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Telepathic connection ?
Hello everyone , 
  I am AnamikaS. I have been doing regular meditation for over a year now and I have many experiences during the period . But a new experience has occurred few days back that has made  a strong impact on me .I have some query and I hope to find some help from people experienced in that field . 
  For last 3 days, I feel a strong sense of grief in my heart .  I want to inform you all about my background . I am a normal girl and everything is perfect  like family , academics etc .I don't have any reason for grief. So I decided to ignore it for a few day thinking it
to be my moodswing, bt deep in my heart I knew something was wrong . So I took help of meditation and what I felt was strange . It's like someone was on the verge of giving up on his/ her life and passing through profound grief  and I was feeling it .  I cried during the meditation and I requested that person not to give up on him/ herself. And I am doing it 2 times a day and I feel better , but I still cry . 
I just want to ask , is it even possible . I am sure That person is not someone I know  . I don't know anything ,I can just feel the pain . Please help me with your valuable suggestions  that what can it actually be and what should I do to help that person if he/she exists . 
Thank you .
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Welcome Anamika,

Here is my two cents on your experiences of late... well at least gives you something to look within yourself if they have any truth.

The grief could have come from various things to me... some unresolved karmic predicament of the past.  The past either something in this life or possibly from an earlier past life experience.

Other possibilities is you were under a particular astrological influence of late which made you sensitive to theses types of energies - which may have been symbolic of something going on in your psyche.

The other possibility is that you were picking up the feeling from some other person... either living or not in our realm.

what is he type of meditation you are doing?

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.  Don’t go back to sleep ...  People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open.   Don’t go back to sleep ... Rumi
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I am mainly doing the brainwave meditation theta , but I  use mindfulness meditation too .
Hi again AnamikaS. 

I forgot to put in other post if you do think it is another person's energy your picking up --  You can try to be an instrument in sending spiritual healing to another.  You meditate on aligning to the Higher Self of the other and the Higher Self of yourself also and ask that Universal Healing energy be sent to the person using use as a instrument. 

Getting into the pain of the other, may or may not be the best way for yourself or the other in the long run.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.  Don’t go back to sleep ...  People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open.   Don’t go back to sleep ... Rumi
Dear Anamika,

I had the same experience after a year of my meditation practice. I used to cry alot during meditation and my heart felt very heavy and I also started experiencing xenoglossy. I started talking and singing in various languages that I had never heard. I tried to search online about these languages but found nothing and gave up.Then one day while browsing something online , I came across some of those  words that I used to speak during meditation and came to know that they belong to ancient African regions and regions close to north Africa. 

But, when these experiences stopped, I was completely a different person. I gained a much deeper understanding and knowledge of the spiritual or metaphysical world,  felt more peace and gained more strength, became fearless and felt more connected to the ultimate truth. I was a sensitive person but, now, the outside world does not affect or influence me the way it used to. I am more connected to my Self now. 
During my practices and listening to various views on spiritual experiences and practices, I learnt that a woman's mind and body respond in an entirely different way, when compared to  a man's mind and body, to meditation and other such practices.  

Remember, you have a potential to establish a deeper and a very strong  connection with energies around and also to give forms to your thoughts , so use it very wisely. Try to keep your spiritual channels clean and free from worldly emotions and thoughts. Everything is within!

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Hi aceofcups ,
  Thank you for your advice . I found a meditation  to connect to spirit guides and I did it and I asked help from them to help the other person if there's any . I felt better afterwards . Thank you once again .
Hi anushri , 
 Thank you for your advice . My meditation experiences are mostly  disorganized , so iit's really hard to differentiate the truth from the illusion . But I will try my best to improve my understanding .
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