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Preparing for heaven

They may not all call it heaven, but most religions believe in a form of heaven. The world of gods and spirits. A perfect world where there is no sufferance, no evil. It's also been referred as paradise in common language. A place where people "with no sins or impurities" are supposed to go. It's then no doubt that heaven is good news to everyone who believe or knows that there is life after death. It's normal that many people join religion to try and win heaven some day after death. All religious people want to go to heaven, but ironically, not everyone want to go there soon. :Smile . How many would want to die already to go heaven? :Smile . All are not ready for it. And why? Because despite its absence of sufferance and all the goodness it has to offer, many of those people sense that it's going to be boring there Smile. And they are not totally wrong. I'll explain.

Unless we are prepared for heaven, heaven is indeed going to be boring. Spiritualists, truth seekers, initiates, all agree with the existence of heaven. Well, most of them refer to it as the spiritual worlds ( the heavens). The esoteric science speaks of spiritual worlds as the invisible higher regions of vibrations in the universe where we find evolved beings. Because those regions are beyond the astral and mental plans ( where pain, mistakes is a reality), our consciousness experiences a complete peace, happiness when it reaches this higher regions. What does it mean? That's means there is no lower desires, no gross needs, no earthly daily thoughts, and so once we are in the higher worlds, we won't be smoking, drinking, kissing, bullying, making fun of people, making business, buying stuff... because the source of all those needs and desires are not there. Those are in the lower regions of the mental world, astral world and physical world. If all of a sudden you had take a person who has many needs and lower desires into heaven, what would that person do in heaven? Nothing :Smile. A complete boring life. :Smile

From most conversations I've had with Christians, I can tell that they are in pursue of heaven. They love heaven, they all want to go there. And it's apparently a cheap ticket :Smile. Yes christian people apparently have this special flight to heaven, the flight ticket is so cheap that you won't need to prepare to afford it. See, one day, I was walking down the street and was stopped by some young christian guys who desperately wanted to preach me the bible. Because of all those people walking fast past them to avoid their speech, I was walking too slow to become an easy prey :Smile . "Brother, you know Jesus loves you. If you want to go to heaven, all you need to do is accept Jesus as your savoir, and it's never too late"  they said to me. They almost turned me into a christian.Because all of a sudden, it sounded like such an easy work!. look, all this time, we spiritualists have been trying hard everyday through purification practices, beating the hell out of ourselves to experience heaven, but then here come some guys  in the street with a cheap ticket to heaven. :Smile my mind blown! Smile  . I was about to take the ticket, but then I thought "Is that easy?", "Does it mean I have to worry about living a spiritual life now. I can just live a chaos life, indulging myself in all sorts of intoxication, negatives thoughts and feelings, even hurting people, then just when I'm about to die, all I have to do is accept Jesus as  my savoir, and voila! JOB DONE! Smile " It made absolutely no sense to me, so I refused the ticket to continue with my difficult path. I guess the trip still requires some preparation after all.

Our ancestors believed that one had to prepare for their after life. Along their lives they gathered the wealth which they could take with even after physical death. They understood that people who live in heaven are those who sacrificed the wealth of their human soul for the wealth of their spirit. People to worked on becoming so poor in their human soul during life time, in order to become rich in heaven. So they used to gather the eternal wealth, which is wisdom, love, kindness, generosity, will, justice... That way, they wouldn't find themselves poor and bored after death. Yes heaven is for the spiritually rich. After death, we end up in the region which correspondents to our level of spiritual wealth. 

Understand that this "poor and rich" business is reverted between the two worlds ( lower worlds and heavens). What is rich below is seen poor above, what is poor above is seen as rich below. For example, our so called "intelligent people" on earth are seen as fools in heaven. Same is truth for the covered and the non-covered. I mean what is naked in heaven will be clothed down here ( this obviously  should remind the christian history of the fall of Adam and Eve in the book of geneses). In the bible, there are many other references of this reverted Poor-Rich  Rich-Poor affair. Like "Go and sell all you have and give the money to the poor, and you will have riches in heaven" says Jesus. I haven't seen one christian who is stupid enough to go sell everything of his house, and to throw all his money at the window. Smile  From all lessons, this important lesson of their master is totally ignored by his disciples. Why? Because it doesn't appeal to them and especially because it is misunderstood . However if Christians understood the spiritual meaning of it, everything would in order. And maybe everybody would finally accept to become poor ( human soul poverty ).  Jesus is a master in the bible who has for many times encouraged human soul poverty " It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God." said the same master. Yet again another lesson ignored by his disciples, because they just don't know what to make of it, and especially how to turn it into practice. A camel is an animal with very little needs, it represents the soul of someone free of earthly needs, someone so poor  and thin in the soul (free from impurities) that he/she can enter heaven. 

Total physical poverty is not something that a great master would prescribe. Our human soul poverty however is the best prescription for all. This is achieved by selling all our gross needs and lower desires in exchange of spiritual wealth. 

Everyone is not ready for heaven. Heaven is indeed a boring place for those who are not ready. I've seen a lot who have actually complained about this boredness of heaven when they tasted it through meditation. They arrived in the promised land (in heaven) during meditation and surprise! There is no gossip, no night club music, no earthly images, no video games, just nothing. There, they quickly came back to earth reality again Smile .  Not all people who wish heaven badly can stay in heaven for long. They will be rushing back on earth because they still need to adjust, to adapt to the life up there.

It shouldn't be a surprise to read that we can taste heaven while still here earth. In fact we don't have to wait to die in order to experience heaven. Everyone can taste heaven for a moment ( A moment which in fact is eternity). Through meditation we can reach this moment, this place where spiritual wealth is, where the truth is naked, where silence is true sound. That inner world we go to during meditation is the place of the gods and of our spirit (of our higher self). And so many of us have actually been in heaven without even realising it. Like I sometimes make this joke when about to meditate with some of my friends, I say "Let's go to heaven now" :Smile.  

To stay long in heaven, one needs to prepare for it, by purifying his/her lower nature, by gathering spiritual wealth ( virtues), in other words, by sacrificing the vices of his/her lower nature. By making his/her human soul as poor as possible. When a spiritual being advises to become poor, we should take it in spiritual point view and do it well. But I mean very well. Like by starving our human soul, by not feeding it with negativity, neither in the heart nor in the mind. Starving it to the point where it is thin enough to fit heaven.
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