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Hi everyone.

Just a reminder that this is a no religion specific website.
I understand that religion is also part of spirituality,and most of us have a religious background, but we would be very disappointed to see this forum be turned to any specific religious forum. If you are strictly religious oriented, please do your very best not to speak the religious language to members or try to convert anyone to your religion. That would defeat the purpose of this forum. 
Most of who comes here want to read and share each other personal opinions and experiences. And to even actually get free from the chain of the dogmatic system of religion. The last thing we want to read everywhere we click, are threads full of bible verses, coran Surat’s... or people defending their religion, or trying to prove how their religion is greater than the others. 
A few references to holy script quotes to remind a point won’t kill, it can be beautiful. But we’d be more interested in reading your personal views about what is written in those holy scripts, than you repeating the full scripts. If after what has been just said someone does not feel welcome, then maybe he/she signed up on a wrong forum. Many religious forum already exist out there on the internet, and they are easy to find. 

This is always been a metaphysics, esoteric, spiritual forum website and should remain so.
Remain open minded, open to new views, open to suggestions, for the sake of all truth seekers around the world.
Thank you for understanding. 
"You mess with me, I lighten you"
Awesome Admin
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Thank you so much Admin
Light, Life and Love
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Great  Admin! Thanks for saving the site. Now I feel like 'home' again! It is so good to learn that the owners of the site are highly active in keeping up with the goals of this site and they cannot be driven by any specific thought/mindset. 

Ego/Evil dwells in differences like  race, religion,sex,caste, creed,community,etc. that often occurs due to unawareness.  It is just a "Segregation" that just needs a mask under which it creates havoc. Its sole and soul  purpose is not to let "Integration" take place.  There is positive and negative in everything and everywhere; we just have to work hard to keep the negative in check so that it does not lead to devastation. 
One thing I learnt is that there is no point discussing or fighting over the past/history which we have not witnessed ourselves. The things we assume or BELIEVE to be true is actually not true at all. It is just a waste of time and waste of precious energy which we can utilise in something very constructive and fruitful. Everyday things are changing; there can never be benchmarks in physical world. That's why I focus on self trust , but I cannot force anyone. It is something that needs to be realised.
I have faced and am facing lot of opposition by my near and dear ones, but I am thankful to this site for giving me some space and supporting my efforts in some way. I am hopeful that the time would come very soon when people would realise that 'differences  lead to devastation only ' and everyone is  same , though they appear 'different'. 
My best wishes are always with those who are working hard towards the welfare of all...towards Truth and UNITY!
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This is an online spiritual group which seeks to gather all genuine truth seekers from anywhere in the world irrespective of their cultural, intellectual or spiritual backgrounds, in order to share and learn from each others.