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Potential dangers of 3rd Eye Activation & more.
I've really been drawn to opening my Third Eye for a long time. I've found many meditations that serve to open your Third Eye, etc. Secondly, I've always been drawn to channeling though for reasons I can't really explain - the concept of channeling scares me. While I realize that channeling is not necessarily meditation and that there are different forms of channeling, the one constant that I've faced researching both topics, are the dangers associated with both.

I've heard some really scary stories and dangers about opening the third eye, and I'm not mentioning the 'Dark Night of the Soul' but more or less falling into a state of permanent delusion, and attracting entities. These same sort of dangers are also usually brought up when researching channeling and how doing so could lead to deceptive information, or becoming 'tools' if you will, of bad entities, etc.

Although I've mainly continued researching activating the Third Eye and somewhat channeling, I've barely progressed. So I was just wondering if anyone else had any thoughts or insights on the matter.
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Hi Mali,

The dangers of most spirtiual practices applies only whether you are ready or fit to do them. 
You may need to explain what you call by channeling, as we may not all have the same understanding of it. This is to help the answers be close to the questions. 

If you are refering to the fact of letting entities use you as a channel. Then yes the practice comes with danger of course.
You really must know what you are doing before engaging in such activities. Well, this is if it is what I think you are refering to. :Smile

To avoid unwanted results, best is to study the question a bit more before starting. In practices such as channeling and clairvoyance training, you are to become very receptive. You have to open up. And that is exactly where the danger starts. The danger to attract negative entities or forces. To avoid that from happening, it's advised to start with spiritual practices where you are active. Like  meditations where you are willingly projecting something, where you are sending a thought, an image. practices where you do not let your mind do things on its own. 

Now during those active spiritual practices, you should think of most wonderful spiritual things only, send out messages of hope, of love, of peace. When you've done that for quite some time, your mind and heart will start to automatically send those same messages by itself without your conscious effort. Even under your sleep you will do, feel, and think of spiritual things. When you reach that point, you can safely become receptive. You may engage in receptive visualization for your clairvoyance, you may open to spirits to talk through you. 

That is just my opinion, it may apply different to you. I don't know you well to say what you must do. Only you may see and feel where you need to start. There is in fact only one thing to remember in all these. You attract what your being sends out. If for example you are impure, you attract impurity when you are receptive. And if you are pure, you attract pure forces when you are receptive.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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My third eye opened partially back in October and fully at the end of December. Yes it can be dangerous and yes it can lead to false visions. It has also be glorious, but I don't want you to think it's all peaches and cream. If you haven't dealt with your own daemons the will try to deal with you! My advice and take it for what it's worth is if you aren't prepared to battle things unseen I would work on that first. Not only be prepared but "know" what you are going to do.

I do recommend it for everyone but Onky when they are ready.

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@krya - It's amazing how easy it is for me to relate to you and understand. One of my biggest problems in life is that I have a very literal mind. For example, if I happen upon a meditation & the directions are "Sit with your legs crossed and look straight ahead," that is exactly what I am going to do. They may have meant for me to sit on the ground or cushion with my eyes closed but 9 times out of 10, that isn't what I will do.

I say this to say, it's really encouraging to speak with someone that is not only so knowledgeable and kind, but someone who understands the concept of meeting someone where they are. I think my main struggle is with all the "new age" informational books that are readily available, the various concepts are endless. I get so caught up in trying to learn as much as I can and soak it in that once it all settles, I have no idea of what to even try. I'm beginning to see that spirituality is much like human-kind; there is not one personal absolutely identical to another, just as every path is different. I've been thinking about it all from a very regimented standpoint.

I believe you are right and will try and continue on with meditation and projecting love, kindness, hope, & peace. I will also remember your words, "You attract what your being sends out."

Oh and as for the channeling, about a year ago, I came across this lovely book that spoke of channeling angels by way of writing. The idea was allowing the angels to speak to you through your writing. The author stated something to the effect of, she would write a question and then go into a trace. When she came to, there would be a response in her print that was from an angel. I always thought it was a beautiful thing if it was indeed safe to do. I've spent the last year researching it as well, but for some reason the info on this topic isn't as....uniform as others, such as meditation. Some say its safe, some say not, etc.

Thanks again so much Krya! and so sorry for my lateness!
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@big mak rael - I must be honest, and it definitely worries me that it can be dangerous and lead to false visions. I've definitely heard that several times before which is why I am still a bit hesitant, but for some reason it has never lead me away from the desire to open my third eye. If anything it has made me want it even more. Of course though, even though it is something that I want, I most definitely would prefer for it to happen naturally. Well I'm not sure that naturally is the right word, I guess I just mean I would prefer it happen when I was emotionally, physically, & mentally ready & prepared. I can only imagine how glorious it is and pray that one day I will know it personally for myself.

I definitely have some demons that I need to deal with, not that I even know how, but still they are surely there. I will definitely take your words to heart and prepare myself and research more & more so that I can "know" what I am going to do and also just to be able to have faith in myself that I can get through it. I truly truly thank you for your advice and kindness!

Whenever I am am asked for a view on any kind of  meditation or channelling practices, I stress the importance of earthing/grounding and, above all - PROTECTION.
I explained my personal take on this concept only a few days ago in the thread 'Earthing.' [Image: smile.gif]
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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(02-26-2018, 01:28 PM)MOONBEARSPEAKS Wrote: Whenever I am am asked for a view on any kind of  meditation or channelling practices, I stress the importance of earthing/grounding and, above all - PROTECTION.
I explained my personal take on this concept only a few days ago in the thread 'Earthing.' [Image: smile.gif]

Thank you so much! I'm heading to that thread now  Heart

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