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Open free online meeting :)
Clairvoyance and Healing Online Workshop Online
If you feel that you have a good intuition, clairvoyance or healing abilities but don’t know how to develop them, experienced lucid dreams or simply feel the need to learn we would love to invite you for our Clairvoyance and Healing Online Workshop.
The workshop will be performed by Artur Sierocki and you can take part of it by login to our webinar from the comfort of your home.
Artur is a well-known healer and clairvoyant from Poland who works with medical doctors, had several interviews in TV and runs his own youtube channel 'Zegar zycia'
The workshop will be about basics of working with energy and insights of the life of a healer and clairvoyant. You will be able to learn some energy work technics, ask questions and do some energy exercises together with us.
We will host special guests, like Armaril who also has many years of experience in working with energy.
During the workshop you will receive energy transmission. Due to the energetic work if you would like to participate please send an email to for energetic verification. This workshop is free of charge.
The workshop can only hold 40 people so if you are interested make sure you email us as soon as you can.
[Image: Sny.jpg]
Hello Arthur
It's good to think of helping people. Yet, one has to consider the ACTUAL need of the people that one wishes to help. 

Consider for example people who are struggling with things such as diseases, hunger, criminality etc, and someone come up to offer them a crush course about computer programming, would such an offer have any value? 

In this case, what most spiritual seekers wish is to reach a level where they have a certain amount of control in their lives and they become the drivers of their lives instead of being just the passengers. To help such a need, I have strong doubt that attending any ONLINE worshop about healing or clairvoyance would be able to make any impact in people's lives, even if such  a coaching comes from a spiritual "star" who regularly pass on a television show, is a known best seller or runs an internet website.

There is much more serious things going on in the world and in people's lives at this time, and  we all ought to be thinking about adjusting our REAL priorities (and those of others) instead of wasting much time and energy in trying to impress each other with the latest new age trend or any paranormal "tricks".

Personally, I do not have much problem with anyone who think that he or she wishes to delve into those particular training/learning as long as the person is prepared to assume any potential consequence that may come from such an endeavour. 

I prefer to think that you understand where my point of view comes from.

Love and light
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
Hi  in this situation it means that you have no idea what it does Smile. But it's nothing. That's what I want to do this open meeting.
If you do not know me and my views, why abide by your possibly wrong beliefs. The world and people need tools to change their lives and discover the potential, and I do it myself sometimes Smile, I  wish you a nice day Smile


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