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Feeding and protecting, there are 2 of the most fundamental laws of nature. There’s not one single thing that doesn’t get protection and food. All beings seek food and protection. Whether you are Christ brother or Lucifer’s uncle, you need protection and food. Protection is part of life just like eating is, so we don’t only protect ourselves once, but every single day of our life. This is why it is highly important to learn when, how and what to protect one-selves from.

[Image: atkpqc.png]

Nature says " when we want to protect something we put it in a container (a container of a particular shape) ". Because the container has limits (boundaries), the protected thing can’t be harmed. We've all notice that and You’ve probably seen that in mystic rituals where the initiate first draws a circle and enters it before performing an invocation. Initiates, mystics who draws a circle, enter it and stand (or seat) at the center of it to protect themselves against bad entities. They in fact copy (obey) the laws of nature. This law comes from the beginning of things, when God manifested and was about to create the universe. He first set the limits of the universe, which is the circle, of which he is the center himself, so that when his light goes out of him and reaches the limits, it bounds back to him. We (humans) are parts of that light which has reached the limits of the universe (the physical plane) and which is returning back to the center. Because the center attracts. God attracts all beings back to him. Those who think that they feel no attraction to God are simply living a lie for some time, one day or the other (maybe in the next incarnation) they will feel like meeting and uniting with God. Let's be patient, Smile . God himself is patient about that. It's just a matter of time.

Protection of geometric shapes.
Let's pause for a while to analyze some of the geometric shapes. Those are some mysteries most humans have no knowledge of, they learned the basics of it at school, and that’s it. But have they found out how those basics can help their lives, to develop their being? In the physical world yes, they seem to apply the rules, especially when it’s about protection their personal interests. But when it comes to the spiritual life, they don’t seem to understand anything about protection any more, they can’t apply the things they already learned from school and in their social life. When they engage in a spiritual life, all they first want is great psychic power and ecstasies, it doesn’t even come to their mind to look for protection first. Some of those spiritualists have such a stupid philosophy, they say “We will develop spiritual powers first and with that power we will be able to protect ourselves”. really? And how comes that our heavenly parents have first started by protecting us (by creating a circle) first before anything else? And what exactly will they protect themselves from? And how will they accumulate spiritual powers if they can’t contain it, if they can’t protect it. In the material world we can’t build anything to its completion without protecting it. And in our spiritual life, where there’s more threats and dangers, it becomes almost impossible to progress without protection. By the time you decide to live a spiritual life, all sorts of bad entities are planning on attacking you, to prevent you from moving any further, they will do their best to try to destroy anything you start to build. Many of those who didn’t protect themselves while trying to get spiritual energies, ended up wasted more of their good energies than before they started. This is why some of those who tried to cultivate patience with no protection became very violent instead, Because they didn’t know how and what to protect themselves from. For me, the most magical thing about our soul is the fact that it can change vibrations, vibrations which some clairvoyant can see in forms of geometric shapes surrounding the body. Our human soul have a natural power to imitate (to copy vibrations), simple example is when you look at a baby laughing or smiling, don’t you also feel like smiling back, I bet you do. Wink or you look at someone suffering or crying, you feel sad. Our emotions and thoughts emanates certain colors and the more stable of those colors can be seen in a geometric shapes by clairvoyants and spirits. Entities, bad or good forces of the invisible world see triangles, squares, pentagrams etc around our body, that’s what allows them to attack and possess us. But modern official psychology hasn’t understood that yet. It keeps guessing what is behind the foolishness of their patients, and give all sorts of names to human behaviors: Autophagia, Misophonia, Kleptomania …

One day I was so amazed by the mystical things that the table mountain of cape town kept revealing me , that I felt the need to share my overwhelming joy with some of my close friends who also are into spirituality, I told them “brothers, the table mountain is the greatest spiritual master in cape town, it’s worth learning from it and living next to it for protection”, my friends became very concerned about me, I could read their face going like “OMG! Krya has gone mad! He’s lost it!”, He needs to slow down with his spiritual practices ” Big Grin . Obviously they didn’t fully understand what I meant. The geometric shape of a mountain in general takes is “a triangle” or even better “a cone”. A cone is made of a circle at the bottom (its base) and of a center (it’s summit). There’s a reason why each thing has its specific geometric shape, that’s because geometric shapes do not handle energies the same way. Many of today’s spiritualists who go up the mountains to meditate have no clue for why they do so, many of them simple follow each other, and because it feels new age spirituality. But the truth is, just like the way God’s light behaviors in its circle, Energies that leaves the top of the mountains flows down and tend to go back up to the top, since the center attracts those energies. And so because the circle energies are not wasted, everything in the mountain is protected and fed.
[Image: 14vld1y.png]

