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Self Mastery
Self Mastery

Spirituality is all about giving our higher nature (or higher self) an opportunity to manifest in our world. The higher self cannot manifest in our physical world without going through our thoughts, feelings and body cells, which all together form our lower self. Thoughts and feelings can get out of order when not kept in check. When they are not controlled, their behavior prevents our higher nature's goodies to manifest in the outside world. Therefore a self control, a self mastery of this lower nature is needed for the sake of our higher nature.

Self mastery only concerns the lower nature. This term cannot be applied to the higher self which is already perfect, harmonious, and beautiful. There is nothing to perfect in the higher self, there are no misbehavior in it to be controlled. Self mastery is to be applied to the lower nature. That's where the work is. That's where the stubbornness, the madness, the agitation, the trouble is. Not in the higher self. Like you might already have noticed in nature: Troubled water breaks images reflected on it. If you have clean and stable water, the images of things above reflecting on it will appear clear and distinct. When uncontrolled, the lower nature looks like the troubled water, unable to reflect the higher self image.

So self mastery is about mastering the lower self (lower nature). This lower nature like explained in old threads, is made of thoughts and feelings and body etheric energies and the physical body. Those four components represent four elements. Thoughts = air, feelings = water, etheric energies =  fire, and physical body = earth.  One may then also talk of self mastery as the mastery of four personal elements. Or the mastery of the 4 subtle lower bodies ( mental body, astral body, etheric body, and physical body). These 4 lower elements are the only trouble for mankind in the path to perfection. Those are our only greatest challenges. When during the process of self mastery, the 4 elements are properly nourished, purified, and protected, the goal ( the higher self) becomes possible.

Our lower nature and the higher nature are like man and woman of our society. They look for each other to unite, to fusion, in order to fill complete. Our lower nature is the woman and our higher self is the man. The lower self or woman is to become so clean and so beautiful for the  higher self to be attracted. The marriage is not done soon after the attraction is made. The man will come visit the woman at her home from time to time to build a strong relationship, but he will not stay at the woman place, he will go back to his home ( the higher worlds). He will be watching more down on his beloved woman, phoning her and advising her, and protecting her from distance. Until when done, the man proposes her to get married and finally unite, live in the same place and give birth to children called "Virtues". I'm sure you can translate this metaphor pretty easily for yourself.

If the goal for spirituality is to unite one day with the higher self, then self mastery is the process to go through. No one has ever reached higher degrees of spirituality without having worked hard on his own lower nature. The four components of our lower nature are tough to master. They resit to change because they have a consciousness of their own called subconsciousness. Thoughts and feelings run on their own. They even do things you may not even be aware of. One way in trying to control the lower nature is to understand ones sub-consciousnesses ( the human soul automation). This  subconsciousness can be better to act different, because it can be re-programmed to automate differently. The other way in trying to control the lower nature is to ask for help to higher spiritual beings ( in the spiritual worlds). Ask them to come assist you in your efforts. They know ways. They can intensively advise you on what to do and on how to go about overcoming certain vices of your lower nature. Do not always rely on your own personal strength, you can only protect yourself as long as you are awake. When you go to sleep, your subconsciousness takes over again. Ask a higher power, a higher force to help you, protect your so far achieved qualities. That way you can advance with more assurance.

Self mastery can be  achieved thanks to 1 basic spiritual work upon our lower nature. Purification. Purification requires a proper nourishment. What we absorb are mostly the cause of our impurities. And protection can result from purity. Who knows how to feed ones four personal elements, knows how purify and protect oneself. This work is to be applied on the 4 personal elements ( on thoughts, feelings, etheric energies and physical body).

If our thoughts are out of order, that's because we don't protect our mind, we entertain all kinds of thoughts, which are compared to toxic smokes  polluting the mental atmosphere, feeding and creating nasty mental entities. Our mind quickly gets used those choatic thoughts and attracts similar thoughts to make our mind even dirtier. Such a mind becomes very hard to control, very hard to change. If however we protect our mind from mental dust, if we feed it with light (spiritual thoughts), we would have a pure inner air ( thought/mind), which is easy to master, easy to control.

Same goes with the rest of the personal four elements. Like with feelings, if for example we listened to beautiful spiritual-like music, mystics sounds and imagine the beautiful colors regularly, read lifting words, we would be feeding ourselves with pure water (feelings) and be stronger at bearing negative criticism thrown by people to us.

Also If we don't properly nourish our etheric body ( our chakras for example), we would lack energy to do most spiritual work, we would lack the energy to run our spiritual senses, we would be unprotected and easy preys of bad witches. Purification of the physical body is also essential, this also involves more the way we feed it. Feed your physical body with toxic and very soon, your heart will be pumping poisoned blood all over the body. Your brain won't be a reliable machine in processing spiritual thoughts, your dreams will have  no meaning. The physical body would not reflect the will of your higher self.

It may sound easy task, but life has proven the practice of it is not that easy for all. It can take time to get costumed to this philosophy and to apply it. Each person have a different personality to work on. Each person have a different weight of personality. So it will feel heavy on some people and less heavy for others. But each person definitely  has a weight of a cross to carry. I'm mentioning the cross to remind the Christians about the meaning of the cross which the historical Jesus carried on his back. The 4 corners of this cross  represent the four elements of astrology in the zodiac. This zodiacal cross are the components of our lower nature which each one of us has to carry the entire life. Each of the 4 elements ( each corner of the cross) is linked to a zodiacal sign. 3 zodiacal signs for fire, 3 signs for air, 3 other signs for water, and 3 other for  earth. We may find them within us then attract upon us the possible influence of their ruling planets ( see astrology).

Love and light
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