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Precious Stones - Houses of spiritual forces
Precious Stones - Houses of spiritual forces

Precious stone. Here is something worth of attention. Almost all who are touched by the new age wave have heard about those stones. The precious stone virtues have been revealed  to the public. From the seller to the buyer, everyone find their interest. If you haven't heard, then just pay a little more attention to some people rings, jewelries, home, you may come across them. It's no longer just the thing of the priest or the pope, most of those stones are even make cheap in the market. So almost everyone can now afford a  gemstone. Now whether they deserve to wear them or carry them is the big question. Many who carry them have not seen any change in their lives. Is it stone not efficient? Yes the stone is may become inefficient in certain hands. Why would they give the expected result to certain people and not to others? maybe the stones are selective about who should carry them Smile . If so then isn't it possible that the precious stone is a living being. Allow me elaborate this point of view about the precious stones. And of course you are welcome to add to it what you know.

[Image: stone2.jpg]

Precious stones are like magic sticks. The white mage uses magic stick as an extension of his own hand to bring down in the physical world his inner energies (his thoughts and feelings). The precious stone can also be an extension of us. A part of ourselves which brings out strongly our inner virtues. The stone by itself without being carried by human, holds a specific virtue. Nature has prepared the stone to host a specific cosmic energy, nature feeds the stone with such energies. Their emanations contribute to the earth harmony, at different places on earth, together they emanate peace, love, order... But when carried by the right person(the person with the stone's virtue), the stone will also synchronize it's energies with the person in question. In other words, when the carrier has the right energy which the stone requires, the stone will contain the person's life, and will protect the person's well-being.  The synchronization of energies between the stone and the person boosts the stones purpose, the stone is now much more alive than when it was the seller's store shelf. So yes the stone is indeed a living creature. As long as we don't see the stone as something which feeds and lives, we will not effectively make use of the stones.

People are not educated to see the precious stones this way. They are not told that the precious stones are alive. All they see are the physical aspect of it. They see the beauty it, the colors and shape but they won't see beyond that. The living creatures are not just those which do not apparently move. Physical things which do not move are also alive. The moving things have their consciousness down here on earth but the things which do not move have their consciousness far within the invisible spiritual  world. See, the planet earth we know today is gone through a long time evolution. Different groups of creatures have come down in our world to help its evolution. And the first groups of creatures to have come were among the greatest spiritual beings. Those who were supposed to dwell here and set the foundation. The minerals, the stones were actually among the first creatures. They were here way before plants, animals and humans. 

Remember what is last here at the physical level is linked to what is first in the invisible world. The stones which apparently look like the less important things on earth, are actually looked at the first important thing by the greatest invisible beings. Why important, because those minerals are their first body. The precious stones serve as bodies/houses/cloth for great spiritual beings. Nature is a subconscious force which continually work on shaping the matter to finally come up with a wonderful body at every level of the universe. It keeps shaping new bodies for entities, spirits, forces. All sorts of shapes of bodies to accommodate a specific force. Our physical body is also one of nature greatest work, but our identity is not the body, we have come from far within the invisible world, now we are living this physical body. This body of ours is just a house, what I'm saying means much more to those who can remember having experienced a out of body experience. 

There are in the universe entities of specific virtues. Meaning some beings out there manifests the cosmic beauty, some others manifests the cosmic intelligence, some other entities only manifest the cosmic justice.... And those entities are so high, so spiritual that we may not know them, they are abstraction to us, fortunately nature has made a body for each of those spiritual forces at each level of the universe. In the physical world, the precious stones are the body of those spiritual forces. You will read in some holy books of religions, that the supreme being (or God) is surrounded by great spiritual beings at his thrones. That's true. Why do we know that? thanks it's image which we spirits are. Like the supreme being, our the spirit (our higher nature) is surrounded by all great spiritual beings which are the virtues. What we call virtues, love, justice, generosity, kindness... are the energies of spiritual beings around the throne of God. Some esoteric science like kabbalah even go further to count the number of entities around the throne the God. The supreme being symbolically has a crown made of precious stones on his head. The precious stones of the supreme being or God are its highest angels. 

[Image: throne.jpg]

I won't go in details on that in this current thread, but what would be essential to remember here is that each of those beings replicates at different levels of the universe. At the divine level they are creatures hosted in God, At a certain level below the hierarchy, they are forces, energies which we call virtue and which form our spirit. A little lower in the material world, those virtues are hosted in planets of solar systems ( Mercury, Venus, Moon, Jupiter...), and down here in our planet earth, those virtues are hosted in the precious stones or gemstones( Sapphire, Ruby, Topaz...) . 