The double Protection of the circle and square.
Take tree fruits (in general) or planets for example, why do they all have a round (circle like) shape? and why the solar system itself has that round shape with the sun as its center? That's because they also follow the same divine laws, planets are round because they have each a center. And just like God who is a center, protects and attracts all his light back to him, so all centers in the universe do the same. This is why planet earth center protects its beings and keeps them around by the law of gravity. A planet is a container with a circle shape. It’s curious! how comes that all planets have a circle shape, why not some be square and some other rectangular? because there's a whole science behind shapes, each geometric shape do not behave the same way. Mystics draw a circle during their invocation because it's known that bad entities cannot enter the circle. But if ever they entered in the circle those entities cannot get out of it. Dear brothers and sisters, believe me, when we don't have a good knowledge about this things and especially if we are not enough pure, it's very dangerous to try invocations of spirits. Many of the mystics themselves have made lots of mistakes and were attached by very bad entities. A circle can let get in things that correspond to what is already inside it. If you are very impure, demons can enter the circle and if you are pure, angels can enter the circle. Then guess what, the circle will not let them out. Once inside, those entities will bounce back in, every time they meet the limits of the circle from the inside. Now what if you attracted demons? you can imagine the rest of the story.

What about a triangle shape? Any entity that hits a triangle from the outside bounce away. It cannot enter unless it hits summits of that triangle (you know those 3 summits of the triangle, don’t you.). The same applies for a square shape, nothing gets in it if not through its 4 summits. The difference between triangles and squares is that the triangle lets out any entity that enters it, while the square do not, when forces enters the square they cannot get out of it, it doesn’t matter if it’s a demon or an angel, it stays in the square. Because those shapes are in fact like traffic lights for spirits, they respect and obey them at all cost. So you understand why the circle and the square do not let forces out, they are the shapes of protection. Now if you know very less of this things, and if ever you had to protect yourself using this kind of methods, if you had no choice but to draw geometric shapes to protect yourself against really bad entities, here's what I'd suggest, you double the protection, draw a circle in square or a square in the circle. But if you pure enough and wish to benefit from a spiritual protection, you can draws 2 to 3 circles. What I call pure here is not what your friend or you think of yourself, but what rather spiritual beings(angels like) think of you. If you can't impress spiritual beings yet with your purity, you are not pure yet.

[Image: 2v98cv8.png]
The container protects the content.
Be like the sheep or chicken keeper, he creates a house for his animals first to gather them and to protect them and feed them. Because things develops when united and protected in a container. The idea of container and content is well known by humans but not always applied when it comes to spiritually. Everybody knows that the container protects the content. we wrap foods, we cover all the important things with materials that can resist to danger. We know what container is to be used to protect things against bad gaze, bad odors, water, winds etc. But we don’t know that we can wrap our soul with the right subtle matter that can protect it from the invisible dangers. It’s an instinct for humans to protect the things they value, why is the same instinct weak when it comes to the soul? The human soul needs a stable secure house to live in so that it can grow quicker and smoothly. If the house is not so strong, the soul evaporate, it runs away. The soul is kind of like air, like a perfume, you always need a container to stock it or it disappears. The soul needs to be contained to manifest. This is why the matter exist, without the matter, the spirit and soul could not manifest. In reality the spirit has no shapes, they cover themselves with matters in order to take shapes. And earth has that matter which doesn’t let souls out of it unless you cut the cord(I’ll come back to that shortly). This is why esoterics says that earth corresponds to the square shape (which I’ve talked earlier). Therefore, as souls we must choose the right kind of matter to protect ourselves with. Look at humans, the majority knows what to cover their physical body with, they buy the beautiful cloths, pretty hats, the best shoes etc, they have refused to wear dirty cloths, unfortunately many of them (not all of them) are still naked in their soul. And how do I know that? It’s through their desires and their ideas. you know when someone is naked inside, he can’t incite someone else to change his life, to be a better person. And he can’t rise a high spiritual desire or a high spiritual goal. They walk naked or with very dirty cloths inside and so they can’t help people around them. How will you warm people with great desires if you feel cold, and how will you enlighten people if you cannot see yourself (if you have no light). I’ve met some well dressed souls in my life, they smell nice and have great shoes symbolically speaking. They are full of heat , of light and very active. Their soul heat encourages you, their light makes you see and understand things, their active will shows you how to do things.

