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OBE questions!
Dear community,

I have had OBE's since I was a little kid but they happen mostly unwillingly. I am trying to learn how to do this willingly and It is going well but I have a few questions and I hope some experts can give me some advice.

When my awareness is not in my body but in my visualization sometimes all of a sudden the awareness pops back in the body right at the moment I feel my physical body falling asleep. Anyone know why?

My heart sometimes when I am not paying attention to my body starts beating really fast and I feel like it also starts beating across my chakras especially the sacral and solar plexus, it beats soo fast and than randomly stops and im still in my body and dont understand why this happens, in this moment I stay as calm as possible and I dont pay attention to whats happening in the physical.

I thought this was the vibrational stage but I dont hear any sounds whit it? I can remember when I was a child I experienced this stage that the vibrations came also with a sound of a airplane this was extreme for me since I was a kid, and now mostly I just wake up in the astral body when Trying to OBE but I want to stay aware of the procces now and learn to do it willingly and not fall asleep in the process.

If anyone can help me with these questions I would be mighty gratefull.
Any tips also and recommendations what works best for you guys will be helpfull.

Love and Light to all Smile

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A question Isaias,

What, if any, protection routine do you use when doing this OBE work?
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience

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