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Temptation follows weakness
Temptation follows weakness

During our lifetime on earth, it could somehow feel like we are challenged, we are tested, tempted to do the " The wrong things". The very thing which we know well will kept us attached to the negativity, we sometimes can't help it but to do it, to take it, to eat it when it is presented to us. And somehow, those things we avoid tend to always come in our way Smile . What's going on? have those negative things decided to make sure we do not process spiritually?

Here is a simple example, You notice that you have a bad habit of drinking too much and getting drunk everyday. That habit is destroying your life. So you decide to never drink again, because it's not good for you. Following that decision, you notice that there are now more occasions of drinking, probably even more than before. Friends coming over to your place with drinks, invitation to a party where alcohol is waiting for you Smile . And worse again, when you close your eyes, you still can see a bottle of alcohol calling you " Hey friend, just Take me, come on! one glass won't hurt... come on! , okay fine just one last time, and that's it, you never have to drink again" Smile   You can imagine many other similar objects of temptation, the scenario is more or less the same.  Why does it seem like we are being tested? And Who to blame? the object of temptation or a supernatural force. For most religious person I asked in the past when growing up, it is sometimes "Satan"  tempting, and sometimes "God" himself testing your faith.

It is human nature to always blame others but not oneself. For almost anything, we tend to blame an external source. Someone doesn't succeed in social life, doesn't get a job for example, and there he is blaming "Uncle tomtom", or all he will blame all the job interviewers. In most christian churches you go today, the name of "Satan", the Evil name is famous, they say blame all their wrong doing to Satan, they shout "Satan out, satan out" , and repeat that name every day, without realizing that they are making things worse. True, the strong negative forces do exist, the living negative entities we humans would certainly have no power to fight against, yes, they have their role to play in the picture, but certainly not in all of our miseries. Some people even believe that they would be better off without any company, without friends and family, because everybody seem to make them the bad person they have become.  Smile

This behavior of blaming anything else but not oneself comes from very far, from perfection itself. NO, perfection cannot blame itself. The higher spiritual beings have nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to blame themselves for. The supreme being itself cannot blame itself for wrong doing. Our higher selves, which is a copy of the divine also has nothing to blame itself for, it is perfect. It is okay for perfection to say "I blame others", but when those words are put in the mouth of the lower selves, to the mouth of the not perfect, something is wrong. For having inherited the higher self behaviors, our lower self would subconsciously say the higher self words, without knowing that it is inappropriate. Our lower nature needs to be reminded that it is not exactly like the higher self, it should not think that it knows everything, it should not take its little pleasures as true pleasures, it should neither believe it is independent. But unfortunately until we educate ourselves, that is how our lower nature will behave. It will blame others like does our higher selves. The lower nature should not in a position to blame anything because it is weak and not perfect. It is even the cause of many harm in the world. It even feeds the negative beings which wonders in the invisible world, and which then get attached. 

We've heard stories of people being pushed by evil entities to do bad things. There are true stories, entities can push our lower nature to do things we don't logically want to do. But it is important to also note, that is only possible if we have consciousness or subconsciously let them. Once we have allowed them, they become even brutal, they attack our psych, they brutally will force you anytime without your permission. But again you are to do the first hand shake. This hand shake is when you feed them with the negative thoughts, feelings, gestures and actions you do. You feed them more and soon they demand when you forget to feed them. They start to make you run the street looking for occasions of anger, of hate so they can be fed by that energy. Since it's up to us to not do the handshake, whose fault is it when they take control over us? Nobody to blame but ourselves of course. 

But can you really help the lower nature not to blame others, no it is simply trying to do what the higher self does. Then the solution is to identify ourselves with the higher nature. Meaning to leave the lower nature and join the higher self. If for a second you join the higher self, you will find yourself blaming your lower ego, you will be in a good position to blame and educate your ego. That's how we solve the problem. Now it may sound like a difficult thing to do. Well, not at all. The moment you start looking at your lower self, the moment you start watching your thoughts, your feelings and your acts, you are already identifying yourself with the higher self. To join the higher self begins like that. You want to join the higher self, you want to reach the supra consciousness, start by doing what the higher self does. The higher self doesn't blame anything else but its own lower ego. The lower self stupidly looks for its ego outside of itself, where it sees many imperfect versions of itself, so if we continue to identify with the lower self, we will always see the dirt in other people's eye, and we miss the chance to better our own self. 

All the weaknesses are in our lower nature, not in the higher nature. If it feels like we are tempted, tested, it is all because of weaknesses. Weakness attracts temptations. The higher self will never be tempted because it has no weaknesses. A weakness can be a vice. A vice is formed by a repetition of a wrong act harmful for our body, heart or mind. We have all sorts of negative forces in our subconsciousness sleeping and waiting to be awakes by the smell of an action, feeling or thought. If by mistake we feed  one of those forces, that force will open the eyes, the second time you feed it, it will stand up and come closer to your consciousness. The third time it will probably be strong enough to demand for food so it can stay awake, at this point the vice is formed. Those requests for food it makes is perceived as temptation to us. Isn't it true, when you are addicted to something, you are urged to look for the element which feeds the addiction (the vice). 

Many person walks in the mall or supermarket, they see the same things around but only few of them are tempted to steal. Why not all them tempted to steal? Because their vices demand different foods. The vice in the thief sees an opportunity to feed itself through the act of stealing, then that demand is the temptation. Crazy it may sound, but spiritual beings trying to help the evolution of a human may also throw a human into temptations. But note that this is only possible if the person has some weaknesses, otherwise there is no point. The person is therefore exposed to all occasions to which the person's vices would demand food. The person would usually succeed in not feeding his vices in those cases thanks to the spiritual entity help. Sometimes to show what weaknesses the person should urgently eliminate on, the person will have difficult dreams where he/she is tempted, tested. 

Temptation always follows weakness, vices. Where there are weaknesses, there are temptations (demands). In spiritual schools of life, the student learns to see temptations as a sign of weakness, and an opportunity to get stronger. While the religiours people are crying and blaming the demons for all the temptations, the spiritual student of life smiles and is glad for the opportunity to get better. As a choice is given to him/her to feed or not to feed that subconscious negative energy we call vice. And so for entire life, he/she stays vigilance, waiting for those occasions when temptations present themselves. He/she becomes happier at each little victory  in those temptations. He/she ends up starving his vices, which eventually ends up going back to sleep. Bigger temptations related to stronger vices will come to surface later, when he/she is done with the little temptations of small vices. The bigger the vice, the higher the temptation. The higher we get spirituality, the less vices we have although stronger vices they may be this time, they will be manageable, for we would have been prepared already. 

Love and light.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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