It’s clear everything needs to be in a container to manifest, develops and to survive. Check the creation of a baby, it’s amazing how they are hosted and develops in container which is the mother’s belly (matrix), and curiously that belly takes a rounded (circle) shape. Or look at the baby chicken formation, the same, they are developing in a container (the egg). And so everything else develops in a container. Even planets groups in containers which are galaxies. But let’s go back to the human case. When a human is still in his mother’s belly, he is protected by the container, and in that container (the belly) he receives food, his mother nourishes him. The day he is born he cuts the umbilical cord that links him to the container (belly), at this moment he is in the protection of planet earth which becomes he’s container, when he dies, he has to cut one more time a invisible cord (esoteric science call it the golden cord) which links his physical body to his soul. This is to show you that the cosmic intelligence (or God if you want) has attached us to containers with cords. There’s a cord that attaches our soul to the physical body, another one attaches our physical body to our mother’s belly, and another one attaches us to planet earth… and as we develop we cut those cords. You already cut the umbilical cord that linked you to your first container in the physical plane, now many other cords will still need to be cut until you become free, there will be only one cord that won’t get cut, it’s the cord that links your soul to your higher self.

So our physical body is protected by planet earth from all the external dangerous things that travels the space. But the visible planet earth will not protect us against the evil forces that attacks our soul day and night in our thoughts and feelings. Other circles take care of that protection, I'm talking about the soul’s aura (or the different subtle bodies emanations). Each of the 7 subtle bodies emanates an aura, those are circles of colors surrounding and protecting the different subtle bodies. And since they are circles, each of them then has a center. Those centers are what the yogis call the 7 chakras. You can understand why there’s so many exercises out there to develop chakras. Because they are centers, they can attract energies, forces, intelligences, beauty, strength, bliss, virtues in their circle.

[Image: 262o7ic.png] [Image: mux3lj.png][Image: dxfdq8.jpg][Image: atkpqc.png]

Everything needs protection, but valuable things need protection first. Like we protect our physical wealth, we should protect our inner wealth. Like we put security guards to protect the president house, we should put spiritual guards and even a whole army inside to protect our inner kingdom. Like we protect our computers with anti virus, everything that enters our inner world must be scanned first. The inner security must get stronger and stronger as we move on in the spiritual path to the point of detecting even the smallest threat that steps in our inner world and put it out. We can achieve this by switching on lights and cameras inside us, I mean vigilance. To be vigilant is to switch on light and security cameras inside you, vigilance helps you to see your inside beauty and helps you to keep your harmony. Once lights are switched on in you, your inner circle has the power to only allow in spiritual forces to enter you, to help you. Those forces stay in and don't leave you. Someone with no vigilance, who doesn't watch his inside kingdom, his thoughts and feelings from time to time, is building a dark circle that will let bad forces to enter and stay to destroy him. With no protection, we will find it very difficult to move forward, you will want to live a spiritual life but because there are bad forces bugging you and destroying everything you try to do, you stand still and move nowhere. Your inner attitude, your way of thinking and your desire creates all sorts of powerful shapes and colors that forces the universe to react to you in a particular way. Cultivate the greatest of thoughts, ideas and emotions and desires to keep being surrounded by a beautiful aura. The colors of your aura opens you spiritual doors, when spiritual entities sees your colors, they let you enter in the greatest libraries of the mental world to read the secrets of life, they share their joy with you. Your colors makes your soul beautiful, and help others because they will show in your activities. But let's remember, colors do not show without light. So switch on your inner lights with vigilance (discernment and knowledge) so that your inner beauty (Colors of your aura and shapes) can be seen when visited by the spiritual beings who love it.

Love and light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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  • SpinVikki
You introduced some great concepts in this article. I particularly liked the analogy you made about physical clothing and spiritual clothing as well as the notions of spiritual colors and light.

