum is called "World helpers". There are more members each year here, and I thought I remind this to our new members from time to time , so should they be interested, they may join the special forum, to contribute in any way possible in the idea. 

[Image: tumblr_static_a8d9gsz3yu8g888gs0oocgwwo-2.jpg]

I've read wonderful ideas and suggestions so far in the "World Helpers". I cannot thank enough MoonBearSpeak for having expressed a great desire for a global meditation we ended up calling the "Sync Meditation" :Smile . And a thanks to @Skytiger for her great love for the animal kingdom and for mother earth. To @Uzumaki_Jesse for the wonderful will which uplifted me. To @Gerhard Botha for reminding the group to stay away from ego temptations :Smile . To @Nicky for your amazing suggestions, and to the rest of participants I may not have the chance to read yet.  
This reminds me that we are all children of planet earth, and we each have a part to play, a role to play in this earth organism. It reminds me that earth energies can get better if each of us could join forces. I'm conscious that there are very skilled people on earth, some have great love, some have great physical energies, some others have great wisdom, some others are clairvoyants, some others have telepathy, other can travel the invisible space, others are doctors, healers.... Everyone have something especial to offer. Even the rich people, or the social workers, the poor people, the homeless, everyone. Many of them live and leave earth without having had an opportunity to help out. It's always either because there was no divine idea presented to them to bring their contribution on, or because they were not given a platform.

For helping the world, we are also helping ourselves as we are all part of the same organism which is earth. It is even one of the most glorious thing and a wonderful feeling to know you have contributed before leaving earth. I guess that's what it feels like to have visited a place and have left knowing that you've left something nice behind. 

I got some private messages of a member of this forum, who told me he is absent for a while as he is out there helping physically children suffering out there. A message which actually touched me. I don't know if he is a doctor, I haven't asked, but he is helping out there. To read such messages, I sometimes felt ashamed, angry and sad. Why evil people are working hard, each criminal giving his/her best in destroying the world, while the good guys are hiding in their houses saving their own soul, developing their chakras then leaving the world for "heaven", and letting the rest of the world in the conditions they found it when they came on earth? What is the use of all this great knowledge if we cannot gather and make great use of it. With the same knowledge we have, we know that the spiritual entities will not show up to fix our mess here on earth. They come teach us and sometimes even possess us to inspire us. But it appears that each person on earth is still busy with his/her own affairs. But I live and hope that one day all those small spiritual groups which have started here and there will join forces and find a common ground, common solution to finally start a world helping plan. 

I watch lots of revolution on TV. Here you see people are claiming about salary rise, there you have people fed up of a long standing bad political regime. It's happening  in universities, at work places... But I haven't seen one revolution against evil secret societies creating a greater mess in the world, messing up with children brain through some TV programs and musics, killing people slowly through food, engaging selfish behaviours and destroying moral behaviours. I'm not suggesting a savage revolution from world helpers, I'm not suggesting a war against evil, but a well organised revolution with spiritual strategies. The few people who are aware of the situation are too little to make a change. fortunately earth always comes up with a way to get rid of its cancers. But it might just be the end of an other civilisation, just like we have lost many other in the remote past. 

It is my wish and the one of few others in this forum, to gather forces to do something to help with the world current situation. It will start at some point, but we may not have faith until it has started. Otherwise it will remain a mythical idea.

Let whoever out there read this message, let your ego aside for few second and consider what it means to work together. Let you members of spiritual organisation out there who happen to read this message, join us urgently in this mission. PM, respond or email, doesn't matter how you do it, but let us know if the idea resonates to you.

Thank you.

Love and light to us all.
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