[Image: stonesp.png]

The work of nature is to always come up with the right material body which can host the specific force. A body which can manifest specific virtues. So through complex process like volcanoes magma and the cooling in certain conditions, nature have come up with precious stones, crystals. And it (nature) is instinctively very pound to have giving birth to such beautiful earth jewelries. The precious stones were among the first material body given to the first greatest entities, the helpers of the world. A human being is meant to reflect the supreme being here at the physical level. We have been given a different body, a type of body which can host the spark of the supreme being (meaning the spirit). A body which can host all the spiritual precious stones. 

In some old threads, I once told my story with plants, my relationship with trees of forests for which the entities which inhabit them I've communicated with. I've seen clearly how some of them look like, and how they communicate messages. Since then all trees are not just simple trees but rather are houses to me. A precious stone is nothing but a house of an entity. Even our physical body can be seen as a house. A house of our human soul. The soul itself is nothing but the house of the spirit. The spirit as that spark of God, is the only thing which is not a house, because it doesn't host  "houses". Everything else hosts. In other words the universe is filled with houses, and certain houses hosting other houses. We should remember that invisible world is not empty, but filled with many lives, many entities, many forces. And highest entities, the highest of the forces cannot be known to us without being in a house. We may not know the spirit when it is not hosted in a house, when it is not clothed. Otherwise how do you know something which has no shape, which has no form. A shape, a form must be built for it, so it can be known. Shapes and forms are not only visible here in the physical world, there are shapes and forms in the invisible world too. A thought is a shape, or a house, or a clothe. A feeling is another kind of shape/form. A voice also a shape/form/house (cloth of the thoughts). 

They are cloths/houses for each and every spiritual force. Many who study astrology and numerology stop at the intellectual level, they gather information, they memorize the descriptions of each sign, of each number, and use that intellectual knowledge to try and figure out people's destinies. Many astrologists have no idea why astrology links each precious stone to a planet. For example:
The sun = Ruby
Moon = Pearl
Mercury = Emerald
Jupiter = Sapphir
[Image: stones1.jpg]

Why would a precious stone have the qualities of planet? And even how would planets have qualities of entities? Those questions they may not answer without the help of the knowledge of energies and their houses. The same goes with geometric shapes and numbers Which are also other subtle cloths,houses hosting higher cosmic energies. This is why drawing them consciously would mean giving a body to those forces to manifest down here at the physical level. And not all numbers or shapes can host the higher spiritual forces, so maybe  be careful what you find out there on the internet. 

We can see precious stones on the so called "Important people" of our earth, the pope, the priests, kings and queens. Precious stones are placed on their crown, rings, cloths and bedroom. In most cases, the stones they put on, do not reflect their lives. That's today's world joke Smile . The original idea of wearing stones  was to help the virtuous  people manifest their virtues in the world around them. High priests and kings of the remote past who knew the true nature of minerals managed to influence positively their surrounding and bring peace and harmony to heir people. Some were so wise and with the help of precious stones like Topaz, sapphire, and many Emeralds, they were much more able to make quicker wise decisions in different circumcises to help their people. They could also spread their wisdom around while at the same time protecting the people around from having negative thoughts. Many queens of the ancient world also wore precious stones like Ruby and lots of diamonds to manifest further their virtue of Love. 

[Image: crown.png]

You deserve the stone when you match its virtue. Otherwise the stone could even become useless. When you do not have the right energy to feed it with , it remains inactive. But if you have cultivated the energies of the stones within yourself, then it will really feel like a force is helping you in all events of life. Thanks to its emanations, it will be protecting you against all opposite energies which goes against your vibrations, and it will even improving your health. 

Love and light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Thank you Krya for another wonderful article....

Blessed be

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Thank you Krya. wonderful article..

being that we are going into this Saturn in Capricorn cycle very soon... been looking for things which symbolize that energy combination... Capricorn is said to be the overall ruler of gems and stones.. being of the element of Earth, ruled by the Planet Saturn.  But as you said each gemstone has other astrological affiliations and their energy connections.

