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Reiki and energy healing
This is just an introduction to Reiki. I will be doing some more posts on this subject soon.

Reiki is taken from the Japanese words Rei - God/Spirit/light
And Ki - Life force energy

So together Reiki basically means God life force energy.
Reiki is the practice of energy healing my means of cleansing and purifying one's own or another's Auric field and balancing their Chakras.

How is this achieved?

Firstly when one is attuned by a Reiki master, we are simply given the passage within ourselves that already existed to heal others. Some of us may know that the passages exist already and some do not. Some of us know how to use our own life force energy to help others and ourselves, others do not. The attuning process is necessary to create the belief in the student that they are able to perform the required task, that is all.
It is a gift of energy passed from master to student.

When performing Reiki, we first say a prayer, asking for permission and guidance by our own, our patients and all higher forces to heal or prepare the person in question for the Reiki process, we ask to be guided to any blockages in the Aura and Chakras so that we may cleanse these blockages and replace previous out of use energies with beneficial energies to help the patient.

Reiki is a non touch therapy and is done by scanning a persons Auric field and feeling the energy or vibrations emitted by that being. Although touching is acceptable in some circumstances, e.g. direct injury healing, or hands on top of the head or bottom of the feet, most Reiki is done with little or no touching involved, it is about the energy process.

Reiki has no religious affiliation and is entirely a spiritual form of healing. In fact many practitioners the world over have religious beliefs or affiliations, these for me do not serve any benefit when performing Reiki, as the guidance is by angel forces.

I for one am a deep believer in the power of Reiki and have my Reiki level certificate 1, I will be attending my Reiki level 2 very soon where I will learn distance Reiki and be attuned with the Reiki symbols of healing so as to improve my channelling ability and treat those who are not within my immediate facility.

Reiki can only be used for good, there is no way of negatively healing another being with Reiki as the process is non invasive and clears blockages and toxins as opposed to implanting them. Reiki also requires the guidance of higher powers, so eliminating the idea of healing someone without it being determined in their personal cause. Reiki also relies on the patients self beleief and acceptance of treatment, the deeper you believe in the process, the better results you will yield.
When practising Reiki or treating a patient the practitioner by means of secondary effect is being healed as well, because we are in contact with the light/the source, our fields and Chakras are cleansed and purified while giving any treatment.

So in a summary, in Reiki the practitioner allows themselves to be a channel by which higher energies/angels/Etherical beings may guide the practitioner to heal themselves and/or a patient
Reiki is non touch, energy healing and purification
It is non invasive and cannot cause harm because it is given by a higher source.
Ego serves no good in Reiki, the less ego there is, the better the practitioner can channel, so the more accepted it is that it is not 'me' treating or healing someone, the better the treatment will be.
Reiki requires a level of acceptance and belief on the part of the patient. They must want to be healed and must make an effort within themselves to cleanse and purify themselves of negative energies.

Love and light my friends.
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It is so Great!, I can't wait to start reading on Reiki.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Yes indeed. Reiki is a great spiritual practice that can help tremendously if only used correctly. I also would like to improve my knowledge in it.

Now fatehearted, what do you think of what certain christian practices such as the praying or posing 0f hands for the sicks, isn't that just a normal Reiki?
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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I don't think simply praying for the sick is the same thing. Because Reiki runs on belief. I believe one hundred percent that I am being guided to heal the patient. Where many people pray without belief, they pray asking for help, but they need to believe that the help will come and they need to believe that it will work. Sometimes just praying is not specific, it may be "Dear Lord, please help cure my friend of...."
Instead of the patient accepting their own healing by entrusting themselves to the process. In Reiki I will work on blockages to clear the emotional issues that have cause the illness, we work on the cause not the effect. Pray can be used to great effect, but pray must be used with belief and it must be directed at the cause not the effect or the condition. By ridding the negative cause, we get rid of the negative effect as well. When we only treat effect, the cause remains and so, the affliction may return.I find Reiki is more personal as well, and it is direct, you cleanse the Aura through a guidance, angels/higher forces literally work through you. When I do Reiki my hands feel like magnets, I can feel them pulsing all over. My patients generally feel intense heat coming from my hands or sometimes they can feel the pulsing as well. Many people I know see colours, which is them being shown the colour of the chakra that needs treating or sometimes a chakra that just needs opening. Other people I have spoken to after treatments have said they have felt like they learned a new message or saw a symbol.
This does not discredit prayer, I just do not believe that people use prayer affectively.
Perhaps when I have done my Distance Reiki learning you will be open to me doing a treatment on you?
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I hope you will start from the begining and explain what reiki really means and how it can help in our spiritual journey? this is a great apportunity for me to ask questions I have about reiki.

Also I will be more interested in knowing if there are things, some methods you give to your patients to go practice at home, so they do not run back to you after time they feel dirty, or have emotional issues.

As some people, due to the fact that there are now too many SANGOMA'S ( Healers) out there, they enduldge themselves in doing all the wrong things to themselves and hope that the healers will be there for them. How do you deal with that?
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Absolutely! We are looking forward to benefiting from your distance Reiki. Maybe you can help us take the hell out these so many dirts sitting in our bodies! Big Grin
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
I can start but there's a lot to say!
There is so much to say about Reiki. I personally do not do Reiki on lots of people that I do not know, I started studying it and received attuning for the sole purpose of furthering my spiritual knowledge and experience. I do ask questions though, I will find out how a person has been eating that week, how much rest and time out they have taken. I know I will be seeing more and more people as patients soon enough, but in order to combat people mistreating the process, I will request a 'payment' through knowledge or wisdom. It will be required for people who come to see me to bring me some sort of spiritual material that they have read or practiced, they must be able to explain it to me to show that they have actively taken it upon themselves to better themselves by learning more. This also means there is a learning principal present on the part of the patient, so they will not want to see a healer that requires them to do work if they are not serious about their own healing, they won't do the work, in which case I will not do a treatment. I do agree that there are too many people now days who see this route as a way to make profits, because the process is being mistreated. It is not here to make me money, I never intend on charging someone money for a treatment, that would defeat the purpose, I want to help people teach themselves a path to spirit, not be someone's glorified therapist.
That is a lofty desire you expressed there fatehearted. I also happen to know many people who offer a kind of Reiki by asking a substantial amount of money for the treatment. Since it is only unscrupulous people who follow them, it is unsure if the healing they get is long lasting.

Maybe we should all start to implicate ourselves more in this Reiki thing. What do you guys thing?
"To love is to be".
The reason a payment system was first implemented was so that people would not take their own healing for granted. You are more likely to look after yourself if it becomes a costly process. However, the problem is the same when ever money becomes a factor in any situation, greed must be factored in as well. Also it is important that any practitioner leaves their ego self behind when performing Reiki. We must consciously recognize that it is the healing that is doing, we as practitioners are merely channels for the healing to do what it does. Does that make sense? The healing is given by virtue of higher power, we have no right to claim ourselves to be the healer, we are merely channels.

There are many brilliant Reiki practitioners out there but as it is with anything, there are also those who do not fully recognise the beauty of what it is they get to experience by doing Reiki. There are also those who do not fully respect the process and only use Reiki for profits and then there again are those who believe that they are in fact some sort of miracle worker which in the end limits their ability.

I think everyone should read about Reiki and other forms of spiritual healing.

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