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People who are not awakened
Hi everyone, 

I just wanted to start a topic that I found interesting. How do you deal with people who are not awakened? For example, if they are not into spirituality, if they are rude or close minded people or they don't understand you, etc (the list goes on). Do you find yourself feeling alone, misunderstood or alienated while being on a journey that others are not? What if it is someone who is close to you such as a best friend, family member, or romantic partner?
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Simple Answer, Arri - just make sure your own light shines a little brighter.

Not so simple answer - there are several thousand threads and posts on this site, Arri. Among them, a good number of subscribers have offered their advice and experiences over a period of years on just the subject you raise.

Welcome to our forum and Happy Reading.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Hey arri, and welcome in the group by the way. Saw your introduction post Smile

I found myself in that very position especially when at the beginning of the journey in this current life. I felt like an alien, I felt different. But loneliness has reduces a lot more  when in the course of time I made lots of spiritual oriented friends.

If our friends and family are not in the esoteric, metaphysical or spiritual path, should we turn them into esoteric, spiritual friends by telling them about all the mysteries? It certainly will not work, at least not until they are finally open enough to receive and process such information. It may sound selfish, but if you really think about it, this is like forcing them to join you. Your words will bounce, or you might even turn your friends against you Smile  . We may not force anyone to join the path. It is always a personal decision to make.  Everyone in their lives will have a chance to make that decision, because a spiritual event, book, or information about mysteries will be placed in front of them. Those who have already touched such things in a past life will easily jump in the path, and those who haven't will find it really hard to swallow, they will misjudge and will prefer to live with their superstitions a little bit more.

The problem with those who are not "Awakened" is that,  they tend to be difficult to live with. Especially when you share the same house. That is because you are living 2 different lives. Life is a way of thinking, feeling, acting and reacting to events. So you both will notice that your lives are different. And that may cause some conflicts. You will influence each other. Which makes the awakened life even more challenging, especially if he/she is just starting his journey. 

More often, the stronger will tend to drag the other. Until you both align in the same life, conflicts of energies will frustrate you both. This is the moment in life when the awakened one really feels the need to stay alone to work oneself better. Many even stop all practices at this point for quite some time hoping to get a better condition for when they can finally start the spiritual journey fully. And they usually have to wait very long. Long like years even until they realize that no better opportunities are available in the society for them to live that spiritual life they desire :Smile  . 

Anyway, one option in this case is to continuously transmuting all those negative energies, that should also mean to establish a certain thought habit, and doing the activities which brings joy in your life in order to maintain a clean heart from negativity. No need to try and directly change the person. Rather simply increase your spiritual life style the way you wish others would do then the people around should start catching up to your strong vibrations. But again you have to be the strongest (in your new lifestyle) to make this happen.

If however they increase their negative life style they will influence you. In the end, if the people who don't understand you cannot adjust to your lifestyle in this current life time for various reasons, they will leave you and move on. This is how many awakened people have lost many friends. But remember those who look alike gather together. That also means those who have adjusted themselves, those who are aligned to your type of vibrations will find you, you will make new friends, better friends.

The love we have towards some people can also bring them to align themselves to you. Because Love brings people together. But you may only share one type of life to sync. The strongest life style will influence the other. When both share the same life style (eg: spiritual life or material ordinary life), both will finally see eye to eye.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Hi Arri... I agree with what Krya shared.  and let me just add.... that if one tries to "push" spiritual beliefs or ideas on one who is not ready to listen... you can create negative thought and emotional patterns within their energy field.  ( which can also effect the sender..if they get to attached to trying to change another before they are ready ).  So even though your original intentions may have been from your mind "to help" them if may have the opposite effect energetically.

I agree that the best way may be to be as loving and compassionate within yourself as your can, work on yourself and others will naturally pick it up if they are ready.

I have learned for myself, having lived as part of a spiritual community for many years... and then living now among many people who have very different spiritual and political ideas.  I share and communicate with each person and group as I can .  Trying to be as loving as I can with each individual I meet... and looking for commonalities.  And that seems to work.   But that took me years, and still learning, to try to hone compassion with discernment.. the more centered I am within the more easily it flows.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.  Don’t go back to sleep ...  People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open.   Don’t go back to sleep ... Rumi
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Hi Arri. 
I am too confronted with this situation almost everyday. 
Lately, it isnt so bad since most people I get to meet need a push of faith in their lives. I get to meet really sad people. So when talking about god, spiritual matters and asking questions about their believes (in an introspected way) I get positive answers. 

There is plenty of close minded people out there. They are not ready to receive, understand, such complex informations about spirituality and the ALL. 
Theirs also people that you will meet, or have already met, which think they know everything already. And will try to put you on denial. 

These two are the ones that you have to "give" the silent treatment when needed. Its actually the best way to communicate sometimes. Silence.

If theyre close to you and you are growing spiritually in the mean time, maybe they will fall out of your life for you to receive, be sourrounded, by something more positively aligned with the truth your discovering. 

Also, maybe they wont fall out of your life, family member for exemple. With time they will come to realize how youve changed, for the best, and living a healthier life. 
Then they would probably wonder what were those believes you have tried to once share with them. 
And then you could share your perspective.

This is what happened to me with family members, my sisters. They first thought I was going nuts about my believes. Now that my life has completely changed for the best, their seeking knowledge for these few universal secrets that Ive gain following my authenticity. 

