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Test of ME'

Coming from the Pinnacle, I Was tossed Around By the World of High And Low, Never seeing now Where to Go, I Guess things Come Back, Except I Was Wrongfully Accused Even to This Day, thAt my Post Don't Even Get Recognition or Feed in GenerAl With it.

It has been A Tough Long Years, And These Years Shaped me, And Yet On the Other Side, Didn't, Since Being Falsly Accused By the People in High Authority, Caused Me to Be Wronged By EveryBody Even to the People on Here At this Very Given Time, Not Because they Deliberately; But because it Was Rigged That Way.

I'm Normally A Chill Person, to Whatever Extense I Can Be Chill About. But Life Has Been A Hell NiGhtmare Up to this Point, And Feeding into the Next Session, tHat Already Started of ItseLf into Oblivion of Me AS i Wished to Be Myself, to Be.
This is My Introduction, of How a Spiritual Guide Fell From the Heavens of Heavens and Could do Nothing More then to See All Fall With, And then He Himself Fell to the Ground at End of the Consession of His Life in a High Bizzare Manner of Way, Because the Ones on Top Though it was VAlid to Preach Someone Guilty before Proven Inoccent. This is How the States Have Been, Wherein the Society at Large is So BrainWashed, that they CAn't Do But What the Govermental Goverment they Profess Not, But at the Same Time are Enslaved in to Do DO. Monarchy is the Concept and Construct At Large, But What About Talking About All Of This, It Makes No Sense Anyways Since it is Taken and Washed into the Wind of the Gave to the Malice that the enticed Have Driven to the Manner of Life For the Captives and the Broken in the Stance of those that Could Come Into Place of Another And Steal Them For the Sake of Giving it to Others Rather then to Give IT Back to the One Who Received PunishedMents False to Begin With. So This is What I'm Dealing With Which is to Say, Which they Try to Make Me Identify With Me self to be


So What is You And What is Me, IF Ever One is InterConnected to the Whole Realm of Life in It the Self. I am ME, But Everybody Is the One Who Takes From My Cabin and Table Dish i Instate the BE of ME. So Little Said, I'm Very Spiritual Enough to Bring About Every Fault into Nothingness, But Pain Stake the Sense of the Heart Indue; That i CAn't Form Longer then That Which is GIVEN to What i Must do In Platter Times Ahead of IT Myself in TIMe. So What CAn I SAy About Myself Except i'm The ONe Who Dies for those Who Do Not KNow, Wronged for it, and Never Coming to Grip of Who I was at the Pinnacle of Myself, Except to Wait till the HEavens Change and I See the Full Glory of Myself once Again. THIS has been for YEars. So Dont' Thing to Take it Lightly, But then aGain, Your on the Other Side of the Fence and CAn't Even Worry of That What i Must Feel Through the Burden of the Right of Truth that Holds Me in the Pain i Feel Through this Concession of Intermingled Trial and TEst that Come through the Eliminary in this Sense of Life

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Se2nd Introduction: the Add-on

Even With Peace Surpassing ALl Understanding, I'm the Midst of Battle That i Can Not Touch Nor, Neither See, But only By Senses of Sense That Comes to the Rescue of Me. I Feel, the End of It. The Long Battle Till Up Until Now, that I Can NOwSlightly Breath, BEcause the Deed Was Done. "They Did What they Did And Seperated My Values into Split', And With it, I Shall t0 Build My OWn Former -Newer Sense of Me Through IT!?

Painful to See How Mankind Is at Large, and I Had The HAnds in it, as One Trying to Change the Face of the Surface of Peoples Heart Through the Generousity I PRofess, But Pain Stakes-Makes Pain, and with the Numbness, I' ..Come into the Stance Where i Can But to say. D F ITnyway.

At Last i Must SAy I Introduced Myself. Light'n And Peace

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Thanks for the introduction. At last indeed.
Is that you in the video?
"You mess with me, I lighten you"
Awesome Admin
I can attest to all the word they sing, tho i sing song different then them, they similitude the sounds i would profess to if i was them or other then through. So similar Yes And No too. :-)

I'll add more to my profile Introductory Since This is But An Singular inStitue of my Introductory in itsElF. Hope thEy Befit :-) As of Now Light And Peace... :-)
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