Now I need to ask a small question: when you talk about drawing a circle or a square for protection. Do you mean it literally or symbolically? In other words, is the mere act of drawing a circle on the ground which constitutes the protection itself, or is it the fact of visualizing a circle of light around you which is the actual protection?
"To love is to be".
The geometric shapes can be created either by visualization or by drawing them physically on the ground.
But when I talked about drawing a circle in the square or a square in the circle for protection I meant it physically, on the ground.

The physical geometric shapes for protection requires some knowledge in magic as it should be well done, and each school of magic have its way of doing this for different purposes. Some simply use a chalk to draw the circle while other use a cord or a salt. They also have magical tools inside the circle which represent entities and 4 candles to represent the 4 elements or the 4 angels of the 4 different corners of the world. There's a way of opening the circle too which needs to be taken into consideration and also not to leave the circle in an inappropriate way. All that knowledge can be found in different grimoires. The physical drawing of geometric shapes is usually done when about to invoke spiritual entities for protection by calling their names. I'm not really the type to advise this methods knowing that we are mostly (in general) not ready for this.

The easiest and affordable way of creating the circle ( which is good for all kinds of people in general) is by doing it with the imagination (visualization) of light surrounding you. In fact it's advised to create a circle of light before starting one's practices, it helps a lot in attracting good presence of spiritual entities and to keep them around. when they are around, no evil will come to mix with them. You are protected. So when for example you feel attacked by evil in whatever way, draw an invisible circle of light, full of colors in it (visualization), and call help, "God, Christ, Buddha, angels...,I miss you, please come around, please assist me". repeating that few times, and stay in the circle for some time while feeling their presence.

But also an invisible circle of wonderful colors and geometric shape are naturally created around the person when he cultivates virtues or get rid of certain vices.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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  • Ahadi Soul
Who is your Guru?
(09-03-2013, 09:19 PM)capeheal Wrote: Krya,
Who is your Guru?

Hi Capeheal, can I first know why would you like to know?
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
(09-03-2013, 09:19 PM)capeheal Wrote: Krya,
Who is your Guru?

Wrong question capeheal.

In order to become a spiritually-oriented person, one does not necessarily have to have a guru. In fact, in this current world where information is available at everyone's finger tips, the practice of having a master or a guru seems more than outdated. What matters more in order to find the truth is your own personal dedication and discipline in seeking it. No need to be spiritually baby seated by some self-proclaimed gurus or experts in this or that.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
Who cares who is your master, all I know is that this post is very interesting. Smile
Yeah, This post filled my brain today. Very informative. Thanks a lot.
Protection of the Soul.