Gemstones  and their spiritual significance and uses really become more popular for many during the cycle when Neptune was transiting through Capricorn.   I am wondering if when Saturn is in it's natural sign of Capricorn if any "new" scientific discoveries of using crystal and gemstones will be discovered?  Or perhaps uncovering some of their uses which were known by a handful of adepts, magicians and shaman in ages past ( another Capricorn symbol..past history)

peace,  ace
The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.  Don’t go back to sleep ...  People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open.   Don’t go back to sleep ... Rumi
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When I was a child , I had a hobby of collecting stones . I had a strong affinity towards their pattern, colors, structures, textures, shine. I never cared to know what they are called, which planet they belong to, what they do, I just collected them and I still do not know.  But my family always believed in gemstones and their influence on ones body. So they got a ring for me which had some violet stone. Unfortunately or now I can say  Fortunately, that stone did not suit my skin and I took it off. Though I wanted to but  I always used to feel very uncomfortable and caged whenever I wore any jewelry containing stone or any metal and I had to take them off. And once they were removed from  my body, I used to feel relaxed and comfortable. 

My problems started when I was about to get married. According to Hindu tradition, a married girl should wear some specific  jewelry like mangalsutra( a kind of necklace), bangles, anklets, earings , nose studs (including vermillion and bindi on forehead)  that are considered very important for the longevity of husband's health and life Tongue

Out of those, one is a nose ring/stud. For this, I had to get my nose pierced and that was very  painful. I could not understand the logic behind such suffering. Some people (including my husband) started explaining me the scientific/religious reasons for wearing all those jewelry. But, none and nothing could convince me because my mind and body were saying something else. Yet I had to wear them all as it was the tradition, a rule that a married woman has to follow and for the happiness of all.  But, I was not comfortable from within. People said that these jewelry work on the pressure points of the body and thus very good for the health of women. I never could experience this advantage of wearing those jwlry, instead my health began to deteriorate. My body developed various health problems, but I could not understand that it was because of them.I even wondered why men do not wear them if these jewlry is so helpful for health!!

After coming to UK, I began to free myself of those  stones  jewlry and felt very relaxed. It is here, where my spiritual awakening  got its right space, path and pace. My health improved and I realised  that metal and stones interfere alot with the natural energy flow of the body and restricts the right  development of the consciousness and conscientiousness.  . Now, my body does not accept any metal or stone jewlry. I can feel the energy rush opposing the interference and I know why. Now , I just have  a nose stud  on my nose as it is not that disturbing and makes someone happy.But,   I know that my body will discard it also in near future just the way it has discarded other jewlry. Smile
 I have seen many religious and so called spiritual people wearing lot of gems and metals on their body, but I could never find them peaceful or soothing. 

The myth was busted and I realised  why ascetics/true spiritual practitioner just have wooden beads jewlry or nothing gemstones or metal  .They even get their head shaved and have nothing on their head. There is no crown better than the CROWN (chakra) of the body. If you put anything that has metal or stones on your head, the energy will be deviated/hampered  by the lattice/cuttings  of the stones and poles of the metals. So the right connection of the body with its surrounding and within will be disturbed and one would not be able to make the right decision.  

The most peaceful and powerful  achievers of the Truth are those who keep their lives as simple and in sync with nature as possible.  

My post is not intended  to counter anyone's views. I am just sharing my experience, learning and observation that have led to a completely different view. 
Keep exploring.

Pranaam  _/\_
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Thanks you for your post, Anushri     Helps us to remember that what works for one person may not work for all.  We are all individual souls on our own energy path and journey.   Sometimes things that work on one part of our journey become the burdens on another part of our journey or not useful at all in one life.

That is also another lesson for all of us - to Honor other's paths ..  be it different or counter even to ours.  If may be the exact way or circumstances another needs to experience.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.  Don’t go back to sleep ...  People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open.   Don’t go back to sleep ... Rumi

And I'd like to emphasize  the freedom of views on this forum. 
Everyone is encouraged to post his view. Whatever you know, however you've experienced it, please just share.
It's not about agreeing or disagreeing with what is posted in this website. It's always about sharing. 
The various views posted helps the reader to see a bigger picture of the question.
Just more information to help each other make personal conclusions. 

The fact that each of us have a different experience, should be one more reason to see around more posts about the same subjects, possibly written from your personal point of view.
We want to hear from you. We want to hear what you think. 
So share even if it feels like we the readers already know it. Or even if it feels like your experience will not work on us. Let's not under estimate the power of knowledge sharing in such a growing forum like this one, because someone  will always relate to your experience. Smile

I personally don't know much about gemstones. But I've seen them at some of colleagues office desk. Many people say great things about them. I will surely read more about it and then maybe try them on myself to see for myself. I will surely get back to this post  in the future to share my results Smile
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Awesome Admin
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Wonderful post krya.

My Mother had a necklace with amethyst stones and a try angle in the center.
She wore it a lot, and gave it to me. I noticed the stones had lost a lot of their color becoming almost clear. However they regain their color if not worn for a few months.  I still have the necklace and wear it occasionally and when I feel I need to.
Makes me feel better.

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