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What is it?
An effect which you have already experience in various forms. For example, you know that echo voice sound effect you get when you are in the mountains, when you say a word and you get the same word back. It always feels like the mountains are repeating what you are saying. When I was a kid, the echo effect really seemed like magic until I found out it can scientifically be explained. Same like people in general feel like most of what happens in their life magically happens. When he experiences life problems without apparent cause, the religious person will blame some demons or God for that. “God has punished me” is what some would say Smile. However, if you know that the universe is made of laws, which applies when we invoke them. One of those laws is the law of echo also known as the law of cause and consequence.
When for example, you have eaten too much and your stomach becomes painful, is it God punishing you? No, it is rather the universal laws applying, it is the consequence pre-programmed for such actions. Religious must come to accept the possibility that God feelings is not human like. He does not get angry against some little stupid ignorant human beings who have eaten too much. Come one! In the same way, if a spiritual teacher asks you to love others, it is not because it pleases God to do so. No, leave God alone in all this. God does not depend on us, he can continue to exist without our love to him. This rule is for us, for our own benefit, for your own spiritual growth. We don’t pray or meditate to give power to God nor to help him defeat the demons, he absolutely doesn’t need our help. We the one who need his help. We do all those practices for our well-being and the well being of our surrounding. 

From the beginning, God set up all sets of rules, laws which should rise us up when we obey them, or forces us to obey when we disobey them. When you are forced to obey them, you feel sufferance. The masculine aspect of God set up the laws and the feminine aspect of God (Mother Nature) applies those laws. Nothing then happens without being caused. We do not suffer for no reason, we are not happy for no reason. Absolutely anything in the material universe happens without  a cause. Something must be done for you to be happy, or something must be done for you to become miserable. In order words, we always cause our happiness or our miseries. Even when it seems like someone has caused us wrong, it is still ourselves who allowed it. The laws are truthful and loyal, nothing happens randomly. If you caused wrong to someone in the past, understand that even if you forgot about it, the wrong you did still has to come back and hunt you sometime in your existence. That may be this current life or the next, and I will tell why that delay.

How does the law of echo applies
In the middle of the mountains say "I hate you", and you get an echo back saying "I hate you, I hate, I hate..." note how many times you get back the echo. Depending on how high you say "I hate you", the mountains will echo back "I hate you" many times Smile. It is amazing! Isn’t it?
Well the same law applies to us too. Whatever you do, say, think or feel does not go wasted. It will go hit a wall (an obstacle) and then will get back to you eventually. Even when there is nobody to thank or even if you have nobody to love, I would advise you still say “I love you” or “thank you” few times in the open air when nobody is looking (or say it in your mind). That never goes wasted without effect. NO. What you said will go away from you in vibrations until it meets an obstacle, then it will bounce back to you to hit on you many times stronger. Sincerely, love all beings, and they will each send you back more love. Why does it feel like when you love one person, you feel like you love him/her more than he/she does? Now try and love many beings, even animals and plants, and see how it feels like they each love you more than you do. You can verify what I am saying for yourself  Smile

[Image: photo-51.jpg]

It is the greatest truth, if you want to be wiser, try and make others wise. If you want to be happier, try and make others happy. You cannot be the most rich spiritually if you don't learn to give away the little you have. Don't be that spiritualist who keeps the little knowledge he has, for the fear that the one he tells about it will surpass him. On the contrary, it is by given at least one or two truths to many people that you will surpass everyone. Because the law of echo applies.

Love travels faster than hate
I said I was going to tell why we the negative causes mostly have delay consequences. Have you noticed how long bad people, rapists; criminals... can live freely their lives on earth without being hit by the bad consequences of their bad actions. Ho yes you must have noticed that. Well, that's because echo has a delay. And most importantly Because hate travels slower than love. The negative effects take long time to get back to you. One can even live an entire lifetime, get old and die while the negative karma hasn't still hit him yet. That karma is still on the way back to him, coming back to him but slowly. The person will mostly be hit by the bad echo in the next life.

That may seem like an unfair game by the universe, but think again and you will see the absolute wisdom behind that. If you had to pay for your bad doings so quickly as you do them, would it be fair? You wouldn't have had enough time to repair, would you?. Well, understand that if hate comes back slowly, that is a way for the universal laws to give us a chance to get better. That should work for our favor. Take advantage of that slow come back of negative forces to quickly amend and get better before the bad echo arrives and hits you. You may say it: God has shown his unlimited love even for criminals through the laws he has set up from the start. At the same time he has shown loyalty to his laws as nobody, no matter what title he has, can escape the echo. The echo may hit hard or soft depending on how much you changed since the cause, but there is no escaping it.

An object will bounce back on something because it opposes to its nature. Water poured on water will bounce and mix, but water thrown on ion will bounce completely. If you are of the same nature with what is coming to you, that thing coming will hit you, a part of it will bounce back but another part of it will mix with you (enter you). But if you are of a different nature, the thing will totally bounce back towards where it came from. Therefore, if you can change/improve your soul before the karma echo arrives, that karma won't have much effect. It will hit you, sure, but it will bounce back completely. That is how you weaken the karma echo.

Love and Light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Thank you again, krya, for drawing our attention to this most important Universal Law.
My contribution to this thread is to let first-time readers know, and to remind other members, that several threads relating to this topic, already exist on the forum.

Karma can drive you insane
It will bring you much grief and much pain
Each offence that you cause
Breaks Universal Laws
So don’t ever do it again
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I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Thank you Krya, you explain thing beautifully
Light, Life and Love
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Heart Thank you Kyra
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