For those who live in a more or less passive spiritual ethos, but are not, so to speak, spiritually active, protection on a spiritual level may not seem of paramount importance and is, in most such cases, implicit.
However, for those, like many who visit this website, who are engaged in active spiritual development and open, at times, to ‘interference’ from undesirable energies, it is more than desirable; it is important to engage in active protection at a spiritual level. I realise only too well that there will be those who read this who are already aware on this level and so I offer it for the potential benefit of those who might be taking the early, tentative steps along the pathway of spiritual questing or investigating, right through to those who might feel the need to ‘upgrade.’
Some two to two-and-a-half thousand years ago the human race, it seems, was struggling to reach an understanding of the metaphysical and the spiritual aspects of humanity. Much of what we, in our twenty-first century life experience are beginning to take for granted, was held as esoteric knowledge and wisdom by the Masters in their Retreats. Now, by the release of the mighty Cosmic Light that is being consciously directed by Great Beings from the Central Sun of the Universe, much more spiritual knowledge, wisdom and, indeed, spiritual activity is being accessed in the outer world, in daily living.
As more and more such activity in relation to the Light arose, so it attracted the attention of its opposite, the dark. Such is the principle on which reality on Planet Earth exists. Thus, as any one incarnate being begins his spiritual journey and displays an active interest in his true purpose on Earth, namely spiritual evolution of Planet and Race, so it comes to the notice of the ‘opposition.’
If we are to engage in such a journey, then we need to prepare ourselves; we need to understand the nature of what we are about to do. If it were a physical journey of exploration, venturing into unknown territory with unknown risks and dangers, then we would make suitable preparations; arm and protect ourselves against such potential dangers. The same holds for any journey of exploration, even, perhaps especially, a spiritual journey.
Thus our first task, our duty even, is to ensure that we make suitable preparations. For those who, at present, use no such protection – your first question might be; protection against what? I am sure you know what I am referring to here. Opposites, yes? Strong/weak. Favourable/unfavourable. Good/bad. And of course, Light/dark. I guess we all have an understanding of the latter. In our current context we see Light as Good and dark as bad. So, spiritually, we seek to engage with the Light in a positive way and to deny the dark any strength or effectiveness. All the time with balance as our objective.
In terms of protecting ourselves, we can work on two different levels. By levels I refer to, first, our third dimensional level; the here and now. To do this we use our psychic ability to construct, by the power of the mind, a wall of energy around ourselves. We visualise this psychically constructed, protective wall or sphere of Light. For spiritual protection we go to the fourth and higher dimensional levels, invoking the help of angelic protection; perhaps having awareness of, or even communication with, our Guardian Angel. Now we are working at the level where the Will of God is known. We ask our Guardian to provide the same measure of protection at the level of Higher Self, but still encompassing us in the Divine Light of Holy Spirit.
Once this concept is grasped and understood it takes far less time to execute than to describe. There are extensions to this practice but this is sufficient for our immediate purpose.
Now for the practices we have available to neutralise the out-of-balance energy or the aggressive approach of ‘the others.’
When I first came to this subject I was taught to visualise a number of different forms of protection.
One is the enveloping cloud of White Light. God’s White Light. I am the Way, the Truth and the Light. Shades of Biblical imagery – and why not? I reject certain aspects of modern, Western Christianity but I do not, as it were, throw the baby out with the bath-water. There is an enormous amount of truth and genuine information to be found in biblical and scriptural texts as well as in many of the myths and legends that have been handed down through the generations.
Some tell me that various colours other than white are significant in protection; others use symbols or mantras or other forms of protection.
The protection that I came across in a book called The Seven Swords of Meonia, describes how there are energy-beings so close to us that they can cause physical injury, damage or malfunction in our daily activities, but this is only likely to occur if we are engaged in esoteric work on a physical level or psychic level. Protection against such ‘bad vibes’ or ‘bad actions’ is best created by mental visualisation and involves construction of a vibrating energy barrier around self and any other person, object or place involved in the scenario. This requirement is most likely to arise in connection with energies in the context of locations such as stone circles, ancient sites and structures, be they pagan or Christian; not forgetting ley lines and damage thereto, which can have arisen as a result of human activity.
Next, there is the most vital and important aspect of protection. The ‘biggie.’ I have earlier talked about the true relationship between Planet Earth and the Human Race. We are each following our evolutionary pathways, concurrently. Not separately. Each is dependent on the other – each is responsible for the other’s success. Now, because there has been this ‘War of the Worlds’ thing going on since, well, only Heaven knows when, it seems there are other beings on other planets, other galaxies and whatever, who have other ideas about who makes what progress, and who rules which world.
In my opening sentence I referred to protection being ‘implicit’ for those not actively engaged in spiritual activities. As we humans came forth, as it were, there was a natural protection around each one, but it was not a self-conscious creation. However, as the discord among mankind increased, that protection diminished to the level that, if the spirit is to engage in activity, then conscious stimulation of the protection becomes necessary.
What I offer now is an abridged version of the description, brought to us through the Masters in India, of how and what to visualise in order to achieve a consciously created Protective Pillar of Light.
The Pillar of Light was originally about nine feet in diameter; it was really the stream of light from the Presence, or “Silver Cord.” As mankind became more and more discordant, the “Silver Cord” became smaller and smaller. The “Silver Cord” is made up of a stream of electronic energy – that is the stream of life, and the connection of the outer self with its Source.
This Protective Pillar is a tube or pillar of pure light substance, invisible to the ordinary sight, but can be seen with the inner sight. It is not hollow inside like a tube. There is light all the way through like a pillar in, through and around your body, for a radius of about three (or up to nine) feet; condensed at the outer edge like a crust to make it impenetrable to anything not of light -divine love. (In the beginning it is usually better to visualise it only six feet in diameter until one has gained a momentum.) It is charged in, through and around the physical body. It extends from above the head to below the feet, giving protection to the inner bodies as well as the physical. Have the feeling, the consciousness of it as a live thing – an action, not as a cut and dried mould or form. It is light in action. It is vibrating.
It can, through daily application, become absolutely invincible to discord or anything not of light, God – good. Not one thing can go through that Pillar of Light. In truth you are spiritually invincible.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
When very young this lifetime, I would retrace my footsteps so I wouldn't tangle up my cord which I thought of as my connection to spirit.

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