One of them is actually religious and has strong belief in God. She just wasnt soo sure about this whole angelic, spiritual, realm. But she slowly search for answers by herself. And that is good. 

The other one, other sister, is also doing her research, more obviously since she tells me about it, but shes the 'i know everything' type of person. So she finds information about some LAWS (of success and all) that she wants to believe in and try to put me on denial about my own believes. Best way to answer, silence treatment. 

For your question about feeling lonely in the path: For me, I felt lonely in the beginning. But you'll see that more the days pass by, more you will experience magic and meet like minded people. Its just a matter of time. 

My advice: dont hold on too much on the things and people which dont resonate with your truth.
Always try the feel how you feel, think and act, in uncertain experiences.
Also, following this path = an ever ending process. You will have some things, you probably were attached too with your heart, falling apart. But only for something new, more positive, to come into your life.

So. Conclusion, it will always seem confusing to deal with people when their close minded or dont seem to find any interest in the spiritual path, not believing in it. As the other ones has said, each one has their own path, each one their battle with the controlling mind.

hope it helped a little.
 - S  
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Also, you can always share a little of your believes when you feel like it to all kind of people since it becomes a strong part of you with time. 
Or share stories you know, books, poems, etc. linked to your believes, attach to spirituality. 
Almost all of the great philosopher were spiritual and clearly speaking wisdom in their writings for exemple.. 


everyone respect those great philosopher even tho they dont understand their philosophy
 - S  
What needs to be understood is that we all have our own path and stop thinking everyone else should be thinking as you do.  They have their own path and each life experience is as important and valuable as the next.  The spiritual awakening you are having is meant just for you, not for everyone else and know you are not alone.  The spiritual beings are with you at all times and is with those who are not awakening.  You should not expect anyone but you to travel where you are going.  Stop trying to control what others experience, they are not closed minded, they are having their own experience.
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My story is a bit different.
I was born remembering the Spirit World.
My Mother was Baptist, and a bit confused with a child who was different, as in telling her she could go directly to Creator by listening to the voice within.
Later she came to accept me as I was.
I learning in school, no one wanted to hear my view of things.  So I basically shut up, but did not conform to their belief in a Hell Fire Damn Nation God.  - I am in the Bible Belt in the USA.
I learning to accept that people are where they need to be, to learn what they need to learn.
Some are not ready , some are.
My friends accept me as I who believes in a Creator who loves us all Unconditonally, reguardless of religion or no religion.  
My cousin had a near death experience in her 30’s.  We became fast friends.  Back in the 70’s she started a Group who has studied many Spiritual Avenues.  She also became a new age Minister.
I learn from her, she learns from me.  

I do think that eventually all will seek the Spiritual Path.  For some it will take lifetimes to lay aside the fear....’if I don’t do so and so, I will forever burn in hell’.....and accept Creator who loves all unconditionally..
Plus there are many different kinds of Spirituality, as  Creator loves all unconditionally, and has not left anyone without a Spiritual Path.  IMO we know the path, when we realize we are all here together to learn and grow together.  No one above or below another, no religion better than another.  The loving parts of all beliefs...’Love one another as I love all of you.’....Are what I choose to believe.

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I guess that, at 87 earth years, I am perhaps one of the oldest people who use this MSG site to further my learning experience. 
Perhaps, too, I could call myself one of the luckier ones. 
You see, I was married for over sixty years to a wonderful woman who was psychic in a defined and specific way as well as deeply committed to her spiritual path. 
If you care to look into my posts over the past two years or so, you will see that for some thirty of those years we travelled the world, working with ley lines, energy sites, telluric energies, volcanoes etc etc. Joyce dowsed for ley lines etc with a pendulum. I could feel them through my feet and hands.
Neither one of us could have done it all alone. We met at the age of 21 and we have had no doubt that we came together for this very specific purpose.
Before she passed in 2015, she told me, verbally, that she was leaving this life so as not to be a hindrance in certain spiritual work that I was committed to complete before I would return to Source.
We linked up with a wide variety of people around the world, maybe worked with them a day or two, even a year or two, and more.
We lived with Native North Americans and and sat in sweat lodge. We worked with tribal shamans in East Africa where we worked on water energy. It was mostly working with Cosmic Energy for the benefit of the Planet, although we both were healing channels.
Then they went their way and we went ours.
If one can recognise the reason for being with certain people in one's life, and when that reason no longer exists,  (i.e. a spiritual task has been completed) accept that it is time to move on. (i.e. break the energy link with that person (those people) and accept whatever new spiritual adventure/relationship arises.
The manner of breaking such a link necessitates deliberate manipulation of the heart and plexus chakras in meditation,

If you wish to investigate this more deeply in order to expand your spiritual awareness, you can always search carefully the huge volume of posts that are archived on the forum. (For info on how to do this, ask Admin.)
I acknowledge that some who read this already have this awareness. 
My post is offered to those who may be seeking this aspect of their spirituality.

Let Love and Light Be

I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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My take is that this is a limiting belief stemming from the language we're using. By viewing people as "unenlightened," and ourselves as "enlightened," we have already created a barrier between ourself and the other person which we didn't even notice we were creating! Understand these things and the problem will dissolve: the self in you and in the unenlightened person is the same; you too are unenlightened in ways you're unaware of; they too are enlightened in ways you're unaware of. The yin and the yang live in all things together.

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