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Substances and the influence of earthly activities.
Blessings everyone,

Maybe I did not check correctly in the forums before posting this. I tried seeking something about this topic and did not find anything and had some random questions about it.
How does certain things affect our spirituality?

At the moment I do not smoke weed but really wanted to know if this has a effect or not? Since the times that i used to smoke i remember being really more uplifting since THC releases dopamine which is a emotional state. Does smoking or consuming THC/CBD affect our spiritual state?
Ive read that marijuana can make it harder to astral project also since it reduces REM sleep

How does video games and entertainment such as movies and series affect our spiritual state?

I think those are my biggest questions atm. Sorry if there is already a forum about this, maybe I did not seek correctly.
Please let me know your opinion.

Blessings and love Smile

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No worries Isaias,
Whenever you cannot find a topic or question in the search, please start it. That's how this website gets bigger. 
Someone will read your question, and will reply Smile

We also have some archived forums we've kept because they are interesting. But you will need to spend some of your credit points to see them :  . No pressure, there are there for  the moment you will need them. 

Thanks for your constant interaction in the website Smile
"You mess with me, I lighten you"
Awesome Admin
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HI again Isaias 

Just my two cents

Personally i have found from my 50 years of being on path that "everything" effects one's spiritual connection to a degree.  It could be either a positive good effect or more negative effect.. it is the way of how energy works and how karma forces are shaping us at every moment.

Where we are spiritually when you do things, one's intent, one's inner connection at the moment when acting ( physically, emotionally, and mentally) all changes the effect is has on one's being.

Making choices of how we live our life at each moment affects us, affects others and affects the world.    The significance of the affect changes as we change.

I have found for myself as I've spiritually evolved, my choices and discernment has grown.  And I need less outside "stuff" and activities, and have moved more into a quiet meditative space and a more spiritually compassionate level of dealing and acting with my own self and others.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.  Don’t go back to sleep ...  People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open.   Don’t go back to sleep ... Rumi
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Everyone has there way of doing things.

I don’t use drugs....except what my Dr. prescribes for me, which is few and far between.
Don’t drink liquor, just water and tea.

I just listen to the voice within, no set time, just when they decide to tell me things. Sometimes they wake me up in the middle of the night.

Always been this way, perhaps because my only sibling was 14 years older than me, and being raised in the country far from town.

Actually never thought about the ‘hows’ of communication with my guides, as I consider it normal.
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To admin: Thank you

To aceofcups: Hmm interessting, this is good to reflect on. Thank you.

To skytiger: How do they communicate with you? Here in the physical? Or dreams and astral? U mean u feel it normaal to recieve these guides information, how do u axactly know
they are light being and not dark beings? This information would really help me if u also know how to apply this in the astral about the beings part.

Blessings and love Smile

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Hey Isaias,

These are questions I once had myself. So I understand completely. TO be honest, I smoked alot of marijuana early in my college life. from age 19-21 I was a regular weed smoker you could say. I didn't let it completely dominate my life, after all I was successful in my school, but especially during my breaks It was a big part of my life. 

Here is the thing with weed. The experience of weed can open your mind and make you more sensitive (in a spiritual manner). specifically for me, my ability to dream and ability to connect with others I was smoking with was incredible enhanced. This is the positive side. This is why every weed smoker I knew was more open minded than the average person. (especially here in the states). In fact it is  the reason I changed from being "catholic" to more open minded myself. It is also the reason I started to dream or manifest what I wanted for my future. 

Here is the downside to weed. It causes a cycle. When you smoke weed constantly you cannot grow spiritually you have a spiritual plateau. And there is a maximum level of connectedness you have to the universe/astral. IT acts as a grounding mechanism. Secondly, It is very difficult to control you mind especially with higher doses. This results in excessive dreaming, inability to communicate coherently,(in some cases severe anxiety or mind trip), over eating, and most importantly loss of will and motivation to do anything. These compound over time the more you use weed. 

This is my final verdict for weed. If and when you use it, take a small amount Do NOT overindulge. Do it once in awhile. In a appropriate place, calm place. For the purpose of relaxation, manifestation, and ability to connect with those you are with (perhaps some spiritual sounding music softly). realize that smoking weed  is an earthly experience that still can be spiritual but in a earthly manner. IT must be balanced. and any drug will have an effect on you spiritually. Anything that goes into your body must be considered on a spiritual level. 

Video games and movies? Well Ill keep this short. For me, they cause me to lose peace of mind. those expirences stay in your mind and cause you not to have true peace. There are some movies like interstellar that I very much enjoy. So some movies can help open the mind or present new information. But most movies these days I would recommend staying away from. 

What we choose to see, is something that goes into us. in a way. Just like a drug. It has a spiritual effect on the mind. Always consider thiss.

Hope this helps,

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(01-26-2018, 09:54 PM)RealFollowa Wrote: To admin: Thank you

To aceofcups: Hmm interessting, this is good to reflect on. Thank you.

To skytiger: How do they communicate with you? Here in the physical? Or dreams and astral? U mean u feel it normaal to recieve these guides information, how do u axactly know
they are light being and not dark beings? This information would really help me if u also know how to apply this in the astral about the beings part.

Blessings and love Smile


It’s really simple. I surround myself with the White Light.
I say the following many times a day.

The White Light surrounds me.
Nothing but good can come to me
Nothing but good can come from me.

Plus, the messages are always positive.

And they are things that I would never think of.

It’s sorta like having a conservation on the phone. You can hear them but you cannot see them.
I do remember being with my Eternal Friend and Guide on the other side, last ‘seeing’ him before I left the world of Spirit to be born in my current body. He or another is always around.

All of us have Guardian Angels who help us when we are on this side of the veil. I just have the gift of listening easy.

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To Jesse: Thank you very much this gave me a better insight on the questions.

To Skytiger: Interessting i would like to chat on that topic if you have time one day let me know if u can.

Blessings and love Smile

Would love to chat. 
Not on wk end, hubby & I watch movies.
Let me know the best time for you.
My time zone is Central time USA.
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@Uzumaki_Jesse I love the Interstellar suggestion, that movie is magical.

To the OP, I think Uzumaki said it best, do not overindulge.  This is the pot calling the kettle black as I overindulge more than I'd like to admit (it doesn't help when you have too much access to high-powered indoor).  

But cannabis also was sort of the catalyst for my spiritual awakening (call it what you will).  It basically taught me to meditate before I even knew anything about meditation.  I had my nightly ritual of smoking one bowl before bed, then lying down and going wherever it wanted to take me.  This was when I was 16.

I've had a rocky relationship with it over the years, sometimes I find myself using too much and have to cut back or quit for a while.  I always come back to it though.  It works best to help one get out of ruts, if you're feeling stuck or uninspired smoking just a bit could pull you right out

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