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Ninth Sphere
Dear community,

In the great ancient civilizations which have preceded us in the course of history, the descent into the Ninth Sphere was the greatest ordeal for the supreme dignity of the hierophant. Hermes, Buddha, Jesus, Dante, Zoroaster and many other great masters had to pass through that difficult ordeal.
Remember, most beloved disciples, that the Ninth Sphere is sex.  Many are they who enter the Ninth Sphere; however, it is very rare to find anyone who can victoriously pass that difficult ordeal.

This a post a copied from a wesbite, and I was wondering who has more information on this subject? Since I am practicing this at the moment and I have no one to guide me with some questions. If anyone knows more about this subject please send me a private message.

Light and love,

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Hi there. Im answering here because, I too want to participate to this subject and get insight  Blush

Ive quickly search on the subject, google, and believe Ive found the main article youve quoted. I always digged a little deeper in the subject, on that website, and found sexual magic article :

I believe im going to the same process, and have been on and off of it for the past few months.. 
What I can say, my particular opinion of course, is that I believe that sexuality, as defined in the article I shared, is something "religious" something sacred. Only to be shared with someone bounded with love, only love, as I read here :
 God-knowing sages have declared that the three strongest temptations of man are money, sex, and intoxicants. In earlier eras in undeveloped civilizations, sex and wine were the primary pitfalls; in our industrial age, with its dependence on finance in individual life and society at large, it may be said that money is the principal tool of delusion, for it buys wine, stimulates indulgence in evil sensory passions, and exerts a powerful hypnosis of self-importance and false security. Scriptural wisdom, which condemns worship of "unrighteous mammon," needs to be heeded by money-mad modern man. [p.1145] [Discourse 27 - p.470-471] The mind is single-tracked when it becomes fixated on an impulse. Once it gets used to sex habits, it is very difficult to make it move in the elevating channels of meditation. Sex-addicted persons are very nervous and restless; their minds wander constantly on the plane of the senses, making it difficult to concentrate upon the inner peace that leads the consciousness to the all-intoxicating, ever new bliss of God-communion. The vital essence lost in physical union contains untold atomic units of lifetronic intelligence and energy; the loss of this power, due to indiscriminate excesses, is extremely harmful to spiritual development. It exacerbates the outflow of life force through the lowest subtle center at the base of the spine, concentrating the consciousness on identification with the body and external sensory perceptions. When one is habituated to this state, no ascension of consciousness to the higher centers of spiritual realization and God-communion is possible. People who live on the sex plane with its momentary allurement and physical excitation cannot even imagine, much less desire to achieve, the incomparable bliss of Spirit in interiorized meditation. Yogis enhance their great spiritual power and realization by a natural, not suppressed, conservation of the vital essence, transmuting it into divine vibrations in meditation that awaken the higher centers in the spine with their exalted states of consciousness. Speaking figuratively of how even looking at the opposite sex with impure thoughts arouses lust, Jesus said that it is better to lose an eye than that the whole bodily instrument be desecrated by evil—it is better to forgo illicit sensory indulgence than to lose the infinite unending joys of the soul's communion with Spirit. Christ used a dramatic metaphor to emphasize that if the mind becomes enslaved by desires arising from any sensory perception ("eye") or sensory action ("hand") it profanes the divine soul-image within man, leaving him oblivious of God. Nothing in life, no matter how pleasurable, is of any value or lasting happiness if one remains ignorant of God. Without knowing Him, life becomes a "hell" of insecurity with unforeseen disasters and grievous troubles. It is better that man's misuse of the senses and his wrong actions "should perish" than to allow his passions to annihilate his entire happiness in Spirit. How thoughtlessly people give up the kingdom of immortal bliss for their material desires for name, fame, lustful gratification, possession, money. Christ decried that shortsighted investment of one's life; it is more "profitable for thee" to cast off whatsoever casts the happiness of one's true being into a "hell" of delusive soul-oblivion. The sin lies in marrying the wrong person, actuated by social custom or physical instinct. One should get married only when one finds soul unity with a proper mate. And the two thus united in holy vows should remain together, steadfastly loyal to one another. Proper marriage nurtures real love, union on a higher plane, and sublimates the uncontrolled lusts of living on the sex plane. People who marry and divorce time and again never give the seeds of divine love a chance to grow on the soil of faithful commitment. The minds of such persons, being concentrated upon sex and physical attraction, remain spiritually fallow. Hence, divorce for flimsy reasons is adulterous behavior as it focuses primarily on sexual gratification as an end in itself. Marriage should be honored by husband and wife as an opportunity for nurturing growth and understanding through mutual exchange of their finest qualities. -- Read more:

Apparently, the act of sexuality is extremely poweful and should only be consumed with the person that has been choosen for you, coming into your picture at divine timing. And to actually come together, we have to master it all. Meaning, master the ninth sphere. Where theres no desire but only love. (i kind of see it that way)

When entering into the sexual mastery cycle and process, many fail to understand or to overcome the challenges and the many tests. Not only our mind try to take over, challenges, but life situations just comes for all corners and smash us making us boil for desire. It, sometimes, most of the times, comes from manipulative people, ladies or gentlemens, who comes in to your life and put try to put into you sexual desires.. we must aknowledge it, fight it and move forward in the cycle. (thats just an exemple, it also happened to me) I believe good skilled manipulators can control your energy, then you thought and feeling. So when entering, seeking and wanting to have mastery of the self, over our sexual desire, many tests will come to sruface and we have to win over them.. 

Also, theres a book : the great initiates by edouard schure, you can find PDF in the library section of the forum. If you wish to, read the chapter about the grand master RAMA. you can find his "story" when experiencing the, what is said, ninth sphere.

 - S  
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What is sexual magic? (esoterically related to the Ninth Sphere, I am told)
Thank you, Isaias, for introducing the subject. Have you received any Private Messages from senders who might be willing to share on the forum? (After all, sharing is our declared Home-page Headline purpose)
Thank you, lunabee, for responding on the open forum instead of by Private Message as this is how we hope to further our Spiritual understanding and development.
There have been earlier references to this – I recall
Within the past year, these threads have been visited by nearly four and a half thousand people.
I propose that all who visit our site and are interested in SEX should take the time to read (or re-read, as the case may be) with care and patience. Then I can resist the temptation to quote from last year’s posts.
Such is the stage of human evolution that the era of restriction of ‘esoteric’ information and wisdom is rapidly receding. What we term ‘masters’ and ‘ashrams’ are no longer beings and residences having exclusive access to those areas of human knowledge. In the 1930s and ‘40s we gained access to rocket-powered propulsion and nuclear weaponry. In the 1960s it was ‘time’ for access to space travel.
I quote these as analogous examples of our intellectual and technical progress or evolution – there are so many more - but, I think, the point is made. Secrecy and restriction of information are no longer relevant. ‘Everything’ is progressively becoming available to ‘all.’
SEX has already been discussed but I wish to offer these thoughts which have long been in my mind.
I accept, broadly, that whilst we are the product of CREATOR, nevertheless we are, and have long been, subject to GENETIC EVOLUTION and GENETIC MANIPULATION by ‘beings’ on closely related dimensions.  (This can be researched elsewhere.)
Within the animal kingdom, and especially among our closest relatives, the duration of the period in which sexual reproduction (not the gestation period) is possible, (when the female of the given species in season or on heat) varies from a few hours to several days and is related to ovulation (release of the ovum or ova) The frequency of this occurrence may be from once only during the life of the female, (in the case of the butterfly,) to once in every two years (in the case of the elephant.) In the human female, it is once per month and is apparently related to the 28-day lunar cycle.
The interest in and desire for sexual activity in us is, I am told, regulated physiologically/biologically by the level of the testosterone hormone in the bloodstream. Since the level of non-reproductive sexual activity currently evident among humans is giving rise to undesirable collateral activity, i.e. violence, jealousy, instability in familial relationships, then it would appear reasonable to suggest that some degree of genetic control might be advantageous.
I make one further postulation. Progressive reduction of the testosterone levels (and therefore sexual activity) is biologically related to progressive degeneration of the physical body – i.e. advancement of old-age. Spiritual understanding and evolution whilst individually in the third dimension appears to escalate exponentially vis-à-vis advancing age.
I pose three questions.
1 Can the indicated desirable change in human sexual behaviour be initiated by widespread reaction, voluntarily, on the third dimensional level?
2 Must be wait for (genetic?) intervention by other-dimensional beings/intellects?
3 Is this an evolutionary function that will only be achievable in accordance with the planetary/solar-systemic/galactic cycle of progression to which I have referred in other posts?
PLEASE BE CLEAR THAT THIS IS NOT A SCIENTIFIC PAPER, merely my endeavour to portray a limited intellectual understanding of the subject.
Let Love and Light Be
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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